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on Dec 15, 2010 - 11:58PM

This is sad but Kevin and Trey made this funny!!!



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@jesusismysavior oh ok lol!!

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When they did the reenactment and Trey asked Fab where he got his drink from? He thought Fab stole his drink mean while Trey had already put his drink down but he forgot he did so.

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lol @ Cocoloso! What are you guys talking about? When did Fab look scared???

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LOL Cocoloso

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Lol! Man I been going around saying CocoLoso all weekend! It's stuck in my head. lmao!

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Trey was about to get confrontational with Fab over that Cocoloso. LOL Fab looked a little scared at first.

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Damn I thought normal Trey was funny enough but drunk Trey is effin hilarious!!!! lmao!

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Trey was staring at them pictures like "wow...he was a cute ass baby"....lmao

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LOL Yes he was.

I was thinking about what Kevin said this morning had me laughing to myself.. “yes our s&^t is fire” LOL's picture

I felt embarrassed for the girl and I wasn't even there! LMAO Classic!!!!

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Did anyone see this? I don't know... I think I'll call it irony. It makes me wonder if the girl in the tub said this to herself while her hair was on fire.'s picture

OMG!!! lmao

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i aint gon lie i was watching this video like wtf i dnt wana c all these chick on trey and then win i saw dat i was RO-LLIN

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lmao i havnt laughed like that n a long time man! omg

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She'll probably have to rock her hair in a bun if she doesn't want to cut it.

Essence711's picture

LMAO!! I still can't get over these vids. OMG, all I know is this:
1) I HAVE to find a way to either get invited to or crash a Diddy Party
2) I'ma start drinking CocoLosos
3) If I ever get the chance to make Love Faces with Trey, we gon hafta do it with the lights on cuz I'm not taking any chances with the candles burning. Sweatin out my perm is one thing, but if he's just gon sit there and watch my ish

He said,"And Then I said,'OH SHIT! Your hair is BUUURRnnin...'" ROTFL
And at first Fab did look like he was in shock. Kevin Hart is just crazy.
That girl had a nice head full of hair too. It's damaged now. She might hafta go get a Keri Hilson style hair cut.

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lol @Sheree

no wonder. Trey is funny!!!! On Kevin said after they cut the tape off Miyoki (thats the girl name who hair got caught on fire) was crying! Kevin also said she was embarass!!!! LOL @ TREY TELLING THE GIRL TO RE-ENACT THE SCENE! lol @ Trey.

If I see candles and Trey I will stay far away from the candles!!! lol

I doubt Trey will help me! lol

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@Linz84 girl they was

Linz84's picture

lmfao oh they was all drunk? lmfao no wonder they was acting like that!!

Sheree_Renee's picture

I am reading yalls comments and cracking up all over again. I think this video has to be the funniest thing I have seen all year....Lmao

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rideordie angel

LOL Trey maybe the only one of the three that will tell you your on fire though.

This is what happens when you drink too much. LOL

CoCo Noelle

Trey helped by telling her, your hair is on fire. She than proceeded to pat the heck out of hair and took a dip in the tub. LOL

LOL Yes It was like it was no sense of urgency. "Like oh yeah your hair is fire." Trey was so drunk he didn't know what was going on.

According to the lady they were all attentive.

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hahahahaha that was sad but 2 funny. c wat trey does 2 women. they were so drunk. fab just ran. remember neva catch on fire whn @treysongz, @kevinhart4real, or @myfablouslife is around. lol

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Soooo nobody tried to help the poor child them fool got up hella fast. Diddy hella random showing his baby pics lol, Trey asks the poor girl to get back under the water to re-enact her part. "Baby do your part, dip low one time" whyyyyyyy lmao they are some foooooooolssss I can't stop watching and laughing...and Did yall peep Diddy left and then came back with the Baby Pics AGAIN in the back like yall gone see my on baby pics this is my damn party lol. @jesusismysavior Trey did say it like she had a booger LOL like no sese or urgency at all Too funny. I'm glad shes ok. Between this and the Usher kick in the face I diiiieeeeddd this week.

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"well hey maybe that's enough" LOL

JesusIsMySavior's picture

LOL@Trey drunk self staring at Diddy's baby pics.'s picture

Too too funny! Kevin Hart is a fool! On the real I'm glad she was ok. I'm still giggling about it tho'

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Trey said "Hold up!! Where my drink at???" Kevin was like bruh I think you had enough! Lmao! DEEEAAAAD! Imma have a bunch of CocoLosos for my birthday! lol!

Sheree_Renee's picture

Yes that re-enactment was a mess....Lmao. Trey killed me when he was more worried about that drink then ole girls head.Lol Im about to watch it again...lmao


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