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Drake or Trey


  • Drake or Trey
    January 09, 2011

    Ok like i luv drake

    But Trey got it goin on lol

ForeverMrs.Neverson1's picture
on Jan 9, 2011 - 07:48PM

Ok like i luv drake

But Trey got it goin on lol

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I love Trey a thousand times more. I seen both of them in NYC at the SoKodak concert, & Drake was outstanding, but Trey blew my mind. I've been listening to him since he first came out. He will ALWAYS be number one R&B artist to me. He is an Amazing singer and he just seems so real when he's on stage. He's lyrics are sooo true. I can't wait to meet him on the 12th :)

Stephanie_8's picture

Drake is cuter to me but i like trey's music 2.

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trey songz al day

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there both good & what they do but seeing as im a BIG trey fan imma have to say trey, his music is dope!

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i've seen both in concert now and they appeal to different crowds
drake got me gasssssssssed (uk slag)
but trey was so loving and sooooo classical and gave me chills
there;s pics tehre of trey concert drake concert and j cole concert