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What was the Wow Moment that Trey provided that made you become a die hard fan?


  • What was the Wow Moment that Trey provided that made you become a die hard fan?
    November 26, 2010

    Some people dont understand why we love Trey soooo much! i always tell them he gives of himself freely and its heart felt! so tell the world your own personal Treystimony!

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on Nov 26, 2010 - 10:08PM

Some people dont understand why we love Trey soooo much! i always tell them he gives of himself freely and its heart felt! so tell the world your own personal Treystimony!

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Ok so my Wow Moment would have 2 be when I saw Trey Songz perform on the 2009 Bet awards. I remember the day I saw just gotta make it & I was like ok he can sing & he's cute. But back then I was a huge bow wow fan. But now u would think I was a Trey Songz fan from day 1 becuz that's what it seems like. When I look at Trey though it's something so different about him than other artist. Like he's real sociable, appreciative & genuine& so many other words I can't describe. I don't see myself supportin any other artist but him now & I just want him 2 continue 2 do what he does. Cuz it's amazing how far he has came. & like he said on the 2010 bet awards when he won best R&B "All it takes is dedication & a dream".

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Instantly took to Trey's Voice when he came out with I Gotta Make It/I Gotta Go was my all Time Favorite and pretty much been Listening from then on.....Always wondered Why? he wasn't getting what was due to him and now he's there.....So as long as He's Making Music I will Continue to Support Him.

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My wow moment came @ midnight 1 nite when I was youtubeing treysongz interviews. I'm not easily impressed with others but when I am it's serious. I don't easily give my loyalty to others either but when I do it's 4 the long haul. I heard Trey on the Steve Harvey show and decided to find out what he was really about as a person. Since i'm in and out the country every other yr the 1st album of Trey's I heard was TREY DAY & luved it 2 death but didn't know his name READY came out & I luved it just as much still wasn't a die hard fan yet though #dontjudgeme. Upon redeploying i was divorced & became a single mom of 3 & was instantly stressed & overwhelmed. I remembered thinking if I had a 6 figure job my life would be easier & it wouldn't be so difficult but Trey changed that mind set. In his interview he helped me realize he was no different from me & we all had to go through rough times no matter what. I realized he was getting just as much sleep as I was 3hrs if not less sometimes. I saw interviews where he could barely stay awake but he kept pushing. He also shared that he didn't take living his dream 4grant like some do. He's always thankful for what God gave him & he stressed the fact that u should make the most of what God /givegave you. He's such a positive person that makes mistakes & learn 4rm them because of that I am a DIE HARD FAN/SUPPORTER OF TREY SONGZ He helped me through a rough patch & 4 that I give him my loyalty as a fan. MY FAM & MY 3 KIDZ GO HAM 4 TREY!!! WE LUV US SOME TREY!!!

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u no ive heard about the prince of va but neva saw him thn heard gotta make it & new i had heard that voice b4. i luved his voice and whn i saw it was all gud. 2 watch him finally get his recognition is amazing. 2 no that im apart of it is better. my wow moment was whn he did the ppp tour n atl & started singing my fav song "1 luv" he looked out @ me & started doing the movement i was doing, it was the best, thn 2 get his shirt @ the end of the nite was wonderful. thank u @treysongz

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I was once in love with the image of Trey Songz., I began to find out more about Tremaine Neverson and became less infacturacted. But to answer you question.
My WOW moment was last year when I saw his neighbors know my name performance in London. The explaination of the song was enough to send a virgin through the roof, less long a very experience 28 year old woman who had been sexless for over a year. I began to support Trey Songz all the way. Now, I see him as a tease who gets off on exciting women only to disappoint them whether it be professionally or personally.
Just Keeping it 100!

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I been a fan of Tremaine since Gota Make It but I really was interested in him when he did this mother's day special on BET and he was singing to his mama I then fell in LOVEEEEE =)))

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I've known about Trey since he first came out and I've liked his music. I got really hooked around the Trey Day album,,,But I started GOIN HARD for him like early last yr. I had heard brand new and jus got this total different interest in him I wanted to kno EVERYTHING about him. So thats wat I did I got to watchin interviews new and old and started listenin to every song I could get my hands on from singles to cd's to mixtapes. From there I just started becoming more and more of a fan. Now I am more then a fan Imma ANGEL :)))))

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These are good treystimonies keep them coming I sent this link to Trey's twitter so he can read them. Tell a friend or fellow angel

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So I just became a die hard fan this year! Thanks to my sis in law, now I had heard of Trey Songz and I liked his music but I wasnt a huge fan! How about I wasnt what u would call a fan because at that time Tremaine couldve walked up to me on the streets and slapped me and I wouldnt have known who he was!

But this year he really made himself known and I just fell in love with him and Im still fallin in love with him till this day! Everytime I see him or read about him is a WOW moment for me!

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When Trey Day was first being promoted.
The singles Last & Can't Help but Wait pulled me in quick.
But then I was just a fan.
Not a DIE HARD fan like I am now.
When Ready was being promoted, I became a big fan.
Then when I saw him in concert, It was AMAZING.
Then I started to really get to know him & everything about him,
& I just turned into a DIE HARD.

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Mine is the same as @CutTGurl609. I seen the Gotta Make It video or maybe it was Girl Tonight video.. Lol. Anyways, I fell instantly in love with Trey. I been a fan of him since.

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I became a die hard fan of Trey Songz after I heard him sing 'Girl Tonite' with Twista. His voice was flawless on that song.
I love old school R&B and 'Tonight' by Ready For The World is one of my all time favorite songs. I didn't even fully know who Trey Songz was at that time. For real, I thought he was a mixtape dj. My friend kept trying to put me on to him, but she only mentioned his mixtapes. I wasn't interested. She mentioned, 'Just Gotta Make It' to me and (I'm ashamed to admit this now) I was turned off. That song was not one of my faves at all - let me explain why.
I fall asleep with the tv on a lot and one night I must have rolled onto the remote and pressed the volume button, because all of a sudden, I was awakend by the most ANNOYING sound -
I love his whole first cd, but I have to admit that song irked the sh*t out of me until I saw the documentary and the behind the scenes footage of them making the video, then I began to like the song, although, I did think that Trey was a bit too skinny for my liking.
Then one night out of the blue, I had this dream about him, and I couldn't get him off my mind. Then I saw his video to 'Gotta Go'. That voice, those braids, that smile... even his skinny little arms in that wife beater, lol. He was sexy as hell singing up to that girl in the window. I live on the second floor, and if I ever looked out my window to see his fine ass singing, I'd climb right out my window and jump down there. He doesn't even have to be singing to me.
I began to cyber-stalk him and the more I found out about him, the more I found to love about him. I wasn't even mad when he had a girlfriend. I think they made a cute couple. Despite all the stuff that's been said about her, I still think that she's beautiful, and he's *sighs* words can't express, so I thought they looked good together. I hope they NEVER, EVER, EVER get back to together. LOL
I love him now and forever. His #1 StalkerFan's picture

Since I saw this one performance of in the middle, which was like in 2006 or something .. and he put these 3 or 4 girls on stage it was immense. Ever since then I've been going ham for Trey. Then when he released Trey Day omg! my all time favourite album loved it .. I had two copies before it was out in the UK!

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STRAIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING!! The "Gotta Make It" Video, as soon as I saw it I was like aww he's cute and he sounds nice, by the end of the video he had me sold on him being a star. I was looking every where for the CD couldn't find it, which made me extremely mad but once I got my hands on it I rocked the hell out of it. It did upset me that they weren't really trying to give him any real play in the beginning, I was like if they don't stop sleeping on my boo Trey!! LMAO Oh yeah and not to mention the next few albums and mixtapes, I was like DIZAMN he is the ish FORREAL!'s picture

The moment I became a die heart fan of Trey Songz was when Trey won the BET Award. I am going to be truthful I am a new Trey Songz fan I don't know how I missed him when Gotta Make It came out. But never the less he won my heart when he accepted his award. When he said I would first like to thank My Lord and Savor...... He came across as being so sincere! I have been through a lot the past year and a half and Trey and his music has helped me through a lot of hard times! Trey is such a genuine person that gives freely to his fans.

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He practically saved my mom died on november 1 2004 and for an entire year i was depressed and i hated everyone and when i heard Gotta make it- after putting the song to my situation...dat was my turning i am one semester away from BSC. in Hospitality Management and i am only 22 going to do my masters in Business Management and phd in business law..Thanks Trey!!

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Just like you ladies I loved Gotta Make It but I must say once I started twitter he responded in less than a month to me. Then came the ustreams he shouted me out and answered my questions on ustream. i found myself being a trey addict i loved his personality his fun games his laughter and all the time he would spend ustreaming and tweeting.Trey started playing the games where he would call you if you guessed the songs the adrenaline started rushing. i bought tickets for his performance at the regal i was going by myself so i sent him a saynow message about me going alone and he sent me a saynow vmail right back within 30mins i was floored and he sang to me after he left a beautiful message.Then i saw him perform i have been a trey head ever since. After the concert i saw him dive in his van, and he waved to me as the van sped off.Then came more performances and i just turned others onto him Ready album release party in Chicago i was there waiting for hours for this man i got a tan on my feet and all waiting but i didnt care again i went solo. So now here comes Trey again with Usher I won the tickets from Power 92 and i am hoping i finally get to meet him and hopefully he follows me. I love all the Angels you guys are beautiful people! love Ebony

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I fell in love with Gotta Make It the first time I heard it on the radio. Then once I bought the cd, I was definitely a fan of his music & I loved his voice. Once I started getting online started really looking at him I became a fan of his looks & I loved that bottom lip of his. It wasn't until May 07 that I got to see him perform live, that's the same day I got to meet him & the same day I fell in love with the man himself. He's so down to earth, genuine, humble, kind hearted...etc. He reciprocates the love we as fans have for him back to us. He cares about his fans and that just made me a bigger fan. I would buy 10 copies of his cds and just give them away (couldn't do it with PPP :( because I had just moved). I'd go to every show in my city and I've traveled to a few outside of my city. He would see me in the crowd and smile or call my name when he's performing and he doesn't have my attention or when we would see him in the club & they'll say no pics but he'll tell us to hang out & we'll get pics after everyone leaves. It's the small things that makes me love and appreciate him. And I'm riding with him until the wheels fall off.

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My Treystimony started with the I Gotta Make It video! Loved the whole concept of it and in a way anyone could relate to what Trey was talking about on the song. Just being able to go through this journey with him and see him evolve is amazing. Plus all the interviews he does warm my heart which is what really made me love Trey! He's hilarious also and love the fact he has a sense of humor. :-)

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

Hmmmmmm! Well I love his voice when he sings! His voice does something to me! So when I first heard Neighbors Know My Name I fell in love! I would say that Im not a fan from way back when but I remember Cant Help But Wait and Wonder Woman and those both are my fav songz of Treys!

And the bigger a fan I became I got to know him better and I got to see how humble and loving he is! Everytime I see him I fall seeper in love with Tremaine and so now here I am a die hard fan!!!!!