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do you think trey likes to get his dick in your front or back hole or both?


  • do you think trey likes to get his dick in your front or back hole or both?
    November 30, 2010

    and would he get his fingers in your holes?

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on Nov 30, 2010 - 10:00AM

and would he get his fingers in your holes?

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lol at treys-shawty exactly what i was thinking

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Well it wouldent be Trey if he did'nt get a "LIL NASTA".LOL:)

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All I got to say is that was the best interveiw! Lol

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@Thread starter

the answer to your questions are in the interview that LisaLeigh posted's picture

@lisaleigh30 - you ALWAYS know where too find the goods LOL!!!!! I am all over it. Thanks! @trey songz flower angel - WOOOOOO I PLEAD THE FIFTH!!!! LOL!!!!!
but also............................
To all my sister fans and Angels, I just read a blog that a young lady posted on the Atlantic thread "We Want To Hear From You" and it was very interesting. Although entertaining as this thread may be (and I am checking out what you sent Lisaleigh cuz now my inquiring mind wants to know hee hee hee), we should remember that there ARE children and younger fans that dwell amongst us on this site and although "WE" may wanna know, it may not be as appropriate for them to be able to stumble upon our discussions like this. I felt very hurt for the blogger because I could tell that the person was truly offended, and I know that this is not any of our intentions.

the words that were shared were

" I really wish someone would monitor these discussions/site because they be fighting and cursing eachother out. they don't even CARE that there are children on here" (something to that effect was said)

Now we are not fighting on this blog but even the topic might be a little XXX Rated Due to the topic and future answers that might come in)

What I propose (and it is already being done by others on different blogs is when we post a discussion like this.... Can we put the word "Adult" behind the title? this way we can still discuss and if a child or younger fan dwells into it they can't get offended because the Blog itself was a warning and they chose to venture in?????

The point that the blogger got accross to me is that we are ALL trey fans regardless of age but those of us that are older need to set the example for them. Just like Trey does with the youngins around him. I hope that i have not offended anyone. Love you all!

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yall answer other nasty questions about him, why yall don't answer this one?

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Shocking is it, but you should hear directly from the horse's mouth.
May 19, 2009 interview on lip service.

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lmao ..smh!

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i love how no one answered the question.... lol

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seriously on a public webpage

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? Really? lol