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what is your perfect trey songz playlist??


  • what is your perfect trey songz playlist??
    February 25, 2010

    if you could create your own bp3 playlist for trey, what songzzzzz would you include???

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on Feb 25, 2010 - 03:56PM

if you could create your own bp3 playlist for trey, what songzzzzz would you include???

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wait i just wanna add different by brandon hines and trey songz

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i have smart playlist on my ipod called just trey and whenever i add trey songz songs it
but i'mma add sex room into the playlist coz i dont think any one said dat yet
ooo and
red lipstick
made to be together
can't be friends
oooooo TREYS UNPLUGGED ALBUM i wish he had an unplugged version
of gotta go because wen i saw him sing it live it gave me chills
anticipation that album was soooo point
u know wat i'm going to listen to some trey right now

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one love
on top
red lipstick
scratchin me up
love lost
already taken
gotta leave
girl tonight
wonder woman
last time
bottoms up
love faces
cant be friends
lol :)
panty droppa
neighbors know my name
jupiter love
say ahh
yo side of the bed
made to be together
no clothes on

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Does He Do It
Be Where You Are
Scratchin' Me Up
No Clothes On
Cheat On You
Can't Help But Wait
Gotta Make It Remix
Made To Be Together
She Ain't My Girl
Wonder Woman
Sex Room (Trey made this song what it is!)
Make Love Tonight
Jupiter Love
Does She Know
Neighbors Know My Name
Love Faces
Hatin' Love
Can't Be Friends
Every Girl Remix
Fly Together
Role Play
We Should Be
Make It Rain
On Top
Panty Droppa


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my playlist:

1. Already Taken
2. Brand New
3. Can’t Be Friends
4. Can’t Help But Wait
5. Does He Do It
6. Does She Know
7. Famous
8. For The Sake Of Love
9. Girl I’m Gone
10. Gotta Make It (Remix)
11. Grub On
12. Hard-Freestyle
13. Holla If Ya Need Me
14. I Don’t Love You
15. I Need A Girl
16. I Want You
17. Invented Sex
18. It Would Be
19. Last time
20. Love Lost
21. Make It Rain
22. Missin You
23. More Than That
24. Neighbors Know My Name
25. On Top
26. One Love
27. Role Play
28. Scratchin Me Up
29. She Aint My Gurl
30. Store Run
31. Successful
32. Take You Home
33. That’s The Life Off..
34. We Should Be
35. You Belong To Me
36. You Da Best

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Man thers to many good songs Love lost,gotta make it ,jupiter love,i needa girl,replacement girl,cant help but wait,dat 1 sng dat comes in like if i die 2night wld i whaeva man thers too many 2 name,n da list goes on n on

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Neighbours know my name
Take you home
I invented sex
All my life
Jupiter Love
Love Lost

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Hey girls (and maybe some guys)! This isn't spam! Lol.
I'm just askin ya'll to join this page I made for my favorite Trey line/Trey Songz and to invite all your friends!
Thanks so much!!!

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Hey guys join the page for Trey on FB "Sometimes she call me Trey, Sometimes she say Tremaine"!!!'s picture

My playlist for trey would be:

1.Neighbors know my name
2. Jupiter love
3. Does he do it
4. Sex for your stereo
5. Grub on
6. Wonder Woman
7. I invented Sex
8. Your side of the bed
9. Holla if you need me
10. In the middle

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i love the song (yesterday)with toni its a wonderfull song's picture

I need a girl
one love
Gotta make ti
I wanna be where you are
hell this is harder than i thought it would be i would have to make an MP3 and put all of his songs's picture

@ladypink01 Panty Droppa is a full song. I heard him say he may go back and release the whole thing but he did not put it on ready because he did not think it fit. So be on the look out one day he may give us the full song. LOL

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Girl tonite
lol :D
bottomz up
invented sex
panty droppers

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@Ladypink01 I second that... I dropped my purse when I heard the first time.

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@ladypink01 yessss girlll i definitely agree!!!!

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Damn near all his songz hav me going crazy! I wish he would come back and make "Panty Dropper" a full song though! Just that little snippet had me like DAMN TREY!

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Scratchin me up
on top
i invented sex
you belong to me
does he do it
In the middle
Play house
Comin For You
Make love tonight
Store run
the last time
Missing You
Yo Side Of The Bed
Jupiter Love
One love
Role Play
Neighbors Know My Name
Ready to Make Love
More than That
Love Lost
ANd then kill it with.....Kinda Lovin

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all of his sexy just sets the mood.

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This is the order...
You Belong To Me
Panty Droppa
Sex For You
In The Middle
Stratchin Me Up
Bed, Bath & Beyond
On Top
Invented Sex
Role Play
Jupitar Love
Yo Side Of The Bed
Sticky Face
And finish off with.. Neighbours Know My Name..

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In the middle
scratchin me up
up stairs
sex for your stereo
ready to make love
last time
one love
neighbors know my name.....cnt name them all..these r at the top of the list!!

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on top
more than that
jupiter love
does she know
one love
panty droppa
ready 2 make luv
scratchin me up
sticky face
all the ifs
neighbors know my name
cant help but wait
does he do it there a limit? i can go ALL DAY! lol

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scratching me up, neighbor know my name, lol smiley face, invented sex, gotta go, missing up, and yo side the bed

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neighbors know my name scratchin me up say ahh last time need a girl invented sex holle if you need me in the middle jupiter love role play and close out wit gotta go cause when the sets all over thats how I feel I know he gotta leave but I dont want him to go

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Scratchin me up, no clothes on, in the middle, can't help but wait, lol smiley face, missing you, girl tonight, wonder woman,neighbors know my name, then the last song would be last time cause i wanna see you take off ur clothes lol

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Scratchin me up, you belong to me, ur behind , no clothes, neighbors know my name and feelin myself