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    December 23, 2010

    I'm confused. Why do ppl not like Helen? What has she done? Or is it because she just used to deal with Trey?

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on Dec 23, 2010 - 01:52PM

I'm confused. Why do ppl not like Helen? What has she done? Or is it because she just used to deal with Trey?

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You are right it isn't right either way. I really don't pay her much attention she seems to have some good qualities.'s picture

I do not dislike Helen. I think she is absolutely beautiful. I don't know what happened to Tremaine and Helen and i do not want to know. All I do know from my own experience is that artists in the industry really should not date other people in the industry because typically they are in it for a leg up. Power couples that I see that are working are Jay - Z and Beyonce but that was more a business move and a smart one and they mesh well, Will Smith and Jada they are a working power couple but they have years and years of history (from middle school) kinda like Tremaine. I do not think this is the end for Tremaine and Helen and I can tell he really loves her (Hollalude - Off of Ready) and a host of other songs he did for her. The problem is celebrities always feel like they can't mess or date with a fan because they don't know who they can trust due to past experiences with fans that were just out for the pockets. They have made the possibility a hell no for those of us who are truly genuine and just want to get to know the person and not their wallet. What they don't think about is people in the industry do the same thing as the fans do only they are more saavy and cut throat with it but it goes unnoticed for what it is because the person already had money fame and noteriety. Well I like Helen, Jessica, Lauren etc... What I don't like is they get the opportunity that we don't and they mess it up and in turn mess it up for us too.I hope that made sense.

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Trey must have an ethopian girl fetish. Id like to see him date a girl with really nappy hair..hehehe but i dont want him to be with HELEN period!! I want him to fall in love with a TREY"S ANGEL A fan...give one of us a chance:) These girls in the industry have MOTIVES. She loved him to open the doors for her career

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She did something wrong in my opinion..GIRL SHE didnt have what it takes to scoop him up and get him to MARRY her...thats the only thing i see,,,lol But seriously. Why not hate on the other women~hehehe

Alot of people are jealous of her and the fact that she had him, and from the twitter @moveonhelenplz it seems like this women knows alot more than we do. The way she tweet is as if though she and trey are together and Helen is trying to come in...That could be LOLA LOVE behind that twitter page. Maybe they are both fighting to have his love again

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I have no problem with Helen. I'm following on her on Twitter. She tweeted the same thing & pointed out it's been two years - I agree w/ her..."GET OVER IT!" I honestly believe they'll end up back together. She's the one he wrote "Just Not Fair" for. With a love that strong...I hope & pray she'll wait for him to get ready for another serious relationship. She's beautiful and they would make a good couple together...that is if him and I don't work out...but before even that, Lance Gross and I would have to not work out...Lance stole my heart just a lil more. LMAO Check out my Twitter BG @GimmeUnusual

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@jesusismysavior she probaly wrong 4 rt what her friend said...she saw her oppurtunity and took it besides the angels been going in on her for quite awhile...not right on either point i'm just sayin...i don't have any beef with any one

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Like some of the ladies said it's probably because she had a relationship with Trey. Which isn't a good reason at all. Now with her retweeting what her friend said could have made some of Trey's fans look at her in a different light.

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Yea I have no reason not to like her and I hope that anybody who is lucky enough to be with him makes him feel that he's lucky to be with her too.

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i dont know either its i think anybody that go with trey people are going to hate them. i feel bad for any chick that want to be his girl i kno i dont i just want a kiss from him any me and him can be friends

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I have always wondered that myself, but I do think it's because her and Trey had a serious relationship snd thats a immature reason and the bad part about it is ,Trey did her wrong.