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Who Got an Angel Name?


  • Who Got an Angel Name?
    October 19, 2010

    Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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on Oct 19, 2010 - 10:44PM

Who has a Anqel identity? whats your angel name?

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My Angel name is #SoulfulAngel

Follow me on twitter @Sheree_Renee's picture

Congrats to everyone who received their Angel Name! :) #ImpressiveAngel @LovelyThang80

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My name is #worthyangel

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i got mine today yay #CosmopolitanAngel
thanks so much @oneshadowlove
realise u work very hard xx

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Is recommended to have a NN??

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No, thank you and I understand.. I just felt ignored..

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I am following you I will tweet you right now @oneshadowlove

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hello there TreyDee I didn't see a tweet from you so I hope you are following me on twitter... its @oneshadowlove you are on the list now.

TeTee_LuvsTrey I don't see a tweet from you either can you please give me your twitter so I can add you to the list as well. And you MUST be following in order to be nick named. Thanks and sorry if you guys feel like the response is not quick. its only two of us and we have to take time to name you guys so that its a match & no duplicates. Thanks again

Love #1stLadyAngel aka Oneshadowlove

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I am #SweetzAngel.. Follow me Angels plz--->> @MzNaomiSmith

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@oneshadowlove its @bklynfreakydee
@A_SweetAngel I know right its frustrated not getting a respond back but im going to leave it alone.. im done

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Follow me @TSAngel_Ty

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thanks for the message back i didn't realise there was that many request thanks for reply
i'm already following oneshadowlove
i'm really sorry if it seemed like i was ungrateful you know i actually thought i wasn't getting no were
and i guess i only compared it to the amount of uk angels there's only like 40 of us the states are much bigger
i do realise that you are doing this for free and because of your appreciation and i'm sorry if it seemed like anything else
thank you and i can wait :-)

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I'm #GiftedAngel!!
Follow me, please
@ImPrettyyJazzy =]

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For those who say that they been contacting and hitting them up and haven't heard back yet, please be patient this is a process just like anything else, they get over 100 requests each day and it takes time to come up with a name that is not only fitting for you but also making sure you're not getting a name someone else already has,its just TWO of them its not like they have 20 ppl helping them so just be patient, please know that you're requests are not going unnoticed


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ladies if you want an ANN u have to tweet either me @Chrissy_on_Ice or @oneshadowlove we will add you to our running list we might not always respond back to you because we have a lot of request but we know you are asking so please just be patient with us. We have named over 400 angels already. But also when requesting an ANN make sure your page is not blocked and that you have a pic of yourself posted as your twitcon and you have to be following at least one of us so that when we name you we can dm u ur ANN. Thanks ladies @Chrissy_On_Ice aka #FantasyAngel's picture

#TangibleAngel yall can either go to @oneshadowlove or @Chrissy_On_Ice

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@JEZZIE1011 i've been trying so hard too i keep tweeting but i really want an angel name

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I dont have a nickname either! Ive been trying to get one but I hvent received a response back!

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#SPOTLIGHTEANGEL @Ms_Scorpian86..Thx @oneshadowlove for my name Love it..Fits me perfectly



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#SensitiveAngel..because im sensitive when it somes to trey
twitter: @GotMeSayinYuup & @TreysApp_Ladies's picture

@treydee i have been askin for one too and know one ever said anything back to me!!!!

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Hello TreyDee what's your twitter hun???

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I don't have one.. I been trying to tweet those girls but they not even follow me back.. But im not going to fien for one either.. I'm good without one.

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I got one. My nick name is Sincere Angel!