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The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan


  • The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan
    October 28, 2010

    This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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on Oct 28, 2010 - 03:24AM

This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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Lol I'ma smart ass if he would gave me the back down look my response woulda been "Oh, you mad huh?"

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O.O OMG. Nooooo!!!

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@ Essence711 hope u feel better soon hun..OH Sh*T u got Trey mad,u go girl stand up 4 urself :)

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Entry 38 cont'd
"So was you." When Trey said those words I almost died on the spot. Something deep inside of me told me that Trey was only being objective, he was just trying to get to the bottom of things. But in that moment it only felt like he was totally disgusted with me. I felt that he had already made up his mind about whom to believe and I was just wasting my time. Looking back, I don't think that I helped myself any by flying into this big tirade.
When Trey and I first got together, he told me that one of the things he liked best about me was my soft side. Trey likes it when women show their femininity. He said he didn't like women who were vulgar and loud or bossy. True, I flipped out that time with the hotel clerk, but that was nothing compared to what I had done last night.
I remember one time during my viscious rant, Trey warned me to lower my voice or I would have to go. That made me go further. I screamed that I hoped the next time the guy beat Kelli to death.
Trey stood up and told me to leave. I was shocked. He was defending her honor to no end.
"You're putting me out because of that chick?"
"I'm putting you out because you disrespecting my house."
"She disrespected me and you don't even care. Alright. I get it now. There's more to this story than I know. You probably fucked her. Well FUCK her." I walked backwards to the door. As I reached to open it I threw one last scathing remark over my shoulder.
"And you know what? Fuck you too." It was over between us and since I knew I had nothing else to lose, I went for broke.
Behind me I heard the crash of the dining room chair. In front of me, the door was being pushed. It closed with a harsh slam. I was holding the doorknob so I jutted forward with the force of the push. I hit the side of my head and my shoulder against the door. Anger rushed through me and I turned around to confront Trey.
The look on his face told me to to back down. I did.
I had never seen that kind of rage on his face before.

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@essence711 by his strips ye are healed...i pray 4 ur speddy recovery hon. i know you'll feel better soon. Get lots of rest hon

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I hope you feel better girl!

He needs to stall Essence out seriously, either way she had an ass whoopin comin, shit if it was up to Essence she wouldve been all sliced up lol. IDK guys Essence was cold for that but Oh girl was hella outta line.

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i hope you feel better!

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awwww ok. i hope u feel better soon

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Get better soon Essence. @pinklipstick i'm wit you and Trey! There was no reason for her to instigate the beating, if she had beef w/ole girl she should have addressed it woman 2 woman. Now because of her insecurities, she is gonna lose Trey. SMDH!

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get better Essence

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Feel better Essence....we'll still be here.

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My thing is wwwwwhhhhhyyyyy did she wait for Trey to move into the building to decided she didn't want to be dude's punching bag. It's because Trey took an interest in her (because he was trying to save someone who didn't want to be saved) that made her want to get out of the abusive relationship. That doesn't mean he wants her. Well he did at sametime he did take an interest in her. Come to think about it, I'm pissed lmaoooo.

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I hope you feel better,wish you well!

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I hate keeping everybody in suspense for so long. I have the worst cold right now. My head feels like it's going to explode at times. When the meds kick in and I'm feeling a little better, that's when I'm able to write new posts. Thanks for all of the encouragment. You guys are the best.

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Your story is very intruging , my eyes were burning from reading you staory from your first entry till your last . I wish you didn't tease ppl with your short entries lol

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Definitely on Trey's side with this one... Seems like I'm the only one. lol dah oh well...

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I would have been like" well why didnt you tell me about this in the first place". If trey told her what was going on then all this would never have happened. And that is true that she could have left and if she was in so much danger she wouldnt have left the note.

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Oh wow!!! Looks like there is hope for them...Trey did allow her to explain (eventually)...but he is defending the wrong broad. Well, well, well...can't wait to see what else happens! #AddictedBADDDD

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True enough Eseence was wrong but that chick had issue long b4 that last beating she got...@Da Shy Scorpio i agree Trey bet not end up with old girl cuz is she do imma give her a beat dwn @karen523 ur right she should have came clean but i understand y she didn't r couldn't...Essence deserves a 2nd chance

Anmariee_1ofTrey'sFinest's picture

@ECJ Trey is really trippin defending that other chick...i'm not feelin that. I feel like i'm Essence going through this

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i know right @anmariee. he not even tryna listen 2 her side of the story. smh. i can't wait 2 c what happens next though. i hope trey doesn't end up with that dumb girl

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Yayyy, I come back to new entry's but they're hella short :(. Essence should have told Trey what happened as soon as he came back. Now she done let ol girl tell him her version. Granted Essence did cause her to get 1 hellava beating but should have left her old man a long time ago. Trey bet not hook up with her either. Him & Essence really need to sit down and have a major talk.

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*drops* lawd....

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@Anmariee I totally agree!

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The Trey in dis story is pissing me off....SERIOUSLY!!!!

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Ohh man!!!! More more more!!!! I loving this

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Im just now reading this! Its really good. I'm a writer myself and I'm writing my own thing bout Trey as well. It feels good to put yourself with him, even if it is just words on paper. :) Keep going girl! Really enjoying it!

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Moments Like This I Just Have To Wait For More!! More Please... This Is Getting Good!!! I'm Starting To Think Your Mouth Is Why Trey Broke Up With You!!! =(

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more plz...