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Oh no I wonder who is responsible for this! lol smh


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on Dec 22, 2010 - 11:16PM
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@rideordie angel - I agree with you. I said the same thing too. It's sad. Trey is only human and everybody will or has been in a relationship. Some of them are done deals and other aren't. Maybe to Trey it's a done deal and to Helen it isn't.

@mzkatrinad - I doubt it was a little kid who did this. It was probably an older angel.

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ok we need 2 put all this helen stuff bhind us. tremaine has a life outsde of "trey songz" he is human & his personal life is his buisness. pleaz stop i dnt want us getting a bad rep. ppl already think bad of us lets not give them anythng else. we r his angels lets keep our halos on.

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@JEZZIE1011 - Helen is Trey's ex. If I am not mistaken, they broke up shortly after Trey cut his hair. But, I could be wrong. Some of the angels feels as though Helen has not moved on from Trey and that she should.

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it looks like this is treys's secret girlfriend...we all know trey has a women somewhere he just dont want us to know that cuz he wants to keep us hopeful. She soonds like she know something and she has sources!

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trey and helen has MATCHING tattoo's I JUST noticed that..on her left inner wrist. It looks like an A with a halo

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wait so who created this page??,,, a fan?

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wow shay you know the lo lo..... WHATS YOUR twitter SHAY?

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@Jezzie1011 Helen is Trey's ex girfriend, her Twitter is @honeydip206

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So I dont know who this Helen is and whats the story with her?

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It's funny when she said Sammie don't want you either.

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lmfao.. this funny..

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Woooooooow is all I have to say... Sheeeesh! lol!

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lol that person is crazy

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yea they are some devils but some are angles lmao the best of both worlds

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AUH Ha.. smh.

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lmao of @ "half of his fans are the devil" thats funny

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wow thats crazy..... i wonder if that person even knows Trey personally. And I was shocked that the girl even responded to it.

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I'm sure it is hard to move on from a relationship. But if she is having problem moving on it might be a reason for that.

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Yup still making music. He just came out with a cd this month.

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LMAO @ Tank's Angels..I didnt even know that niggro was still makin records really..

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lol @Jenecia!

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If the chick didnt move owell look at trey he is fine as hell and he is very sweet and he know how to treat a women he is a full package and if you messed up a good thing and you know you are not getting it back then shame on you lol cuz now evey women in the world want trey and you let him go i kno every women it like LIKE THANK GOD YOU FUCKED UP LOL but for them to put that up not cool hey yall dont kno he might be still hitting that lmao

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This is really mean. I don't care if it's a hate page or not. You can't get mad because she hasn't moved on about Trey. That's life. Some people act as if they have someone that they can't let go. Everybody goes through relationships that don't work out and people pass away. Sometimes you can't let those type of things go by so fast. She is only human and it takes people sometime to heal. She must be really hurt from the situation and it's just going to take her some time to get over the situation.

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wow...i'm kinda embarrassed about what Zena Foster's said...I don't care about that Helen shit, but that other shit makes us look REALLY I didn't even find anything funny when I read the shit...I think whoever might have offended her (zena)needs to apologize to her...or the whole angels as a whole...just to be the bigger person and actually show what we stand for which is love and positivity. We can't just speak about it all the time and then show people something differen't. Negativity is already going public about us and it's not funny. I'm not some crazed, obsessed fan, but I don't want Trey to go from being proud, to seeing his "angels" as just overtaken by drama. He might end up letting the shit go, and I don't want that.

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Maybe she's a fan and just hasn't made it official.

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wow people is mean you have to think wat if that was you would like to see your face with a bigg X on it wow thats not funny either

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like really....just cuz helen is his ex doesnt mean he doesnt care 4 her anymore....ppl have no lives. Y are ppl worrying about their relationship, that's his and her business.

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The girl said she's not even a Trey fan lol