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I'm sad


  • I'm sad
    December 20, 2010

    I didn't receive my Angel card. I don't even know if I ever will get one. I'm also sad because I never met Trey yet :'(



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on Dec 20, 2010 - 03:07PM

I didn't receive my Angel card. I don't even know if I ever will get one. I'm also sad because I never met Trey yet :'(



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thats great tricia!

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Yes we do. Yes my meeting with him is past due.

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I just finally got to meet Trey earlier this month. I was great meeting him. I don't have my card either - or at least I don't think so. I didn't check the mail yesterday...had my radio show on my mind. Will check it tonight.

@JIMS we gotta fly somewhere & see him one day...U need to meet him like yesterday!

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Hey!!!!! I'm such a trip!!! I got my card in the mail today!!! :-)

I have to be patience! I should of made this post! lol

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@#SplendidAngel your right!!! We just have to wait! Trey will have plenty of opportunity!

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Don't feel sad. You just gotta wait for it to come in the mail and when it does you will definitely be thrilled. Also, I agree with the angels "Good things come to those who wait". So, you and I both have to wait on our time to meet Trey. I thought I was going to be able to meet him at DC's OMG Tour concert, but my poster never got sent into the contest. So, maybe the tour wasn't the way I needed to meet him. Trey will have many other opportunities for his angels to meet him. So, don't feel down. We just have to be patient.

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We're all going to get the membership card. The card is your proof, to validate you are and Angel. So when they have an event for the Angel's to attend, You'll have to show the Angel card and your i.d. proving who you are. I haven't gotten mine yet but I will eventually.

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i got the card now wats the story behind it?

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awww i didn't get my card either

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@Briana, 39&luvinit, and EnchantedAngel thanks for cheering me up! You guys are right to have faith! I never thought Trey will follow me on twitter but he been following me since November!

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You will get it. The cards were sent out last week. I don't think any of the Angels knew about it. I haven't met Trey either. Good things come to those who wait. So be patient my angel sister.


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Cheer need to be Sad you will get your card just when you need it and it will just make Ur Day......Smile!

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Yes it does suck. :(

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@jesusismysavior dag!! I know its suck!! :sigh: One day we will get our turn!

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Oh ok I'll wait until March. If I don't see my card yet then it's going to be a problem! lol

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I didn't get mine yet either..

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I havent received mines yet either and I have not met Tremaine! But we have to be patient and we will get our time!

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I didn't get my card either and I didn't meet him.

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thanks Jenecia for the encouragement!!!

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its ok you will get one dont worry