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Memphis Angels


  • Memphis Angels
    December 13, 2010

    are there any memphis tn angel on here ?

PinKÿ Bretaña's picture
on Dec 13, 2010 - 07:42PM
PinKÿ Bretaña's picture

i know we should and we should all represent at the concert togather .. follow me @pinkybretana

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

All the Memphis angels should get in contact with each other. I'm still trying to get use to twitter but follow me @_mrsbreezy.

PinKÿ Bretaña's picture

awl thats whats up us memphis angels going to go support trey on the 29th

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

Yeah and I'm so excited. This will be my 2nd time seeing him this year.

B. Jaye's picture

Heyyyy Memphis Angels!! :) I'm from Memphis and will be at the show on the 29th.

PinKÿ Bretaña's picture

awl cool .. candace are you going to be at the show on the 29th to? i cant wait im so excited lol ..

flawsNall25's picture

Im a memphis angel at heart...I live in atl but im from memphis. Hickory Hill, East memphis area.'s picture

Hey Im from MS but I will be at the 29th show as well

Candace-EfficientAngel's picture

I'm from Memphis!! I was starting to think there were no Memphis angels because I only know one angel. I'm Candace.'s picture

I am from MS. I think I am the only Angel from my hometown. Dec. 29 will be my 2nd time coming to Memphis to see Trey.