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Grrrrr @ these VIP prices

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  • Grrrrr @ these VIP prices
    January 11, 2011

    I'm a frustrated Angel venting. I LOVE TAN. I've traveled numerous amounts of times to see him. And I was hoping these VIP prices would be inexpensive. Being that it's a 4day thing and all. So I was very disappointed when he tweeted that link. And I saw the prices. I'll still be in attendance. But I can't pay for those prices. And it's not even a Arena =( I did it for the PPP tour. And enjoyed every bit of meeting him. But I can't do it this time. I still luh u TAN. High prices and all. Besos~

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on Jan 11, 2011 - 11:28PM

I'm a frustrated Angel venting. I LOVE TAN. I've traveled numerous amounts of times to see him. And I was hoping these VIP prices would be inexpensive. Being that it's a 4day thing and all. So I was very disappointed when he tweeted that link. And I saw the prices. I'll still be in attendance. But I can't pay for those prices. And it's not even a Arena =( I did it for the PPP tour. And enjoyed every bit of meeting him. But I can't do it this time. I still luh u TAN. High prices and all. Besos~

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:Sigh: I'm sad I never got a chance to meet him. Well I saw him perform on the OMG tour.

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I'm so lost what is a TAN?

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LMAO @Karen523 I feel you. I said my limit was $200 hundred too. And I can never get enough of meeting him. I can do w/out the meet n greet doe. It's so rushed. I had more time w/ the OMG joint. But yea, I NEED THOSE SEATS TO BE CLOSE!!!!!

@Sheree_Renee I feel you mama. But it's not gonna get any cheaper. The time for ANY and EVERYONE to really have taken advantage to meet TAN, would've been during that OMG tour. For one, he did cd signings and had skip the line contests to meet him AND take a pic WITH him, not of him. AND he had contests like the OMG Angel Mission. All you had to do was sign people up for this fan club, and u got to meet him. That ish was much better then the meet n greet. Not to knock the meet n greet. But I experienced both. And the OMG joint wasn't rushed, it was less people and we had MORE time.

But for those who are willing/going to spend the loot, enjoy every second of it. I did for my first time meeting him. And I have ZERO regrets, limited time and all, lol. I'll be in attendance w/ my camera and my camcorder and my sign and Angel wings, lol.

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I love Trey but I will NOT be meeting him this go round. I have kids that I can spend that money on...$350 or $500 is too much to spend for one night. Hopefully I can get good seats for the regular ticket prices.

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VIp prices are crazy! I want to go but Damn? Even if a miracle is going to happen whose coming with me to spend 500 dollars? Lmao. If I win Super Bowl money, I'm in there. :)

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@ MzShyTownDva, I just re-read your comment, so Happy Anniversary (in advance)!!!!! :)

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LOL @ treys-shawty. I just told my friend that I have a headache trying to figure out what to do. I really just want a great seat . . .

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LOL@treys shawty

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Wow I was a fans of Usher’s since Call Me A Mack days too.

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There is no doubt in my mind you are one of the most appreciative Angels we have. And you are right the prices for future VIP packages could go either way. I’m going to pass on the M&G though it would be my first time meeting. I have a feeling I will be blessed to meet him at another time.

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@Karen lol i think you might be on to something!!!! i hear you though. like.... the allure of the M&G aint all that. its great yea.... but the real magic happens when hes on that stage!

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If the VIP tickets were $200 I would buy them only because I want a front row seat. I've met him & taken pics so many times, that I don't care about the meet & greet. I'm definitely going and I'm praying I can still get a good floor seat. I think I'm gonna have to start a Trey Songz fund for situations like this lol.

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@ kg.sunshine girl i see you feel me!
thats what im talkin about!!!
i used to get in the shows for $25.... get backstage, take pics wit Trey & all that.... FOR $25!!!!

& now it jumped from 2 low digits to 3 digits?! gtfo!

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aww i wont be able to do the meet and greet but i will definately be in the building....... i hope hehe times is hard lol

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im just gone start saving money for the next tour for some VIP because who know's how much it will be then because i know the tour will have more than 4 dates.. start taking up some collections doing some fundraising or something man lol

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@kg_sunshine Me too! I'm beyond happy for his success. But the end result to that is tragic, lol. Only for TAN....

@KrysWithaK I had a Twitter page started in 09. But I really didn't understand it. So I abandoned it for almost a year. I really wish I didn't. Because now that I'm on it religiously, I'd miss out on a lot of announcements. Facebook doesn't really inform u too much. I was clueless as to a lot of things he was doing. And places he was going =( Plus, I was in the military then too. So I was either gone a lot. Or my daughter's father was gone. So I couldn't really do for TAN, what I'm doing now. I really wish I could've taken part in EVERYTHING from the very beginning, aside from the albums and being a fan. I've been a fan since Gotta Make It.

But that's how it is for artist that evolve. And TAN is one of them. Yeah u don't want all the other perks, but I know a ton of Angels that do. I've met him plenty last year, but I'll still take a autographed anything anyday. But I feel you doe. And the OMG concert was thee bomb baby. Usher is getting older. But he hasn't lost his touch. I've been a fan of his since the "Call Me A Mack" era. I just don't go hard for him like I do TAN.

But I wish I still lived in VA sometimes. Like for the reasons u mentioned, him being @ Love. I'm so jealous, lol. But you better go girl.

@MzShyTownDva I feel you. I think a lot of us HOPED it would be inexpensive. And def didn't expect the price that was presented. But that's how his PPP joint was. Because I met him during that tour, and I know what the meet n greet is about, I'm gonna pass. I had more time w/ him @ the OMG tour. And it was waaayyyyyy less people. But yes mama, u better be in the building w/ the hubby sanging that Love Faces, lol.

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I am a little disappointed with the prices as I needed 2 VIP tickets with it being Valentine's Day and my Anniversary on the 14th. I can't very well tell him he has to fall back : ) But I will still see you #ANGELS at the concert. I am sure there will be more meet and greet opportunities this year. I am just happy that he chose Chi-Town to be included on the LOVEFACES Tour!

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I pre-ordered Ready and got to meet Trey in '09 for FREE! What a difference a day makes lol 2009 was a great Trey year for me. I breathed his air 3 times that year...but now? I already kept my tail home when the OMG tour passed through. That was so hard but I wasn't fukkin with old man river enough to pay that money to see him headline. Seeing Trey is like an addiction but I will NOT be broke on the side of the road holding up a "Will work for Trey Songz Tickets" sign. You crazy.

These Vip packages come with so much extra. I don't need to be front row. I'd be content in the nose bleed section if I knew I was going to get to touch him after the show. I also don't need anything else autographed. I have so much signed Trey stuff if times get a little harder I'mma start auctioning this shyt on ebay. I'd still have some left lol

I want a hug and another picture to add to my collection....that's all. But 500? I'mma have to catch his ass at an in-store or somethin lol Hopefully I get to meet him at LOVE on saturday but I doubt that'll happen. We'll see.

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Coogidown is correct. It's not just w/ Trey; it's w/ popular artist in general. The higher the popularity, the greater the demand, and the prices balloon. I remember seeing him back in the day for $10 & $25. Those were the days . . . LOL. It is what it is though. I'm thrilled & so happy for his succeses, but sad for my pockets. =D

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@treys-shawty, I understand your frustration. But I'd say don't give up just yet. He's doing another tour, so just wait and see what that stop brings. I feel you on other expenses that you'd have to come out of pocket, but I think it's worth it. @ least for the trying to meet him part. When I went to the St Louis PPP tour, I paid for everything but a hotel because I was home in Chicago visiting that wknd. So I rented a car and drove to St Louis and back to the Chi when it was over. But don't give up on TAN =)

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Honestly, I am slowly getting over it..I was physiced for a long time, thinking that soon I will be able to meet him. But clearly living in Vancouver is not where it is at. I am starting to think I have a better chance of meeting Micheal Jackson sooner..For reals!!! Its not the ticket prices, i would pay it hands down if he was closer, but Airfare, hotel, car, ect for 5 min...I am sad to say I am just going to give up, frustration has totally set in..GRRRRRR!!!!

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@mzkatrinad I didn't see everything everyone was saying on Twitter. But I also don't pay attention to it. The same people who crossed over when BiBi started tweeting, were the same individuals bishing in the beginning. It's ok to be vexed @ the prices. Hell even I was. And I've traveled several times to see him. I could pay for it, but I know what the meet n greets are like. So I won't. I got more time w/ him @ the OMG tour. And that was free. Not to say I don't appreciate every moment I get w/ TAN. I'm just gonna save my loot for his next major tour and meet him then. I'll be at the concert though, no doubt.

@COOGIdown It may get worse, it may not. Only time will tell. I understand he may not have anything to do w/ the prices. Or he may have a small input. And I know he does PLENTY for his fans. I acknowledge that every chance I get.

@treys-shawty It'll cost more to do it that way. You'd have to buy a plane ticket to get to DC. Then pay for whatever that buck fifty amount is. I wouldn't even make that drive. I used to live in VA. Made several trips from VA to Chicago and back. It's HELL! DC is about 10/11 hours. But I'm still not making that drive. I will pay my buck fifteen Thursday morning. And get as close as I can.

@JesusIsMySavior Yeah they're a breeze, literally. For first time fans meeting him, I'd say go ahead.

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treys shawty

You might be right.

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You're right. As much as I love him I can't pay those prices. And from reading about the M&G they seem like assembly lines. I know God will bless me with other opportunites to meet him.

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Everyone in chicago is just better off goinbg to the LOVE club to meet him..Pay 150.00 $ and chill out with the guy!!!

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Yea... but ladies with Trey's popularity steady GROWING.... this is only gonna get worse.

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I won't be doing the meet and greet but I will attend the concert.

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@mzkatrinad Well I flew to St Louis for the PPP tour. It was the day after my bday. I paid for a plane ticket, rental car AND the VIP. I felt, it was worth it to meet him. It was my first time ever meeting him. I'd have liked for the time to be longer. But I understand he has so many fans to cover. I don't wanna sound ungrateful because I'm not. I guess I wasn't expecting it to be so steep. But I'll be there though!!!

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@Karen523 Yea I feel you. Every opportunity I get to meet TAN, I take. But maybe this was my sign to fall back.

@Tandee52 You get about 5 mins w/ him, give or take. It's so many people he has to meet. So they don't really give you too much time w/ him. Now for the OMG tour, it was waaaayyyyyy better. We actually got to go inside his dressing room and take our pics. He was more relaxed and chill. I noticed the difference @ least.