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Oh no I wonder who is responsible for this! lol smh


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on Dec 22, 2010 - 11:16PM
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Maybe she was trying to defend Helen..b/c I'm sure angels weren't attacking her...b/c who is she??? We're not Tank's Angels...we're Trey's...yea and when she put the "z" I was like who are "Trey'z Angels" lol

She shouldn't have said that at all...I'm sure only a select few partake in the hateration of Helen..idk why ppl are still on it...they've been broken up for a long time and he said he's not in love with her anymore...We really need to put a stop to this.

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ignorance like that is best not to be encouraged..people like that need support in order to thrive

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Yes they were especially since she said Trey'z Angels. LOL It was a bit offensive and I wonder why she cares so much about his fans. I suppose some Trey fans said something offensive to her beforehand. Yes ignoring is best.

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@jesusismysavior I had no idea that a number of Angels were mad at Zena Fostern comment! What she said was kind of offensive though. I see she tweeted that to Trey. Trey never respond back to her! Sometimes ignoring people is the best thing to do!

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Yup Zena Foster is the mother of one of Tank's children. I'm not sure if she is an Angel or not. But I know a number of Angels were mad about that comment.

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@Jesusismysavior oh thats Tank baby mama??? LOL I HAVE TO CHECK HER TWITTER PAGE OUT! Oh the person who made the page is not a Trey Angel? I had a feeling that none of Trey Angels are responsible for that.

@TreyDee lol yea that was mean!

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Lol. I read that earlier.. that was mean!!

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Tank's baby mama made the comment about the Angels. And it's not Trey'z Angels either. LOL

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wow...uncalled for, smh

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lol one of her friends said she wonder why Trey call his fans Treys Angel because half of his fans are the devil! LMFAO!!!!

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LOL She shouldn't have retweeted what her friend said. When you retweet things you are co-signing what that person says.