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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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AWWWW Essence i luv ya!!!

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Entry 2 cont'd
Trey laughed too. Angela accused him of not wanting to spill the beans, then she told him that he knew she was going to get the story out of him, so he might as well fess up.
"Just tell me what you heard and I'll tell you if it's true or not." Trey said.
"Well the email I got said that you got your bodyguards to block the doors to the restrooms so that you could get it in with two groupies and -"
"Wrong!" Trey interjected. "That whole story is wrong."
"Well, tell us what really happened then." Angela urged him.
There was more laughter, then Trey told them about the lady who walked in on him while he peed. Then he told them that I walked in on them.
"Wait, I've met your girlfriend. She's a tough cookie. What did she do?" Angela asked.
Trey told her that I kept my cool, and that I'm not angry over it. Angela stated that she was invited to the opening, but she couldn't make it. She said that if she'd been there, she would've got the scoop first hand.
"Then your ass woulda blasted it all over the radio." Trey said.
"Only the good parts." Angela stated. She opened up the phone lines for callers.
The callers wanted to know everything from what he and the girl really did in the restroom, to his penis size.
"Yeah, Trey, I heard you're well endowed. How true is that?" Angela teased.
"You know how true it is baby, vouch for me." Even I had to laugh. When Trey puts you on the spot like that, sometimes it's hard to think of a quick comeback, because you're too busy blushing.
"Damn Trey, you're gonna make your girl come down here to rough me up."
I spoke out loud to the radio. "No I won't Angie, you know you're my girl."
"Nah, y'all cool. You know my girl is a fan of yours. I'm surprised she hasn't called yet."
I had been trying to call in, but the lines were busy. When I heard Trey say that, I called him. He told Angela that he had me on the phone. I had to step away from the stereo because of the interference. I told Angela that I love her and her show.

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Entry 2 cont'd
Trey and I didn't have a quickie in there, but we did hug and kiss for a few minutes. I asked him how he liked his over the top popularity, and he told me he loved it, crazy fans and all. I told him he was going to have to hire a female bodyguard to handle the ones that crossed the line like that last one had.
"That's what I gotchu for. I saw you about to flush her face in a urinal." He grinned at me.
I threw up my hands in mock exasperation.
"I gotta fight every night to prove my love!" I said, taking a line from one of my favorite movies.
When we left the restroom and entered the main floor again, it was as if everyone was waiting for us to come out. A loud eruption of 'ooo's' and sideways looks greeted us.
"What the fuck is wrong with them?" Trey asked Kenny.
"That drunk chick told erybody that y'all was having a quickie in there." He said. I wanted to pour her drink over her head. She was at the bar holding up her glass in a 'cheers' motion.
Trey told me to chill and just enjoy myself. He said to let them think what they wanted to. They were going to believe the lie anyway.
I agreed, because Trey was right, and the point was proven even further today when I tuned in to Angela Yee's morning radio talk show. Trey was doing an interview. He and Angela are good
friends, so when they do a show together, the audience is thoroughly entertained. With Angela's no holds barred style of questioning, and Trey's direct approach to answering, the audience is surprisingly informed as well.
To me, the highlights of the interview were when Angela mentioned what happened in the club last night, and when she addressed some rumors that were floating around.
"Trey, what's this I hear about you having a threesome in the restroom of a club?"
"I have threesomes in hotel rooms too."
"So then the story is true?"
"You just said what it was - a story."
"Yeah, I got an email about it this morning. So it's true?"
"I don't know what you heard." Trey said.
Angela laughed.

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lmfao @ the chick looking at Trey!!

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Entry 2 cont'd
As I made my way across the crowded dance floor, I saw Trey disappear around a corner. I saw Kenny and one of the club's bouncers stand in the doorway leading to the rest rooms. This one lady walked over to them and began to do the pee pee dance. She clasped both of her hands in the 'please' position, and the club bouncer let her through. Immediately, others began to follow suit. It got so bad that by the time I finally got up to them, they almost wouldn't let me through. After a moment they squeezed me past them. I was faced with two doors, MALE and FEMALE. I knew that Trey wouldn't be in the ladies' room, so I pushed open the door to the men's room. When I poked my head inside the doorway I saw the lady who had pretended she'd had to pee. She was peering in on Trey while he was peeing.
Trey looked shocked to see her standing there, and the woman looked utterly amazed. She even had her head cocked to the side as she watched him.
"What are you waiting for? A sip?" I asked as I pushed my way into the rest room. She looked at me as if she was still in a daze, then the weirdest grin appeared on her face.
"Damn, he got a BIG DICK!" She exclaimed.
"I already know." I told her. I thought the look on my face would have told her that she was definitely on the wrong turf, but she just laughed and bumped shoulders with me.
"Yeah, you know, right?" She cackled.
I looked at Trey who was hurriedly zipping himself up. He gave me a cross eyed looked that told me he thought the chick was loony.
"Baby, you gotta go." He told the lady as he washed his hands.
"Aw, I love you." She sighed. Trey chuckled and told her to go and have a drink at the bar, on him.
At the mention of liquor, she smiled even wider and asked if she could have two, one for her home girl. Trey told her to go run up a tab. She was ecstatic. On her way out, she leaned close to me and said,
"Oh, you lucky! Get that quickie, girl!"
The whole thing was so ridiculous that all I could do was laugh.

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i'm so hooked u need 2 post 2 entry @ a time, keep it coming...

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Entry 2
My baby has blown up in a major way. Every where you look these days Trey Songz is there. He's been working with some of the biggest names in the music industry, making hit after hit. He's currently working on his second album so he's enlisted a lot of heavy hitters to collaborate on it. I'm extremely excited because he and my online professor, Troy Taylor, have formed this alliance that is as strong as steel. When they work together, you can be sure of two things,
1) The time spent will be filled with as much fun as hard work and
2) Those two professionals won't quit until the songs they produce together are perfect.
Thanks to Troy, Trey has had the chance to work with some bonafied legends, and every experience only makes Trey strive harder to reach that level of greatness.
Of course, I already know he's one of the great ones. I'm just waiting for the rest of the world to catch on. Speaking of the rest of the world, like I mentioned before, everywhere you look, there Trey goes and his fan base too.
Trey has millions of fans which is no shocker to me. What is shocking, however is the level of pandemonium Trey stirs up within each one of them. They love him so much and I'm happy for him but I'm a little worried for him too.
Last night Trey went to the opening of a night club that one of his band members co-owns. As a show of support, Trey performed three songs with the band. Of course he left them begging for more and the groupies were on high freak alert too. It seemed as if every way Trey went, the crowd went. I tried to keep up with him, but I got lost in the shuffle. I didn't blame Trey. He was Trey Songz for the evening and I let him do him. My Stalker senses were on high alert too and I kept a champagne bottle close at hand just in case I was going to have to club a bitch. The opportunity almost came when Trey had to go to the rest room. Across the sea of heads, all curled and straight and weaved and natural hair, he beckoned me to him. I obliged.

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Ok...I'm hooked! More please!!! :-)

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Yeeesssss.......he better have her back!! And eeewwwwww.....don't nobody want his woman beatin ass!! Keep it movin looser!!

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Okay Essence you have me hooked. I am finally caught all up with the last story and now this one. Reading the comments from the last story....*smdh* my fellow Angels are HILARIOUS! I love it. I have to say that I am hoping to not get so caught up that it feels too real like that last story because I was talking back to the computer screen and my pressure was up in some instances as well. LOL!!! You write very well though Essence because it definitely felt real and I was definitely engaged. Keep those entries coming and I'll keep checking back. God bless and Happy New Year!

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@Anmariee lmaooo @ ragga muffin but you're right. I'm so glad Trey is cutting his tyes with Kelli.

Come on with the next entry.

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Can't wait to see what else happens. I love this story!!!

@Anmariee - U got me cracking UP w/ your comments... "YOU GO GIRL UR ANGELS GOT UR BACK *takes off earrings & pins up my hair* where dat h** at...."


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Yay Trey got Essence's back & came to his sense and gone let that ragga muffin go (good ridence to the garbage) Lovin Trey more & more *sighing & smiling blissfully* SIDE NOT: Dude bet not step Essence if he know what's best for him...she not kelli

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Ohhhhhhhhhh shoot! Hope he leave Essence alone and don't try no funny business! Lol!

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OMG!!!! I didnt know this was here! YASSS!!! *goes to read*

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Entry 1 cont'd
Trey was still out of town touring with Drake, so I really hated to call him with negative news, but I damn sure wasn't going to let that tramp get to him before I did.
I love Trey so much for a million reasons and he gives me at least one more reason everyday. That day, the reason was because he let me know that he'll protect me no matter what.
I was prepared to hear a whole speech about how much he hates it when I get reckless and how I should leave Kelli alone. Instead, he wanted to know if I was alright and if I needed him to send some people over to help me. I told him that I was alright and that it was Kelli who was going to be needing the extra help. Her backup team was wack. He laughed and told me to protect my pretty face and call him if I needed him day or night.
I'm always apologizing for something, so when I apologized for calling him about the fight, he told me that I didn't have anything to be sorry for. He told me that he's my man and he's riding with me so I don't have anything to worry about.
He apologized for the way things turned out because he felt partially responsible due to Kelli's feelings for him. He told me that he was going to end their friendship. I couldn't have been happier to hear that.
Needless to say, Trey and I have been flying high for months now and even though we see Kelli from time to time, she knows that she better not speak to Trey. Her man hasn't said anything to us about the fight either, so I take that as a sign of him not caring.
It's weird though, when he sees Trey and I together, he barely looks at us, but when I'm by myself, he's always staring at me with that strange look. I hope he's not trying to come on to me. If he is, it's totally not working. I haven't mentioned it to Trey because I don't think that it's that serious, but that guy better not say anything to me. Ew.
Anyway, enough of that old drama. We've moved on to bigger and better things. T-R-E-Y Songz is the KING of the world!! YUUUP!!

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aww shit essence went rocky on tht bitch but 4real trey's gonna be pissed u better lay it down girl lol

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By the way thnx excited about dis story

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Awwwww man Essence bet not be introuble with Trey again...YOU GO GIRL UR ANGELS GOT UR BACK *takes off earrings & pins up my hair* where dat h** at....

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Entry 1 cont'd
Kelli's friends had more to say about the whole situation than she did. All she did was nod and agree with what her loud mouth sister said.
Of course I argued my point and for a minute it looked as if I would be fighting the sister. We made our way to the park and found a secluded little nook. Coats and outer gear hit the ground. Kelli and I both threw up our hands. Her people shouted for her to kick my ass. I felt ridiculous standing there with her. I wasn't scared, I just felt funny. Another beat down was not what that girl needed. She needed to just let the whole thing go. I could tell that she was only willing to fight me because she had backup. I warned her that if she didn't change her mind, she was going to be sorry. She spit at me.
LOL aw man! Just thinking about that day makes me feel what I was feeling at the time. I went from calm reasoning to crazy bitch in 2.5 seconds. Her spit missed me, but I jumped forward and hit her on her temple so hard, my knuckles hurt.
The next thing I knew, I was fighting the sister. She had me by my hair and I caught a few blows to my face. She got that.
I scratched her straight across her eyelids and when she let go of my hair, I caught her straight to her eye with my left, and on her jaw with my right. She ran at me and caught me by my hair again. We fell on the ground and I grabbed her hair. We tugged and pulled until they broke us up.
I let a fist full of hair drop out of my hand as CoCo put her arm around me and told me I kicked that bitch's ass. Lovey was all in one of Kelli's sidekicks' face. The girl didn't want it, though. We all began walking back across the street. I didn't even notice Stacy until she handed me my coat. She told me on the low that she was glad I fucked both of them up. She had run out from her post when she saw all of us heading to the park. She'd had to run back inside before she got in trouble.
I called Trey right away so he'd hear it from me first. I knew I was going to hear it.

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So excited 2 kno ur bak wit more 2 read!!! Cant wait 2 read more

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GURL i'm glad ur back,kelli wanna start shit already..payback's a bitch,lol..

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omg!!! i can't believe sumbody got killed. i hope it wasn't coco or lovely. i hope it was kelli punk ass lol. i'm so glad ur back. yay :)

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HAHAHAHA!!!!! They took it to the park...that is straight hood right there!! I love it tho...way to go Essence!!

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Essence thank you for the Christmas present girl!!! Leggo!

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Wow that's what I'm talkin bout!
LOL she couldn't believe Kelli wanted payback!

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*in tears 4rm excitement*

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Entry 1
I'm starting this new diary almost six months to the day that Trey and I met. I told Trey that September 14th is going to be our anniversary because I knew from the first moment I saw him that we were going to be together. He said that he thought the first time we did it on the terrace should mark our anniversary. He said that he'll always remember that night.
Well I'm glad I gave the brother a night he'll never forget, but then again, I'm quite sure I've given him a few nights he won't forget. Our anniversary date should mark a special occassion that stands out for both of us. When I ran that idea by him, he told me that the day that stands out to him was the first time he and I went grocery shopping together.
Aww, I remember that day. It was the day I did that Olympic sprint down the block to catch up to him. LOL. I never told him about that. If he only knew how crafty I was in the beginning, all in hopes of winning his love.
Looking back, I can truly say that I did some crazy stuff for that man. I went from stalking him to almost fighting over him. I've been in some very compromising sexual positions thanks to him, and I almost got somebody killed because of him. Well, I can't really say that the last one was because of Trey. It was really because of my insecurity at the time.
I've overcome a lot of the issues I had concerning my relationship with Trey. It's a good thing I have some terrific friends, and an amazing boyfriend. I've made some great progress with handling my emotions when it comes to my feelings for Trey. I'll never feel so insecure about our relationship again.
I still can't believe how things went down when I tried to apologize to Kelli. I can't believe she and her sister wanted to jump me. We took it straight back to the hood. I called CoCo, and she came through with Lovey. We went across the street to the park. Kelli had two other girls with her, but I have to say that my sister is no joke. She made sure nobody else jumped in.