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Recent Interview-105.1


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on Dec 16, 2010 - 11:59PM posted an interview Trey did with 105.1(NY).








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This is from a live show so it isn’t much that they omitted from the video except probably commercials. Well maybe to him saying he isn’t gay is the same thing as not sleeping with men. I know what you are implying though.

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17:30 showed on the clock. 14:49 on the video, wonder what they didn't want us to hear. He never says he doesn't sleep with men he just says he isn't gay. I'm just saying!

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I loved the interview they had me cracking up! Especially the question about the beast!

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Yes she seems to have a pleasant personality. Oh yes she definitely likes Trey and he like her too. I’m not sure in that way. Trey is a very flirtatious man. Yes it was a naughty question. Some of the Trey’s Angels wanted to know about the “beast” LOL

Yes he handled the gay question maturely.

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Yes they are funny together. When Char said that Angela got dressed up for Trey I was wondering the same thing. I’m wondering if they have did the do together.

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Him and Angela are cute, hope they arent serious though lol.... actually I wouldnt even mind them they are funny to me, its cute.

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