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Gettin a tattoo Just to let trey know I support him!


  • Gettin a tattoo Just to let trey know I support him!
    December 08, 2010

    OKAY! Im a pretty wild chick! I decided that I would get a trey's Angel tattoed on my wrist is this bad or good! lol! I think its great actually! But I dont think he will notice until I submit a video! If you guys want to see it let me know! its super cute! Hopefull Trey sees what dedicated friends he has! Who else has one!

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on Dec 8, 2010 - 03:11AM

OKAY! Im a pretty wild chick! I decided that I would get a trey's Angel tattoed on my wrist is this bad or good! lol! I think its great actually! But I dont think he will notice until I submit a video! If you guys want to see it let me know! its super cute! Hopefull Trey sees what dedicated friends he has! Who else has one!

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i like it but im not getting one maybe a fake one not a real one i have love for trey but i agree with s shorty you should not mark up you body but if you like it then i love it and dont let nobody make u feel bad for what you have done its your body do wat you please but im sure there are alot of other girl who have the same tat just like you
with love jenecia

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im sorry but S Shorty has a point .. we all love Trey Songz to death but even he can't predict the future for his career ... im not downing you for getting a tattoo im just saying that S Shorty has a point ... how do we know if he is going to be poppin 40 years from now ? he might do something stupid and mess his career up ... nobody will be wanting to rep him then. However, i love him now and i will continue to do so as long as he keeps up the good work ... i aint getting no tattoo unless he putting a ring on this finger tho ...

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Is Really Cute!!!!!

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i love it!! its really cute but i think might do it but change it just a lil but dont let what others say bout yu cuz like some of the others girls have said its YUR body not anyone else's. i have 4 tattoos myself and i want more. so go for what yu feel like yu can express yurself cuz in my opinion tattoos are in a way telling a story bout who yu are.

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@Katerra De'Andra Anyway, that's one main reason I'm not getting a tat. It may be beautiful, but I couldn't sit through that. lol

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lmao @ Sshorty cuz you so right! this chick sho DONT even have an A next to her name... so now wouldnt that make her not even an "Official Trey's Angel?!" the irony in that... ha!

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you're in da music business are ya? lol then like I SAID in 20 to 30 years from now you'll be OVER
Trey Songz/Angels and on to the next one...

LMAO @ "if your on here you should be supporting ppl! Were all a team..."

I don't think so lol...we're not all a team
On one hand you have the Trey's Angels and on the other, you have the regular members or the
Non-Angels for a lack of a better world...the category that YOU and I fall under lol

And there's plenty need for the remarks I made...and plenty more to come lmao
get use to it lol

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@BOBBI.......your so right about that! it doesnt matter what anyone thinks I think tats are beautiful! Its a form of art even tho its a lil painful!

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@Ros, thanks girlie! I love it and its adorable! ahahhaha! I look at it everyday like OMGEEE! cant believe I look up to someone that has an affect on me like that!

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@S Shorty.........Okay well thats your opinion and for your info I do have a memorial of my Grandmother tatted on my back! that was the first one i ever got! When ppl does these things its a way to express themselves like i said before! I dont know where your goin with this but personally you dont know me or anything that I do! I will meet Trey bc im in the music business and i am doin something with myself! I have 2 different majors and I also work with children and counsel teenage girls! Everyone serves a purpose and ppl do what they want so if your here to start an argument or trouble then take it somewhere else! if your on here you should be supporting ppl! Were all a team bc we support Trey not bc we want to fuss and fight! There is no need for the remarks you made!

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Wrist tats are cute as hell to me, and that one is really cute. As long as you love it and can live with it, who can say something?

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S Shorty were you from?

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@Thread starter

I noticed you got the tattoo...and in 20 to 30 years from now when you're over Trey Songz
and the Trey's Angel what then?

Your grandmother was right...your body and your life is a gift from God; something to take
care of...and that is the way YOU show your appreciation for that gift???

Marking/drawing on your body (permanently) is a defilement of it...The Bible is clear when it
urges us not to defile our bodies...

And it's funny that you didn't think of getting something in your grandmother's memory done
nooooo it was something that is just a fad, an infatuation, a crush, a passing fancy, of a person
and people who'll you'll never meet and don't know lol...*smh*'s picture

@Katerra De'Andra you tattoo is nice. I like.

@Bobbi thanks! Now i just got to get my nerves to go get it done my Mom is against it. I want this one and another one. Hopefully I will get it before the end of this year.

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That is really cute. I like the wing and the name angel. :)

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i think its cute! i was thinkin about gettin the a with the wings and Halo. i have One Mind,One Heart, One Love on my hip's picture

gurlie go for it... im goin to use this idea for my tat... im not getin his name tho!!!!

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Shoot girl I might even steal your idea.. lol @Katerra De' Andra

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@Katerra De'Andra its looks good , i don't see nothing wrong with it; if u got the money do what ever u want.

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I have the A with the wing and halo on my back but that's it know name, and I too think you should do what you want because it's just a logo for someone you support. And I have seen people with team names or logo's on them so do you girl and I want to see it too.

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You guys go thru my pics to see my tat! Im gonna post some pics with my tattoo!

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This makes me happy bc ppl arent calling me names! lol! I was raised in a family where marking our bodies was a NO-NO! Bc my grandmother believed that God gave you the body to take care of but not to mark it up and damage it! Sooooo i felt that way until she died and then i went tattoo nuts and it does get addicting but i do express myself thru my tats! but this one is like inspiring its crazy! But I also sing and right music and Trey is my favorite Artist so I had to do it! you guys can check my single out too on the website they started for me! Maybe Trey and I can collab! lol!

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I don't have any tattoos either.

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That's a cute ass idea. lol (pardon the language)

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I can say I would never do it, but I can't tell you it's bad idea. Tattoos express creativity. Plus people get tattoos of bugs bunny, playboy bunny, micky mouse, hatchet man, street names, naked women. I personally think a Trey's Angel tattoo is far better than any of those.

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i wanted trey to sign my chest and me and my friend was gone get it tattted but im scared. but i think that would be cute but idk cause in the long run you know.'s picture

I have on tattoo and thinking about getting a 2nd one. I guess I am lucky my name begins with an "A" so I am going to take the "A" from the Treys Angel logo and get my name tatted below my little girls name and the Angel that i got done for her. Cause she is my Angel. I am not that daring to get Treys name or even treys angel on my body. Do what make you happy. Do not let what others thinks bother you. Do what make you happy.

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I'd love to see it too. Ultimately the decision is yours. It's your body & whatever you think is great artistically for your body is great...

I fully support Trey too. I probably wouldn't get his name on my body, but I wouldn't mind getting an Angel tattoo'd on me to show support because it symbolizes more than just Trey. I have no tattoos. As much as I love them, I don't want anything additional on my body that's permanent. My tattoo may not match my outfit, then what am I gonna do? LMAO I wish I was a little more daring to get one...I'd love a tiger going up my right shoulder (in the same place where Trey's Angel is on his back). I did a henna tattoo before, but that's it.

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I want to seeeeeeeee!!! Lol.