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Am I the only one


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on Dec 27, 2010 - 06:06PM

that haven't seen or heard this song before??

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Yea..Maybe he was a one time wonder.. Or just a nobody.. Who knows?? Lol.

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I don't know who is Rebstar AT ALL.... But it is a nice song!!!!

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Yeah that shocked me.. Well I'm glad im not the only one who hasn't seen it.. Lol.

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Yeah never seen this. Not really liking the guy that was rapping but I love Trey's part. The girl getting was NOT excepting that.

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I been a fan since day one.. I wasn't going hard for him.. but I just happened to come upon these videos.. Its never to late to learn new or old things about Trey!!!

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none of yall seen this vid??? how new of a fan are you??? lol not tryna knock yall but this was the SHIIIIIZZ . Rebstar is a whack Em. but Trey did his thangy thang! the vid is crazy, huh?

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i like this video. he looks so serious & luvin.

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I saw this video earlier this year.

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I have seen this video before just doing a Trey Songz search on YouTube but never heard the song before on the radio though. Never heard of Rebstar period.

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i have never heard this either! smh

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ooh okay

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Probably not...but you'll soon find out.