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The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan


  • The Stalker Diaries Confessions of a Trey Songz fan
    October 28, 2010

    This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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on Oct 28, 2010 - 03:24AM

This is a work of fiction. I just wanted to see what you all think about my fantasies about being a Trey Songz stalker. Enjoy!

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mexativemami85's picture

this is great story i just satyed up til four thirty in the mornin reading it... plz post another entry asap...

Ty Ranae's picture

OMG I Just Re-Read this :)

chanelchante's picture

I read Stalker Diaires 2 first and that is BANGING so far but im just reading the Stalker Diaries 1 while i have the time and i wanted to leave a comment after i finished but Entry 35 really just made me tear up on some real ish. Essence you are so talented, sweetz. I wish you much success in all your writing now and in the future.Now on to Entry 36..yesssuhh!

BabyGirlG's picture

OMG!!! I really love this story. It is one of the greatest that I've read so far. I actually read part 2 first, because I could not locate the first part. Can't wait for the conclusion of that one. I hope that you will be doing more stories. I hope that this inspired more writers to put their stories on here. All other writers, please post the links to your stories to make it easier for us to locate them. You ladies are truly talented. Thanks for sharing your passion with us.

Essence711's picture

I'm so glad to see that you guys are re-reading this story, and it's great to see that more people want to read it as well. Thank you all. #Trey's Angels ROCK!!!

Daniel_Shawn's picture

so i had to read this again this story was jus too damn good :)

AMBIZI's picture

oh wow i dont know what to say...i am little late reading this but i am glad so i wouldn't have to wait for the entries...i am so glad you decided to cont. with the are an amazing writer and i cant wait to read what you made me fall in love with Trey all over again!

CutTiGurl609's picture

Girl you are amazing! I felt every single emotion that you described in Essence. I'm not a fan of reading stories but girl you got me wanting to see how many other amazing stories I've been missin out on all these years. And I luv love LOVED! entry 38. The raw emotion you captured in Trey was..... I don't even know the word to describe it.

I saw the post when you first did it and constantly since then but I never really took a look cause I didn't feel like reading. But I'm glad I did. I started yesterday then when out skating, playing cards and drinking wit friends and got back in at 6 in the morning, turned my computer on and started reading more until I couldn't keep my eyes open lol.

You are blessed.

jaritah40's picture

omg i freakin love this story im shocked at myself that i read all this in 1 day......i cant stop reading when itz good lol

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

ROTFLMAO @Tricia and @Charbaby! U two are ridiculous! I can't. Lmao!

Tamara McCants's picture

Please, please, please, Trey and Essence are the ish!!!!!

CharBaby's picture

LMMFAO @ TRICIA!!!!!!!!!

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

awwwww. i luved this story. u should write another 1 :)

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I agree w/ @pinklipstick - we need at least a wedding entry, followed by a baby entry, then another baby entry, menopause, and then retirement...we riding this until the MF wheels fall off. LOL

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Awwwwwwwwww Essence!!!! *holds head low* Ok...if you feel its the end then its the end. Please start another story soon. I swear yall stories are addicting....'they be callin me n callin me' *pookie voice*! LOLOL!!

BrokenHaloAngel's picture

Can we continue this one and get a new one??? I at least need a wedding entry... *hopeful*

CharBaby's picture


sweetpeach1020's picture

Oh no no no no no no no no NO!!!!!! There has to be more. I agree with @Tricia. I know as a writer that when ur done with a story ur done, but the end just seemed too good to be true. We need some more drama! They're such a new couple for it just to end like that. What happens with Kelli? I mean they all live in the same building so it's not all peaches and cream instantaneously. Girl I NEED more of this story!!!! Lol.

MzNaomiSmith's picture

=)) loved it

Karen523's picture

I'm with @Anmariee, this story is addicting...I need more.

Lady T_4's picture

def a talented lady right here. keep it up girl

Anmariee_1ofTrey'sFinest's picture

*disappointed* I needed this story like a crackhead needs crack *crying uncontrollable*

ECJ's picture

@Tricia LOL! I feel ya!

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

LMAO @ Tricia! Stop whining! And yea I understand what u mean Essence that you don't want the story to drag on but this was too good... I need more. Lol!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

It's I know how my readers feel when I say a story is just don't want it to be over. Uhhhhhh!!!! Nooooo Essence...I'm not gotta give me more time...a week...a month...a year...I need more can't end yet. I'd be devastated. One eyeball just fell right pinky toe just turned head just turned stomach just did a uterus just escaped...I TELL YA...I'M NOT READY!!!

ShaunaYuuup's picture

U shld keep going... i didnt even kno u had ended the story lol

@missjoye's picture

i could read about them forever:)

JordanMarie's picture

lol i say start a new 1so it could bee a new thing and the suspence will start again!!!!

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

yes u should continue it seem like it did not end to me

Essence711's picture

Wow, thank you guys!! I'm so happy that you liked the story.
I see some of you don't want the story to end. I thought it should end on a happy note. Should I continue, or should I write another stalker diary story? I've been trying to think of another story, with a new character.
I love Essence and Trey together, too. But I don't want to go too far and over do it, you know?
Oh and let me just say this: I don't condone domestic violence. When I wrote that part of the story, I was actually shaking. I imagined the scenes in my head and I actually felt what it would feel like to be in that situation.
Writing Trey's reaction was a little easier. In my heart I can never imagine him hitting a woman. I did want to show his anger, but also his tender side. He was sympathetic for his friend, angry with his woman, but also still very much in love with her.
You guys were great with your comments. Sorry, no quickie in the bathroom. With the way they get it in, they would've gotten caught. LOL.