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    August 26, 2010


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on Aug 26, 2010 - 09:58AM


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For all yall who think he loves u get over it cause I'm pretty sure he dnt even kno u!!!!!

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I think he should just find someone who makes him happy wheather it's a fan or not!!!!'s picture

@purple pwincess - I think that there are some of us who could care less about Trey Songz, other than the fact that we wouldn't know Tremaine until we were introduced to Trey Songz. I know a few of us really are women, and not just groupies out to catch a lick and really just wanna know and be loved by a man as down to earth, blatantly honest, sexy, humble, goofy, loving, and compassionate as Tremaine. I mean unless you run across that kinda guy daily, and if so I'ma need to know where you live so I can move there LOL!

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@nalston NUFF closed

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i saw him say that on 1 of his interviews he said he could neva fall in love with a fan because it makes a woman more attractive if they dnt pay much attention 2 him. and i have no problem with that

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i understand wat he means .......................he means that he wud neva fall in love with a fan cuz that person wont love him they jus love his songz , the money he makes n etc they wont hav no love for him they jus in love with his body his voice n songs.........

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I think if the girl is his type of person to fall in luv with then he aint gone have know choice..........

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He did fall in love with a fan, me. Tremaine Alden Neverson is in love with me. Bie.

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He probably WON'T ever fall in love with a fan ....
but that doesn't mean that it could never happen.
You never know.
Shit, probably every lady on here wants Trey to be in love with him.
Maybe with so many women chasing him, he's bound to fall in love with one us ...

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@nalston i completely agree with yu 110%

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i can understand where he coming from..cuz yu never know if that fan is with him cuz he famous and they tryin to use him or genuinely tryin to be with tremaine neverson not trey songz.

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Well I feel like thats a crock of bullshhhh cause Trey is in love with me I just know it! When I think about him he's thinkin about me too and I know he dreams about me all the time I can feel it. Trey and I have this special kinda connection with our minds right now. Trey IS in love wit me, he just doesn't know it yet.

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LMAO @BabyDollFace's reply

rollin...but I like your candidness

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i dont like it at all...what magazine was this please,i'd like to read it my self so i can stop loving him then

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i dont want to fall in love with him or be is girl i just want to suck that bottom lip thats all i want out of him then i will be made whole lol im a mess but i kno there are million of chick who want trey and im not beat to fight anyone for him as long as he keep maken his music , and keep having shows im good thats all i want but i have a lot of love for trey and if he ever stop singing i still will love him just as much. and i respect him even if he has a girlfriend. if i never get my kiss from him thats cool too.

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Thanks @MZ_NAE's picture

@TreyzRAREAngel I agree with you 100%'s picture

( continues from previous post) He ain't doin it for the money though (although its nice) You can tell that my baby does it because he LOVES to share the gift of himself and his voice and his story with the world, and that is what is attractive to me. I am an artist. Been in the game 12 years and I finally got my shot recently when i went home to VA for Thanksgiving. That was GOD's plan for me. Tremaine is the icing on my cake because i get to show my love for and support the man that has the qualities that I hope to find one day in a husband / life partner. He can fall in love with who ever he wants he is grown that's why i made no comment about the rumors regarding him and Lauren, Helen etc because at the end of the day he is Tremaine and he will wake up Tremaine. He puts his pants on one leg at a time, and he bleeds red blood. That makes him just like me, and you. He is HUMAN and is subject to fall in love with whatever lady steals his heart whether she is a fan or not.'s picture

@ S Shorty, JIMS, SexyScorpian - you all make valid points. Very well said. However @ S Shorty how do you know that the fan standing in line to get her cd signed isn't a professional or in the industry? Just because they are standing in line and not accessing the event as a celeb should? Maybe they just want to be standing in the line with the fans and to really show support the artist. I think Tremaine will fall in love with whomever GOD has chosen for him. I agree that no one really knows what is in store for them until GOD sees fit to reveal it to them. I love Tremaine for who he shows us he is personally every day, not for Trey Songz. I have dated a few people who made it (not in music though) but their money never was a factor. I believe in taking care of self and not relying on what someone else has. That just was never attractive to me. Gold Diggin ain't that what they call it? I just want a good man, and he seems to be one (although because i don't really know him I could be wrong). But why should you settle or have to settly for less than BEST (which is what he is to me) just because he has is an artist. The only difference between him and I (or even you) is that he has a job that he loves and makes good money doin it. (next post)

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You are right because you look at shows like the basketball wives and football wives and these women are crying because they don't have a life of their own. It isn't good to make your man your whole world.

I try to be a realist but I don't like shooting down people's dreams and fantasies because I don't know what the future holds for an individual. I'm a firm believer that anything can happen.

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And Im sorri, if Trey saying he would never date a fan really killed your spirit and hurt your feelings then I think you might want to go to church and pray because that sounds like IDOLIZATION to me...hmmmmm.. Something to think on!

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Thanks. Sometimes I notice I make alot of people upset with some things that I say. I was actually having a disagreement with a young lady who asked me what makes me better than her and why is it that I think I would be someone Trey would be with. LOL! I told her realistically I know it would NEVER happen. But he would be safe with me because Im already established and I have a life of my OWN. When a woman does not have a life of their own they will try to consume themselves in the life of a man. He wouldnt want to fall in love with a person who doesnt have their own life, he sees that alot of these fans have made HIM their life, and there is no relationship, so imagine how it would be if he got into a relationship with a fan. O_o

I dont see that happening. Sadly. LOL

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Keep being a honest person because what you said is right.

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In all honesty, I personally feel that he would never fall in love with a fan. However, spiritually and bibically, a man knows his wife when he sees her. If it just so happens that he sees a fan as his wife, then so be it. It may not be his ideal situation because he may feel that there is no way a "fan" could truly love him for who he is, but that is entirely false. This next comment is gonna ruffle some feathers but whatever because Im an honest person.

I believe that 90 percent of his fans are just his fans and are truly just star struck. If he was to fall in love with a fan there would not be many to choose from because i believe that only 10 percent are truly in love with the person and the message his music brings. Only 10 percent desire to have a man like him, not the money and stature that he has. Realistically, he may be single for a very long time before he finds what he is truly looking for.

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I look at it like this a fan is a fan regardless of whether or not you know the person personally. What I'm saying is Lauren and Helen could have been fans prior to being friends with Trey.

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But da fact remains:

they (Lauren & Helen) are considered more his friends, and even close friends, than his fans

Nicki Minaj might be a fan of Trey Songz but she is certainly more an industry friend of Tremaine than a fan

it's entirely different to the 78,450 members of the website who are more or less his fans ONLY

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I believe when she says our lives are predestined she is referring to who our divine mates will be.

As far as what you stated to me you are right they aren't those types of fans but they don't have be. :) Because as you mentioned they are in the same circles so it's no need for them to stand in line for a autograph. They could have went to his concerts. As far as Helen is concerned she performed with acts that shared the same bill as Trey so I'm sure she peeped his performances before they were a couple. :)

But to give some of the ladies hope he did say in a recent interview that he didn't have an issue with dating a woman that was a fan of his music.

Like I said before I do know were he is coming from when he made that statement. I think it would have to be very scary for guy at his level to deal with a woman that is in aw of him and wears rose colored glasses when it comes to him. What kind of relationship would be? A bad one.

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I feel what you're saying about keeping a open and positive mind
and not putting yourself in a box; however, I strongly disagree with you on your
sentence about our lives being "predestined"

If our lives were predestined then that means a serial killer, rapist, pedophile, or a thief
would have no choice but to be those a thief has a choice in becoming a thief
Therefore by Tremaine's comment he has chosen not to fall in love with a fan...

which brings me to the point that JIMS concurred on...

Lauren and Helen may have been fans of Trey, but the difference is they are professional females
in the industry, in the limelight, in effect, his peer...women on his same level...
They are not the fans that line up outside for a CD signing, not the fans that scream wildly and
run after him as many of them did in Chicago I believe lol, not the fans that pay to go to his shows etc., and that's the difference...

I agree wholeheartedly with Coogi, I think His-LastTime hit the nail on the head

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this last page right here is very well written by all of you ladies. yall be speaking some ill ish!
@HIs-LastTime girl, i think you just hit the nail on the head with that one tho!

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You do have a valid point. I was thinking that Lauren and Helen were fans before they linked up with Trey as well.