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If Trey Was A Regular Ol Dude....


  • If Trey Was A Regular Ol Dude....
    November 02, 2009

    If Trey was just a regular ol dude from your hood...didn't have the money and the fame etc....Would yall still be as crazy over him like yall are now? Be honest people :)


    For me,it depends on if he is trying to do something with his life (I don't wanna be taking care of a man) and his personality...we all know looks won't get you everywhere in life,so yeah he's gonna have to have a job (legal one) :)

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on Nov 2, 2009 - 05:12PM

If Trey was just a regular ol dude from your hood...didn't have the money and the fame etc....Would yall still be as crazy over him like yall are now? Be honest people :)


For me,it depends on if he is trying to do something with his life (I don't wanna be taking care of a man) and his personality...we all know looks won't get you everywhere in life,so yeah he's gonna have to have a job (legal one) :)

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At the end of the day "Bobbi"
I bring people's real character, feelings, and intentions to light...

and who da hell are YOU to tell KoldHearted not to "take me serious"
you think you are better or on a higher level than me, well, YOU'RE NOT!

I can speak how I speak because I speak from cold hard facts...DA TRUTH and my EXPERIENCE on this earth for how many odd years...more than YOU, I can assure you

That means you're WRONG and I'm don't have to think how I think,
you don't have to agree with me and my way of thinking...that's not my goal

but you must know how to respect my Authoritah...

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yes i would have been all over trey because it's his personality and ambition to succeed that attracts me to me him more than his looks they are just a

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I agree I think Trey would have been a successful brother regardless of what field he had chosen. Like you said if he had the same characteristics that he displays I’m sure I would be attracted to him.

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yes i would and everyday i ask God why he didnt make tremaine grow up in my community cuz i would have been his girlfriend even without the fame, cuz he has ambition, he's humble and is unique in his own way!

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I personally belive that Trey would have still become rich no matter what, because he carries like an intelligent dude with street cred. For those who don't know that makes a very good businessman. I think he would have more than likely became a frat dude in college and started his own business afterwards. The man is fine as hell and he speaks like he geniunely loves women not just sex from them, so I know I would have probably been the woman who loved him and stayed down with him, through all the fire.

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I swear some of these so-called Angels chick think they better than the other users
that aren't "Trey's Angels" *smh*

they'd probably be beside themselves if Atlantic decided to integrate this whole board lol
or scrap the Discussion Forums like Def Jam did lol

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Shorty, not trying to make this personal, but it doesn't matter how serious you were or what you think you know. The things you typed are things I personally don't see a need to take seriously, meaning no need to think more on your words. I wasn't looking for you to explain anything to me or start a debate, which is one reason I didn't initiate a discussion with you. I'm not on here to debate people's thoughts or opinions because I know I can't speak for others, and I understand everyone has a right to think for themselves.

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I would still think the same way about him as I do now! If he lived down the street from me I would have a crush on him but I would also have a hell of a better chance at him! So yeah if he were a regular ol dude I would still be gaga over him! Thats how I am if I see a good looking man then I see a good looking man celebrity or not!

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Once I said "All who say otherwise are LYING"
you knew not to take my comment seriously?

but I was very serious when I said it though lol

and in this instance, I chose to speak "for" people because I know Fanatics
when I see them lmao

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Yes, I would still be crazy over him, I don't like him because he is famous. I like him because he is soo damn sexy and his personality is my type. I agree too @LifeisGood. He has a good head on his shoulders so I would still be interested in knowing him if he was a regular guy.

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I told her not to give you much thought because I didn't see the need for her to try and convince you of Trey's character. Once you said "All who say otherwise are LYING lol" I knew not to take your comment seriously because you decided to speak FOR people you don't know in the sense of actually knowing what they would do(would be doing). You have a right to your own thoughts, and I don't have a problem with that.

As far as your facts you gathered on Trey, they don't add up to the facts I gathered. However, that's not the basis of why I suggested she pay you no mind. All I was merely trying to get across to her was if your opinion didn't apply to her own, there was no need to give you thought. I find it hard to actually speak to people who speak for others, which is why I prefer not to give those people much thought.

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I'm not "crazy" over Trey now or any dude for that fact.. My requirements are the same whether a guy is in the lime light, has a great job or not.. So based on that he would just be a friend, acquaintance or someone that lives in my hood.. I say that because just like most of the cute guys at school or in my hood.. Every girl is trying to get at them and chasing dudes is just not my style.. But, if Trey legitimately expressed interest in knowing me I'd give it a go if his personality and life goals were on track..

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Lmao @ Bobbi

now isn't this ass backwards?

so aren't YOU (and KoldHeartedKiddglam)
speaking on someone that YOU "don't even know"???

That's right I don't know him
but the difference between what I'm saying is I'm speaking on him from
FACTS/information GATHERED...

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@koldheartedkiddglam I wouldn't worry about what she's saying. You can't give too much thought to people who decide to speak for a person(people) that they don't even know.

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Trey Songz looks too good for me not to at least get a little gitty at seeing him, so his looks would have still gotten my attention. I remember him and his mama always saying he had a year before he had to go to college because his mama wanted him to have an education or get a job. She said she wasn't going to be taking care of him. Plus he was going to barber school and he has a business mind, but who knows what he would have done with it. And dude is big on family, that's big to me too.

Still I don't know Tremaine so I can't say if I'd be crazy over Tremaine. "Songz" has said himself that he does things Tremaine wouldn't.

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ok @sshorty tremaine is a good person and just because he messed up doesnt mean anything we all mess up at a young age but its up to us to make things better and get back on track and i do believe that if he wasnt famous or didnt have all the money he wudd be the same person yhu say yhu hardly know him well if thats so how can yhu sit on HIS website and judge him like that trey songz is and will always be a good loving and caring person i dnt care what nobody got to say cuz real shit ima be a dedicated fan friend n anything else to him through thick n thin till the world blow

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Oh of course ya. Even if he wasnt famous he'd still have the same personality, and hobbies. Some of the things he likes to do I like to do too. He just doesnt seem like the person who'd rely on others to take care of him. In fact Trey reminds me of my man here. Their slang, the way they dress, their body build. Hes like my own personal mini-Trey..too bad he doesnt live by me, at the moment, anymore... *sigh*

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I can actually say yes and no , I would love to get to know Tremaine, and I think we all know part of him because that is where Trey comes from (Tremaine) but I don't think I would be dying to see him because he would be just Tremaine, but I think he would be someone that I could be in love with or just be friends with.

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@Thread starter

Another good topic...

The answer is quite simple

If Tremaine was a "regular ole dude" without the "fame and the money"
the majority of these Fanatics would not be going so ga-ga over him

All who say otherwise are LYING lol. I don't know much about Tremaine but from the recon
I've gathered, he didn't go to college and seem to not have been planning to, he got into
trouble with the law and seem to have been running with a bad crowd and had llittle to no parental
supervision...that's what he was doing before he became Trey Songz...

but, a rapper (I don't quite remember who) said it best
"see what a lil money N a deal do" lol



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If he was a normal man from the hood and I knew him i surely would be crazy about him. If he didn't have a job but was trying his best i wouldn't mind because all anyone could do is there best. I would be right there next to him by his side as long as he allows me fighting, pushing and encouraging him to do better and having faith that he will. A lot of times we can say whay we won't do but one thing that i have learned at a young age is that love is a power, a very strong power and it controls your every move with the person you love.

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i would be kinda crazy for him because he is sexy and has the most gorgous eyes, dimples, and smile i ever seen and plus i dont really care to much about his fame or money its all about his personality

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i wouldnt be crazy bt i would be like he cute!!!! n it depends on his goal n his intelligence!!! lol

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Well, from my point of view its not all about the money, the fam, and all that other stuff! Its more to a person then alll that! I mean dont get me wrong who wouldnt want someone who has fam, money, and a whole lot of girls that want's him just too no he's urs, But then again its about the person inside!!! Trey is far from ugly, and has a nice personilty from how i see him, so he could find some one even if he wasnt who he is today! But, as long as he was trying to make something of his self and had a job, and all of that i do think some people would still be crazy about him. And some people wouldnt cuz some ppl are all about the money! Dating trey songz for someone else may just be a way to get noticed. but hey every one has there own thoughts! I still like trey songz!!!

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lol i hear u out lifeisgood lol i think i would agure im not goin fall in love wit a guy sellin dope in stuff we has b my dream guy sweet good pay as a job and has sumthin to do in his life lik we has hav college in his future at least get a job and finish school id lik no drop outs lol

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Yess..thats what i lovee about him now ; He's not caught up in the fame & fast life. He is focused on his dreams & although he's confident his not conceited, Like oh i'm a Starr. His personality is PERFECT & His smilee is gorgous ; So yess i would still be head over hills for him. ? ? ?

I'd like to meet him without the fame and money...juss Tremaine Neverson!

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ohh yes i would,it dnt matta ilovee myy hubby

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If he was a regular dude from my hood then yes I'd still want to be down with him. I mean he's SEXY! Sure I would hold him to the same standards that I hold men to now..Honest, caring, goal oriented, sane and employed..So the short answer to that is yes, absolutely!

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Well I only first liked him cause his voice was heaven, plus he's cute... so yeah, I would :)