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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:06AM


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I know right! And when he was on the BET AWARDS I was like get it baby

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Trey is one of many voices I love. When I see Trey on tv he brings a smile to my face.


Idk why but I just get this feeling when I here treys music... when I here other people music it don't make me feel nothing. And when I watch trey on tv he makes me feel like I'm right there in the room with him.. do y'all feel like that too? Its crazy!

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I don't think we would be so dedicated to him if we didn't think he was dedicated to us.

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Great sister angel ! :D

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Aww that was really sweet!:)

Yeah I get the crazy looks as well, especially when I rock my different Trey shirts and talk about him constantly, lol....but hey I LOVE me some Trey! I don't even care anymore when people want to remind me that I'm too old to be all into to this young dude. When I try to break it down to them about Trey's Angels, his dedication to his fans and him just being real all the way around they don't want to hear it and just say yeah that's what he wants you to believe so he can get sales, your money, etc. I mean I know we don't know him personally but it's easy to see that his heart is genuine when it comes to his Angel's and fans.

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Yeah can't pay them any attention. First no one has any right questioning what you do with your money. There is no need to justify your purchases to anyone. You are spending it on something positive. Don't they buy clothes and gadgets from companies that already have money. So what point are they trying to make.


@charisse thinks ily all my sister angel
@39&lovinit thanks girl
@jesusismysavior girl I have haters all over the place and so do trey so ppl just be tellin me trey has money and why are u spending all of your money for him.. and I tell them trey is the only person that I buy his cd and other stuff because he is so real.. and if u look and trey eyes u can tell he really cares for us!

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You're welcome. It isn't dumb to pay for a fan membership.

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Good Job!!!!!!

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i love this ! angels like you is one of the reasons why I LOVE BEING ONE OF TREY'S ANGELS :D


aww thanks so much @ScorpionPrincess i think ALL angels would get a chance to meet him

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It's a great video...yeah I have gotten the crazy looks from my friends as well but I don't care. I love Trey and what he stands for and how he shows how he appreciates his fans. They'll continue to hate until that day when I can finally get to a meet and greet. You are SO lucky girl. Not a hater but a congratulator. ;) God bless and have a great New Year! (Signing up for YouTube now so I can give you a "thumbsup". ;)


And thanks so much for watching it. This is for the angel re-cap contest


thanks angels... i was just trying to let people know that its not dumb to be a treys angels.. i had some haters say that i was crazy for paying my money to join.. BUT THEY ARE WRONG!!!!

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I like how you are plugging the Trey's Angels fan club. You show it in a positive light.

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Thats right let em know about us! It was great Angel. You were very personable and sweet, and very informative about Trey and his brand. Thats the way to represent lol.

Trey's Angels Rock!!!

SB: Keep smiling Angel..