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body gurad diss trey lmao


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on Dec 22, 2010 - 03:40PM

ladys here is the link he is funny as hell  or its funny listen tell me wat you think

i didnt get mad i just said damn trey you are doing ya thang and people are going to hate on you he rap and he sing for the ladys and everybody no the ladys are the ones who buy the albums and he just want a record deal or he want some shine he is a joke lmao thanks laddy follow me on twitter @sexynene2007 and ill follow back i just want to hear wat ya had to say and i see we all think alike

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i dont like it...
trey a better rapper hands down. i rather hear him sing.. but just like he said on #Lemmeholdatbeat "and the haters im trying to love you too, but until then ill just stunt on you..."

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Okay...I can't rap worth a hot lick but I can do better than this. Was this really supposed to be a diss? Trey baby...please don't waste your time putting your beautiful mind to "work" preparing a diss to that mess. As AngelLinz stated that is some BITCHASSNESS right there. *smdh* You aren't hitting him off correctly with some paper by keeping him um...NEXTTTTT!!! He needs to sit down some damn where and submit some resumes because that "diss" will make you no money. You probably need to pay the recording studio more money for wasting space on that trash. *smh* The nerve of some people hating on our baby's SHINE. Retarded ass!

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When R. Kelly first came out he did sound like Aaron Hall.

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@Tia...he said that R. Kelly had been saying he stole his style, which he does sound like him, but he ought to be proud someone wants to mimic his style! Then he said "so what, R. Kelly stole Aaron Hall's style off his first two albums". R. Kelly seems to be mad bc of this and he really should be proud!

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he could not spit worth S** brother is way better then him it aint even funny. Dude need to calm his ass down nd take a seat, please..

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What did he say?

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Ok, I was able to listen to it. I mean "goons" in Chicago can be ignorant, but ... I don't see what that or R. Kelly has anything to do w/ it. So he wants juice for doing his job???

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Dag, I can't even access it!

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WTH! Lol, are u kidding me! He should have stayed his bodyguard, lmao! I heard what he actually said about Trey on a local radio station. All I could do was SMH...Trey was just expressing himself and you know what he said was true! Some ppl!'s picture

are you serious? He weak.that wasn't a diss i don't know what that was.If trey cut him off then he he proably had a good reason too.

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Really?? For somebody paid to let him record this mess? My lil 10yr old niece raps better than this dude!! GTFOH with this crap dude....somebody should have given him a warning shot...'nigga don't put this out there...cuz Trigga Trey will eat yo ass up!!' LOL...smdh!!

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lol yall are a mess

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dude is a joke. wack, can't even take this serious

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Trey old body guard is lame! LOL OK HE CLAIM THAT HE SAVE TREY FROM SOME GOONS FROM CHI-TOWN! Well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that a body guard job is to protect the person! Trey old bodyguard really need to grow up!!! He was paid to help Trey in any dangerous situation! I'm wondering wtf is his problem????? LMFAO IF I'M TREY I WON'T RESPOND TO HIM! Trey old body guard is cover with BITCHASSNESS!!! lol he is so lame!

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i kno he is a joke

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I just love things like this because all it does it set Trey up for greatness.

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Wow dude is extra sensitive. Why he worried about some dude not calling him any more. And like the website said you're a body guard your suppose to protect a guy from goons. silly.

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gtfoh he jus mad!

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This dude sound like a cry a grown ass man gon get mad cause another man dont wanna be cool with him no more. He needs to get a life.....quickly!

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I just started laughing at how DUMB he sounded!!!!!!!!....Like dude really need 2 grow up....what was the whole purpose of that anyway. He's a HAAATTTEEERRR....LOL!!!!!!!

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Bodyguard Sorry U Lost Your Job But Just Leave Trigga Name Out Your Mouth......Oops!....From Bodyguard to Rapper........Hilarious!!!!

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It was wack! He's jealous and he was sounding all out of breath! Desperate for a record deal!

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angles i said the same thing he it to funny he mad cuz trey maken money and he made

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Oh wow that was funny he sucked I couldnt even take that seriously lol

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Why you mad? "Ho Have A Seat!"'s picture

The key word former body guard! He is just mad that he his no longer he is not in Trey's click!!!

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I heard that nonsense! I was like what the crap is this mess??