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  • FEB 12-DC
    January 11, 2011

    Hey is anybody going to the dc show on feb 12?

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on Jan 11, 2011 - 02:37PM

Hey is anybody going to the dc show on feb 12?

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@Leslovesoul: I can't wait to see some of the Angels there either at the Feb. 12th concert.

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I live in Maryland and will def be at the D.C. show with all my sisters, can't wait to see some of the Angels there. Follow me if your not already @Ms_ChinaDollLes

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Yea But I wANT vip,!'s picture

I got my tickets the day of the pre-sale...I'll be up in that camp!!! :) I also have a second pair of tickets that I will be selling (selling them for the amount that I paid for them...$183.45) if anyone is interested. Orchestra section; Row S; Seats 1-2 if you're interested! :)

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I'm going!

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I'm in there!

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Im trying to go....gotta check the funds. Im a poor college student and if I come i will be traveling from WV!!lol Last time i did that the show got cancelled in Norfolk because of maybe this time it will work!lol Ive tried to see trey 3 times and i have only seen him once if i get let down again im gonna PISSED!!!lol

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I'm going to the DC show.... Angels hit me up if you are getting VIP... If you have to purchase in pairs I'm looking for a second person...

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LMAO@KrysWithaK Awww you know you were excited your were flipping the days all up. Tickemaster is being a hater.LMMFAO

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i am! coming from NC :)

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daaannnnngggg I just realized today is the 12th and not the 13th...which means the tickets aren't even on sale yet....which means i've been up since 8 for nothing lol

OOOOO ooooo back into my bedroom...I go.

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i'm trying to buy my ticket now but ticketmaster being a hater.

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I'm def trying to go .

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I know I'm going!! I checked ticketmaster for prices, not sure if they'll have VIP packages yet though. Prices below.

US $55.00 - US $75.00

US $55.00 Ticket + US $13.40 Fees = US $68.40

US $75.00 Ticket + US $13.90 Fees = US $88.90

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Im from DC, but I will happen to be in NY the weekend of the DC show, so i'm going to the NY show instead. Have fun DC angels :)

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im in there!! hope the tickets arent 2 expensive though

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i agree with tiffan700.. gotta check the money

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Hell yeah babygirl :)
If anybody wants to meet before/after the show, holla @ ur girl!

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Im tryna go but I gotta look at the finances

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lls me2. arethe dc angels doing anything special for this or what?