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Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour DVD


  • Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour DVD
    December 17, 2010

    It would be great if Trey released a Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour DVD.  It just seems like the next thing for him to do.  What do you think?


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on Dec 17, 2010 - 07:32PM

It would be great if Trey released a Passion, Pain, and Pleasure Tour DVD.  It just seems like the next thing for him to do.  What do you think?


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Hey what do you ladies think about the upcoming Love Faces Tour being put on DVD since Trey is not performing at many venues?

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Yesi would love that..i didnt get to go to the concert so that would be awesome

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Angels thanks for commenting. Keep them coming so that Atlantic Records will take notice.

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Oh yesssss i've been saying this for the longest while, Trey has to come out with a DVD it's TIME!!!! The PPP tour would be great! And tv is boring without Trey not on to see. So a DVD please Atlantic Records would be great for my dvd player lol :)'s picture

i def would like to see that n pieces from the OMG tour since my show (VA) was cxl. I look forward to him singing Kings of Leon cover "Use Somebody"...

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i would loooovvvveee i mean LOVE for the PPP DVD to come.. cuz PPP Tour was the first concert that i went to..! it was at this concert that i first took notice to Trey's Angels.'s picture

Angels keep adding comments to this discussion so that Atlantic Records will take notice. It is listed in the Atlantic Records Comment discussion as well.

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It'd def be great since we, Angels from Europe didn't had the chance to see Trey for this tour :) I'd asbolutely love to see PPP songs live =D

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I would buy it. I'm new on twitter @watsb4me, since yesterday, can you please follow me and I will follow you. I wanted to start my New Year right! TIA :).'s picture

I am on twitter @cpepang11. Please follow me and I will follow you back.

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YES YES & YES! And MY MOMENT on dvd as well!

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Great idea....I wasn't able to travel to see the show, since they didn't come to Detroit. I'd definitely buy it.'s picture

I hope that Trey and Atlantic Records are listening to all these comments. I posted this on the Atlantic Records discussion as well.

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great idea i want 1

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That will be GREAT. I love that idea. #KUDDOS =D

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Hopefully, It's coming soon. :)'s picture

i would definetley buy it ,good idea since the show didn't came to alot of cities.

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GREAT IDEA!!!! I would love to see NKMN performance over and over and over and....LOL

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love love love it trey if ur readin this definitely should be the next thing u do also u should put my moment on dvd also :)

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i would definitely buy it cuz i love Trey to death

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i would buy it since i wasn't able 2 go 2 the show's picture

lisaleigh30 Thanks, I did place this suggestion on the Atlantic Records one as well.

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Atlantic Records has actually put a suggestions discussion why don't you post this idea there. We have no control over something like this only opinions.

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yea i wud luv that & luv 4 him 2 release my moments.

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that would be nice!

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Great idea!