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Question Angels- Who runs the @TreysAngels twitter?


  • Question Angels- Who runs the @TreysAngels twitter?
    December 28, 2010

    Hey guys, I've been tweeting and talking to @TreysAngels for a while now but I don't even know who she (maybe a he???) is.  Could someone tell me?  I guessed Bibi...but idk

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on Dec 28, 2010 - 09:46AM

Hey guys, I've been tweeting and talking to @TreysAngels for a while now but I don't even know who she (maybe a he???) is.  Could someone tell me?  I guessed Bibi...but idk

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At this point I don't think it has been made into DVD format. I have recorded most of them but they are on different video tapes.

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last comment....Is MY mOMENT ON DVD? I wnat to buy it ..i wasnt able to see the entire series,my cable shut down :( lol did anyone record it,please i will buy it from you

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i dont think its bibi!!! Let twitt bi bi all today and ask her
@bbunny, whats your twitter?

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i know who it is...i have her personal email address coming straight from her black berry phone. Her entire legal name came up in the email too. I saved the whole email. She is the best .I love her she personaly helped me with a problem i had on this site. BIBI does not relate at all to her legal name from the email. But shes real.She's holding it down. Just yesterday she had to call an angel and get her straight because she was tring to divid the angels saying tsmb was this and that and basically this lo lo was attacking her. She called this girl over the phome and they talked about the situation. She is a "real " you know what. she dont play. She's ready for any Angel that come at her and you will love her at the end of the Day. I know after our email exchange...i love her...lbs
She is a she...a female
how about you ask her what you can call her ask her ,her name. Sorry but i dont want to lose her trust by exploiting her name from the email! i just cant do that

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I thought it was her but I wasn't are you guys sure it's her?

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Its BiBi.. Her personal page is @BiBiGuns .. She was in the My Moment episode when he's family came to visit.. She's the one that cooked the food..

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Bibi is a member of Trey's team yes, but if you ask her Trey questions on her personal twitter account she's not likely to respond. She's not on the touring team (meaning she's not on the road with him) but you can catch her in a few episodes of My Moment.
As for who runs @treysangels... it's a secret!!! :D

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She's on Trey's team...idk her title but I know who she is. If you have a twitter, follow her. @bibiguns

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whose bibi?

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lol really? How'd you find out?

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