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    January 05, 2011

    pay to see Trey Songz? Prince is coming to downtown Dallas to do a charity concert 2 days before the Super Bowl. The tickets are $1500!!! Would u pay $1500 to see Trey, hehe!

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on Jan 5, 2011 - 09:18PM

pay to see Trey Songz? Prince is coming to downtown Dallas to do a charity concert 2 days before the Super Bowl. The tickets are $1500!!! Would u pay $1500 to see Trey, hehe!

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tuufffy im 17 sooo who gt that money.... who r we kidding i wuld make away

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TreyDee's picture

I love Trey and all BUT HELL NO.. Lol. Just like everybody else I am trying to get through college.. The only way I would pay is if I had it like that and if I was getting something out of it.. I wouldn't pay that much just to see him perform..A meet or greet, one on one time.. Dinner, Sex.. Lol.. Something..

kenya.jewell's picture

No i wouldnt i love trey but im trying to get through college i couldnt pay that much

TEETIMME's picture

Ummm YES we should get a discount & 2 HOURS alone to hang out & ride around w/ him!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@lilmzmiyah: girl, it costs way more than 1500 to get him at a party. add another 0. ;)

LilMzMiyah's picture

What else would i get??? Lol..I would pay that much to have him at at party to preform, but not to just WATCH him on stage, i could go just to a regular concert. I better get like an hour alone time wit him..LMAO..

TEETIMME's picture

Well I probably would, after three months of saving up! ;)

RedLipStick_3's picture

no i wouldnt im a young woman paying her way thru college i love me some trey and all but THATS ONE THING I WONT DO sooo hell no in less i hit the lottery and some kinda one on one meet and greet is with that lol

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

most i would pay is $50. hell naw i wouldnt pay no 1500!!!! thats 2 pay checks!!!

TEETIMME's picture

Ok, Im sorry but that name isnt coming up in the search, nor as a follower. What other name(s) u go by? Whats ur ANN?

TEETIMME's picture

lol, u ladies r funny!

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

Sure would with the Help of

TEETIMME's picture

I cant find ur handle Cut!

TEETIMME's picture

Lol@Cut! U is silly!

@lisa, I agree!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

No I wouldn't pay that much to see Trey.

lisaleigh30's picture

I wouldn't pay $1500 to see Trey but I would consider that for charity, because the artist only sees 15% of that money the rest splits between charity and the place holding the concert!

TEETIMME's picture

Cut, u couldnt borrow the money? Lol! What's ur twitter handle?

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