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Grrrrr @ these VIP prices


  • Grrrrr @ these VIP prices
    January 11, 2011

    I'm a frustrated Angel venting. I LOVE TAN. I've traveled numerous amounts of times to see him. And I was hoping these VIP prices would be inexpensive. Being that it's a 4day thing and all. So I was very disappointed when he tweeted that link. And I saw the prices. I'll still be in attendance. But I can't pay for those prices. And it's not even a Arena =( I did it for the PPP tour. And enjoyed every bit of meeting him. But I can't do it this time. I still luh u TAN. High prices and all. Besos~

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on Jan 11, 2011 - 11:28PM

I'm a frustrated Angel venting. I LOVE TAN. I've traveled numerous amounts of times to see him. And I was hoping these VIP prices would be inexpensive. Being that it's a 4day thing and all. So I was very disappointed when he tweeted that link. And I saw the prices. I'll still be in attendance. But I can't pay for those prices. And it's not even a Arena =( I did it for the PPP tour. And enjoyed every bit of meeting him. But I can't do it this time. I still luh u TAN. High prices and all. Besos~

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I don't mind the prices of the meet and greet.I just wish you didn't have to buy them in pairs. I have never had the opportunity to meet Tremaine and I really would like to. I wanted to meet him at the PPP tour in Indiana however, no one wanted to pay the price of the meet n greet w/me. So I didn't get a chance to go there. I tried to win the Ultimate Angel contest in Chicago but my phone wouldn't sent the friggin picture. My friend Sharay, who was apart of the Angel Mission tried to get me back there when she got a chance to see him AGAIN so she asked me to send the pic to her phone so she could show him but my phone was acting crazy so guess what didn't have the opportunity then. Now he's coming to Chicago on Valentine's day. So glad cuz I thought I wasn't gonna have a Valentine this year. LOL but Tremaine to the rescue but once again I can't get the meet n greet ticket cuz you have to buy them in pairs. But I'm still happy because I have good seats to see him. Hopefully my friend can work her magic since she's met him a million times to my zero!

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@babidollface1 I know that this "Smh @ certain people being on the defensive ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.It's a discussion and everyone has opinions!! F.Y.I", was directed @ me. You're a pro @ speaking subliminally about someone. If it wasn't, my bad. But if you took the time to read all the postings, then you would know why I responded the way I did. Of course, whomever it was referring to and/or took offense to it, would think what I said is rude. Not my concern. But try using those eyes to read EVERY SINGLE POST b4 u say something directed towards me. And I know what this is. What's your point? Never said any1 couldn't utilize their 1st Amendment.

And fifteen minutes w/ every female? You joking right? So when is he supposed to perform? And I hope you're joking w/ those gifts. I laugh at some of the stuff you say, really.

@cara2012 I honestly think they base the prices on what they expect to pull in. And/or maybe the cities cost of living. Chicago and NY are major cities. If tickets don't sell out in both cities, they probably will get close to it. Aside from what the brokers snatched up, VIP is probably gone. There wasn't a PPP concert here in the Chi either. "proud of his succes ...upset about the prices evn tho i understand it!"

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welll 1st off the reason detoits r lower is bcuz we dint even hav a PPP tour yuuup that rite we gt clean smoov skippd ova n everi 1 stp being dfensive SHES VENTING hey im pretty steamd 2 cus im 17 and unless i find sum1 n the detoit area or win the contest i have no way ofseeing trey welll v.i.p. n e ways

proud of his succes ...upset about the prices evn tho i understand it!

unlike most of u however i havn't really met Trey been 2 most of the shows bt not a face to face meeting trying to pull al the strings i have to do so...

if u no n e 1 n the detoit area that mite wanna get theze V.I.P. tix PLLLZZZ Let mii no I RRREEEAAALLLLYYY WAAANNNAAA MEET TREY!

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wow, let me start strategizing now!!!!!

@oneshadowlove ...what gifts did you have for trey? did he look at them right then?

#wow...he has to meet 50 women feb 14..Thats messed up cuz for $500 dollars it shud be 15 minutes with each individual #realtalk at the least.

Smh @ certain people being on the defensive ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL the time.It's a discussion and everyone has opinions!! F.Y.I

Trey is in Demand and the major thing i really couldnt stand about this V.I .P package the most is the fact that they had to be purchased in pairs!! $500 is pretty mind blowing ! i wonder what gift he's giving though because it said valentines gift as well. I think it shud be real jewelry,perhaps diamonds..oooooohh what if its a little diamond necklace?!!!!


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Oh lawwwwd miss #GangstaAngel ....... *sheesh* LMAOOOOO

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@Trish LOL, retard. I know u didn't win tickets. I was there w/ u, remember? And the other stuff wasn't for u. It's for others giving negative feedback. But yes, a massage would be splendid. =)

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If I say what I really want to say. Im gonna be kicked out of Treys Angels. Because that comment was rude and uncalled for but since you runnin this discussion you may proceed. LOL.

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@Cookie - bad "yo baby"! LMAO So you making fun of me huh? Just remember that Imma see U in less than a month okay. LMAO I didn't win tickets for the Angel Mission - I just won the opportunity to see him. I still had to pay for my ticket. I enjoyed every minute of it though.

And I know you venting honey - it's quite alright. Now relax, relate, release... Feel better? LOL

If not, then I'll have Trey come & get you & give you that special massage (when he's done w/ me that is). Hahahaha

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Well for you all still thinking bout getting the Diamond package, there are still alot availabe..They are not near to be sold out....

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The didn't inquire on the VIP for the PPP tour is for the people w/ the negative feedback. Not everyone who mentioned it to me. #clarification

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Umm @TreyzRAREAngel it's called VENTING. No one's TRIPPING. So umm, yea. That portion of your comment wasn't needed. But thanks! And who said he wasn't a business man? Once again, reminding me of info that I'm already aware of. Moving right along......

@Trish, yo baby huh? A mess! And I read EVERYTHING u said honey. Clap Clap Bravo! It's FANTASTIC that he's so high in demand. Why'd you pay so much and u won the OMG Angel Mission? Ohhh, this was b4 u found out u won....duh. Yeah I DEF enjoyed that too. Got a lot of time w/ that one. Not that I'm complaining about all my opportunities meeting him. I just loved that one the most, lol.

@Karen523 Well enjoy every bit of the sweat that drips from him, lol.

And why does everyone feel the need to share w/ me how much their PPP VIP package was? I didn't inquire. You paid what you paid. Every city is different. I'M VENTING! Or did the negative ones commenting overlook that part? Oh ok! I've traveled for TAN. Did u miss that part too? Oh ok! So spending on him isn't a problem. I was just vexed at the prices. I'm entitled to feel the way I want to feel. I won't love him any less. I'll still support him the way that I've been doing. So read my post b4 u remind me of info that I'm already knowledgeable about. Thanks! =)

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Well I ended up with a VIP ticket only because my friend paid for it up front and I have to pay her back. We just wanted closer seats than the ones we initially got.

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And I just thought about this - do the math 50 M&G slots multiplied by 4 cities = 200 slots. He has over 70,000+ Angels. Not to mention the millions of fans that say they love him too but who are not Angels. How in the world could he make those cheap? Impossible. Otherwise they would've all filled and none would've been available for the general public.

This is the ultimate Valentine's Day will fill up fast.

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It's so many comments that I'm not even about to try to read them all. Cookie I told you I got ADD & I can't read anything long. LOL - ok...I don't have ADD...I'm just being lazy.

So some of this may have already been said.

These are general statements - not directed at anyone in particular b/c I ain't read what was said to get at anybody.

For me, the almost $500 I spent for my ticket is worth it. There are 4 artists in which I have ALLL their albums...Ginuwine, Avant, Lloyd & Trey Songz...the only 4. I paid $400 for my OMG ticket just to see Trey for 30 minutes. I'm not a big Usher fan so the price paid was purely to see Trey. I got like 2 Usher CDs. Therefore, spending $500 to see two of the artists that I absolutely love is well worth it for me. I'm in the very front row & in the center. Attending the concert alone (front row) is worth it for me...getting to meet him again, get a pic w/ him, an autographed poster, & a gift is an extra incentive.

Secondly, isn't it great that he's in demand and is very successful now? I can sit back and say..."Man he's working hard & wow he's charging higher because he's REALLY MADE IT now." I love him being in demand - that tells me that one of my favorite artists will be around for a long time to come. I can't help but smile about that.

And honestly, I don't believe the tickets are unreasonable. Regular tix are no more than $115. Are you kidding me? That's fantastic. The problem is that everyone wants to be VIP for cheap. @TreysAngels should not have had to go in the way they did on Twitter trying to defend Trey. If everyone sat back and looked at his growth, they would be proud of these prices as I am. That means my baby is the SHIT!!! If ever they get too high where I can't afford VIP...then I'll have to settle for what I can afford. If I got nosebleed & my binoculars will be ALL good.

No other artist is as accessible as Trey is. How many artists you think got Follow Friday? He goes above & beyond for us.

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I’m wondering why the prices of the diamond package varies each city? Some pay a little under 400 and others pay a little under 500 With the PPP tour each city paid around the same price.

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I feel every single last response thus far. BUT, besides me being a Trey Lover, I am a business woman. This is a business. He just got off of one tour, to do a four day tour, THEN has to go to the UK. Okay listen, I know he is thinking like I am thinking. If people will pay $800 to get the VIP experience for USHER, then most definitely he is worth $500 to meet him. I feel him 100%. He is worth every bit of $500.00. Unfortunately for most of us, we just got finished with Thanksgiving, OMG Tour, Christmas, and New Years. Money is tight right now. So unfortunately, I will not be in the Diamond section, but I am still a Diamond and so are ya'll. It doesnt change the fact that you are an ANGEL, and he is going to love you anyway. So the theme of the story is STOP TRIPPIN its a business.

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It's ALWAYS that one NEGATIVE person that has to come and release their negative feedback in a thread. I don't think I mentioned ANYWHERE n my venting that I said ANYTHING about TAN not having a life @ms.yuup. I, as well as any other fan he has, pretty much knows this. Please tell me what does that have to do w/ anything mentioned here? And YOU paid $500 dollars for a Meet n Greet, not me. It's different everywhere you go....FACT! Please miss me w/ the negativity. I mean, you're seriously schooling me like I'm a yesterday fan, smmfhidb.

@Shadwanda, as far as the time, I agree w/ u on that. I speak from experience when I met him @ the OMG concert. I compared that, w/ the meeting him in VA to meeting him in St Louis. And I learned, if you're sociable and/or come bearing gifts, you're gonna get more time. He senses a nervous person. Not to say he's gonna make you feel uncomfortable, but you're time will be short. I've grown accustomed to him, and I treat him like he one of my ninjas. Just a sexy one, lol. And I knooooowwwwwwwwwwwww it's his way of living. Why are people addressing that? I'm well aware of that. I was vexed @ the prices. So I made the post. I have my 3l bb seats for the Chicago show. I will spend and have spent my coins for TAN. BUT, being that I've done one of these before, and I know what it's like, I passed. BUT, I'll get another chance and I can decide again if I'll choose to pay it or not....again. LOL

LOL @songzbaby! Sheesh, what did you get done to your hair for that amount....

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i agree with oneshadowlove
he prob got to pay for A LOT of security i mean the ladies do love trey loooool
bt at least you get a meet and greet option in London we don't get anything and this year the only tour he's doing is opening for ne-yo and i love love love trey but i cant bring myself to buy a ticket for ne-yo i've seen him before and he was UPSTAGED by surprised guest chris brown i guess dats understandable since we were like 14/15 at the time bt at least u even get full trey concerts and lots of dem and competition to meet him etc
and maybe its coz i'm thinking of the exchange rate it does seem as much especially split between two people as they are sold in pairs i mean u should see sum of the vip to see rihanna here lool

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Yes! Im sad about this too! :( I got my tickets today but I am not paying 500 I spend that much on my hair alone. Cant even do it! Trey Why??!

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Hello Angels I have had the opportunity to meet Trey free and through purchasing a VIP ticket. And ALL my experiences were sooo worth it. @iam_a_delicacy I did however; get more than five minutes w/ Trey during the ATL PPP M&G... because I was w/ a group of ladies who wore all white to the show for the FIRST time! So he gave me like 15 minutes (of course I came bearing gifts) so that helped :) Each M&G experience is different. If you aren't talkative and don't start a conversation you may not get but a minute but if you are like me who has something to say EACH time then you may get a lot of time. So take advantage the best way possible.

As far as the price for this tour... I think we have to look at the fact it is Valentines Day weekend!! I mean hotels jack they prices up make you pay upfront instead of reservation. This is Trey's way of living and if VIP wasn't an option at all some of us would complain about that. I know because many ppl did when we got the posting from TreysAngels via twitter that no M&G options were available during the OMG Tour. ANGELS WERE PISSED!! Then Trey being the sweetheart that he is went out of his way to do Special things for his Angels so we can get more of his time. So let's look at this as a give/take situation which we all can benefit from at some point!! :)

Sorry Im so long winded. But I had to say my peace. And as far as myself I will be in attendance for the Chicago Show but its because I consider it to be my make up show for the Virginia cancelled show. I will not be doing VIP this round tho lol
Follow me on twitter @oneshadowlove

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@kg.sunshine. Thanks Angel : )

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@iam_a_delicacy, how did you do w/ the seating? Are your tixs close?'s picture

Yes, the prices are high! Think about it it only 4 shows and Trey has people that he has to pay! Singing is Trey's job. I have started puting money to the side so the next time he dose his own major so that I can do the VIP tickets. For that matter the VIP tickets for PPP tour were around $500. TREY GOTTA LIFE ALSO>

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So there's only 50 vip tickets??? Wow, didn't know that. Oh well, I wasn't doing the vip but it would have been nice if they had a separate option to just get the meet & greet for the Angels who haven't had a chance to meet him yet.

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@Tricia, I doubt u get 5 minutes hun. He has to meet 50 women, lol.

@treys-shawty I agree w/ what Tricia said.

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@Treys-shawty Buy two but sale one...that way U get some of your money back. Put it on eBay or TicketsNow.

I'm doing VIP as well. It is steep, but I'm going to do it. I really wanna meet Trey again. And 5 minutes w/ him is worth it for me. I got to SEE him longer at the OMG concert, but I was with 3 other ladies. At least this time I'll get 5 mins. of his attention HOPEFULLY uninterrupted. #EXCITED

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So I been thinkin..After a few glasses (rather large glasses) of Moscato, I've decided to buy a VIP ticket to Chicago after all..BUT not ONE Ticket but TWO freaken tickets..Thats right...Why you ask..I'll tell you why..cause you gotta buy them in doubles...So I decided that I have two, then I got extra leg room, arm room, flickin hair room, elbow room, more air to breath ect.. I am not gonna find someone to fly out there with me from Canada, so I gotta take matters in my own hands..This is going down for me, prolly 3000 grand later but what ev...Aint no double buying gonna stop me..Stressed me out a lil, but we good..See you all beauty Angels there..xoxo

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@trey-shawty LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FEEL SO STUPID!!! WOW! THANKS

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Oh LinZ84..Tremaine, Aldon, Neverson..It takes a while to get down with the lingo on here:)