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If you had a choice of being Treys GF or Best friend..which would you choose??


  • If you had a choice of being Treys GF or Best friend..which would you choose??
    December 02, 2010

    A lot of women wanna be with Trey,but would you rather be his Gf or his Bestfriend??

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on Dec 2, 2010 - 04:28PM

A lot of women wanna be with Trey,but would you rather be his Gf or his Bestfriend??

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I would be his bestfriend::))

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LOL @ Jenecia. I've definitely seen some brutual Songz fans.

I've learned that sometimes you get to know a person & end up not liking them that much at all. So it's best in all relationships to get to know the person b/f confiding or giving them your trust.'s picture

Me I would want to be his best friend. That way don't have to worry about drama that a relationship can bring.

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if i had a choice to be his gf or bestfriend i would pick his bf because you have his fan who are going to tear you apart telling you how ugly you are and find so dirt on you make you feel like you anit shit then you have to worry about him being on the road all the time who he sleepin with as a friend you dont have to do that ya can hang out and he can tell you all the gurl he had sex with i mean i would rather be his friend becuz the list goes on and on for chicks that want to be with him and the drama you dont need it fun buying him stuff and maken him smile that the joy i get out of it maken him smile

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I would whether be his side chic

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often times a relationship can develop from just being friends.

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Lol @ everybody wanting to be his best friend. But, I would too.

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@LoveMelmLexi I agree with you! and everyone else who says that friendship lasts longer

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Bestfriend. but being friends can always lead to a wonderful relationship because you would love the true person.

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I'll B his BF cuz friendship last 4eva, where relationship can grow apart..

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BestFriend...Friendship seems 2 B valued above all else and it's not as flemsy as relationships are/can be.

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@S Shorty Omg! Lol

But as for me hmmmmm.... I would wanna be his friend because I would want him to be comfortable wit me as his best friend and have the added advantage because Im his woman also. But this isnt for just Tremaine this applies to any man that I meet and wanna be wit. Lol

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Bestfriend becus you have to have a friendship before you can get into a relationship .

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Well, I think best friends make the best lovers.
Anytime I take some kind of quiz about who your gonna end up with, it always says someone in your group. I know for a fact that that's not gonna happen, but I wouldn't mind that happening with Trey. We could be best friends, and then it turn into a relationship.

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koldheartedkiddglam I totally agree!! Nalston I feel u on that also! I don't want him to sing "Can't be Friends"to me if we dated then broke up lol.But being his friend I feel like he would open up more and just be Tremaine around me and let Trey play the back for awhile.'s picture

I would want to be his girlfriend but I would hope that I was also his Best Friend. Isn't that how a relationship should work? I mean that's how I would want it with anyone that I plan on dealing with not just Tremaine.

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