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Whats Ur Fav Song Off The New Mixtape??


  • Whats Ur Fav Song Off The New Mixtape??
    December 01, 2010

    Hands Down Mine Is Dont Forget Ya Ring! MY Hubby Killed That Song!

    the aston martin and f*ck wit you no more is hot too!!


    whats yours?!?

MissMonshe's picture
on Dec 1, 2010 - 01:18AM

Hands Down Mine Is Dont Forget Ya Ring! MY Hubby Killed That Song!

the aston martin and f*ck wit you no more is hot too!!


whats yours?!?

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flygurlzlovehim's picture

Love them all but "Ten 4" stay on repeat for me..and he went banoodles on "Hate Me Now"

maryannsongz's picture

I love that song don't forget your ring.

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Loved them ALL anything with Trey.......

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I love 10 4. I was walking home one evening this week and some dude was rapping one Trey's songs of the mixtape.

QuietStorm's picture

My favs..Whatever you want, Hate Me now, For Yall, May I, Maybe, Runaway and slighly F*ck wit you no more's picture

Right above it...Sk Sh*t...Whatever you want...For Yall are my favorites

Rolanda4's picture

Hate Me Now.. Sk Sh*t.. Whatever You Want ft Sasha.. Ten 4.. are my favorites..

Sexyfergieja's picture

u can eat a dick like its chilling in ur mouth, i spit ya'll drool no filling in ur mouth.....i looovvvvvveeeeee hate me now* and sk shit

cara2012's picture

sk shit lmao listen 2 it every mournin as i get ready lol idk y hahaha

MissKehinde's picture

Sk Shit is amazing..........I absolutely hate cursing...but that song goes hard for real! His lyrical flow is genius, I had no choice but to love that song lol

SplendidAngel's picture

My favs are:
-- Runaway (TriggaMix)
-- F*** Wit You No More (TriggaMix)
-- Aston Martin Music (TriggaMix)
-- Just Not Fair
-- Don't Forget Your Ring
-- Sk Sh*t
-- Whatever You Want (Trey && Sasha Killed It!)
-- May I
-- Ten 4

I might as well say the whole freakin' mixtape. LOL!

kg.sunshine's picture

Whatever You Want. It's just simply ridiculous!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Whatever you want and track 16(Can't think of the name right now)

nequa_3's picture

dont forget ya ring and runaway's picture

Whatever you want is my favorite as well.

sweetcurlsx's picture


MissMonshe's picture

yeaa it is ! lol ; i love it !

lisaleigh30's picture

Whatever you what is tha shit!

MissMonshe's picture

ok i just recently fell in love with whatever you want !! i lovee it

but dont forget your ring is still my fav! i wake up to that song :D

Ajalltheway's picture

Aston Martin music omg he shouldve been on the original version he omg idk that man got a beautiful voice

Kabria's picture

all of them really but i love the first one cuz he liked talked to us . !

5_StarShey's picture

@Bobbi... flow is crazy on sk shit and he did kinda spazz out on hate me now. but i think thats more or less the reason why i love those tracks. they are tough!!

5_StarShey's picture

The whole mixtape is hot.... Hands down but i think i would have to say SK Shit is my fav (currently putting it to memory) then its Hate Me Now, and Dont Forget ya Ring. I mean i knew he was lyrically sick with it, but he goes hard on this mixtape for real

BossLadySims's picture

My Fav Don't Forget Your Ring, Aston Martin, F Wit You No More, and Whatever You Want

jnkdiva00's picture

My most fav is May I. I love the beat makes me dance every time I hear it lol followed by Don't Forget Your Ring and Whatever You Want. I love the whole mixtape though.

Bobbi_'s picture

My brother couldn't stop laughing on the K. Hart skit. That was hilarious. Chocolate Droppa lol!!!'s picture

@JEZZIE1011 yes yes "hate Me Now" is my Fav!!!!!! Followed by "Whatever You Want" then "Gone Too Long" then "Aston Martin Music" "Just Not Fair" and then "Sk Shit" but yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss the whole thing is DOPPPPPPPPPE!!!!!! Lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved Ittttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

yes too funny

MissMonshe's picture

lol you guys have me rollin! he did sound like MLK or somebody like that tho

did u guys hear the kevin hart skit at the end of "for yall"

hilarioussss! :D

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@ Bobbi

I loved it too. :)