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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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oh damn essence gonna put tha D on trey 2nite,lol...

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*speechless* O_O

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oh shit essence ballin outta control lmao

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Entry 5 cont'd
I told the driver to take us to the hotel. Trey wanted to know why we were going to a hotel, he said we could just go home.
"You won't be saying that when we get there." I told him.
When we got to the hotel, we were greeted by the doorman who opened our door for us and welcomed us to the lavish establishment. When we got to the front desk, I gave the desk agent my name. A short while later, Amanda came out to greet us. She and I hugged like the old friends we are, and she politely shook Trey's hand. She told us that everything in our room was prepared for our satisfaction, and that the hotel staff would be at our beck and call all night long, if we needed anything else.
She gave me our room key and walked us to the elevators. When the doors opened, Trey stepped in, but Amamnda pulled me back.
"Girl, he is FOINE!! Congrats on your special night!" We laughed and I thanked her for everything as we hugged again.
When the doors closed, Trey told me that I should've told my friend to join us.
"You're girlfriend can come too!" He sang in a playful way.
I told him he wasn't even going to be able to handle me, much less, another woman.
"Cuz, I'ma put you to bed, to bed, to bed." I sang back to him.
When we got to our room, we were both impressed. The scent of roses was the first thing I noticed when we entered. A vase full of roses sat on a table near the door. In the front room, there was a small cart which held a bucket of ice, with a bottle of champagne sticking out of it. Two long stemmed glasses, a corkscrew, a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered cherries, and list of amenities we could enjoy, were also on the cart.
The bed was covered in rose petals, the bathroom was stacked with toiletries, and there were rose petals in the Jacuzzi too. I was filling up the tub when there was a knock at the door. It was Amanda, and she had a bottle of Armand de Brignac Champagne.
"This rich French guy just gave these out to the staff."

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Essence gots CLASS & STYLE *hides* i'm scared of you girl *in my ghetto voice*

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Awww.....6 month cute!! Prom night style...oooohhhhhh the memories!! LOLOL!! Hurry Essence...write faster!! : )

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aww thats so sweet,Prom Nite is the

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Entry 5
Last night was so magical, I wish that it could last forever. Trey and I had so much fun on our anniversary date, that it made me forget all about my trip to the hair salon. One of the reasons why I picked yesterday as our anniversary day is because we had already made plans for that day, so Trey and I went to see the new Tyler Perry play at the Beacon Theatre. We laughed our asses off, then we went to dinner. We went to the same restaurant we went to on our first date. The host was happy to see us. As the he walked us to our table, he joked that he remembered us from the last time we were there and he told us that he knew we were going to need extra privacy. He gave us an exaggerated wink and told us that someone would be with us shortly. We laughed and sat down in our booth. We ended up ordering the same thing we ordered that first time, and in no time we were doing what we'd done that first time too.
"It must be the food here." I whispered to him as Trey kissed my neck.
"It's you, baby." He whispered back.
I remembered all too well how that first date ended, and last night I knew that things were going to be different. My friend, Amanda is the assistant front office manager at Trump International Hotel and Tower. She was able to book us a deluxe room package and she threw in her employee discount, and I charged it to my expense account from work. I even used the company car service to order a limousine for the evening.
So Trey and I went stepping out in style, the way a man of his caliber should. I felt so lucky to be on his arm. I know that I was the envy of every woman who saw us together.
Trey gave the waiter and host hefty tips, and the host bowed to us on the way out. I asked Trey what he wanted to do next, and he told me he wanted to get me back inside of the limo. I knew what he wanted, and I gave it to him as the driver slowly pulled the car through Central Park.
After we got finished doing it Prom Night style, I told Trey I had a surprise.

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Trey is gay?! Ha that's funny! They musta meant gay as n happy!

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I see why everyone is in love with this story! Im hooked! But i need someone to guide me to the first "book"! Help! Lol. I wanna be caught up on everything!

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Every Time I See The Comments Go Up I think You Added The Next Entry!! =( C'monn Essence lOl

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essence can we plz get the next entry i feel like a crack addict

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Oh...I wasn't behind...I guess I must've just forgot to comment. I read this already. Whew whooo...okay Essence...break time is over. Next entry please!!! LOL

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One oclock in the morning and I am just finding diaries 2. They were gonna make me lose my mind up in here talking bout my baby.......oops I mean Essence's baby. Damn why does every fine black man gotta be gay. Can't they just be fine to death and so very talented. Wait a minute this just a story. leggo

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Sheeeeeesh! Nosey ass heffas! Essence shut some of em up though! lol!!

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Damnit - I swear I'm behind more than ahead. It's 1 am...gone go to bed. Will read over my lunch break tomorrow (technically today tho). LOL

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lol wow. i'm mad they were going in calling him gay like they know that 4 a fact. smh. i'm glad essence stood up 4 her man though :) can't wait 2 c what happens next

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lmaoooo too fuckin funny

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Awwwe! I love it! :)

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*speechless & logs off*

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Entry 4 cont'd
When they saw the pic of Trey, laying in bed with no shirt on, one arm behind his head, the covers thrown casually across his waist while he was on his phone, several of the women made little comments. Nobody said he was gay then.
"He's on the phone with me, y'all!" One girl shouted. We all laughed. One girl told me to break out the naked pics.
"Nope, I already showed y'all too damn much." I told them. They began asking me questions about him. They wanted to know what he's really like in real life. I told them that he's just like anybody else. He's a normal person, he does normal things.
"How does he treat you?"
I told them that he treats me right. They wanted to know if he buys me expensive things.
"Sometimes. He buys me little things I want and need all the time."
"Does he take you on vacations?"
I told them that neither one of us has had a vacation yet, but we travel when it's work related. I told them that we go to a lot of events and parties together.
"You know a lot of famous people?"
"I've always known famous people. I know a few more musicians and singers, through Trey. His job makes him famous, but he's just a regular person."
The comments about Trey being gay were forgotten. I answered a lot of questions while I got my hair done. I left the salon feeling a little better, but now I feel bad again because I'm really thinking about what those women said about Trey. I'm not even sure if I was able to fully convince them that he's straight. Not only that, but those were only a handful of women who felt that way about Trey. Who knows how many countless others feel that same way?
Now it's one thing when they talk bad about me, but when they attack my baby, that's where I draw the line.
Trey has probably heard about the gay rumors, and he probably doesn't care, but I don't like it one bit. Trey is so talented and so special. He deserves better. Trey has never done one thing to shed a negative light on the gay community, so what's this all about?

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I lost all train of thought when I read they "Trey Songz is Gay" line. That rumor makes my blood boil and lmaoooo @ Essence reaction. She couldn't even keep it together. People were talking about him before he blew up and since he blew up they're going to talk about him even more. Let a hater hater and keep it together girl. She can't let everything get under her skin.

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Entry 4 cont'd
I was beginning to get mad. Now where the hell did that rumor come from? Why would anyone think that Trey is gay?
"Y'all Trey Songz ain't gay. Somebody is always sayin shit like that to discredit a person. If he was gay, wouldn't he just say that he was?" Another hairdresser said.
"If Trey was gay, then he wouldn't have a problem admitting it. His talent speaks for itself. He'd still sell records, and he'd have the gay community behind him." I stated.
"Damn, you defending him for real!" Someone said.
"Cuz it's true. He's not gay. He and I have been together for six months. He's as straight as any of the men you have." I replied.
"Nah, don't say that, girl. You know them down low brothers are out there. Any one of us in here could have one!"
Protests were yelled from one end of the room to the next. Every woman in there defended her man. I got so fed up, I threw down the magazine I was holding. The girl next to me picked up the magazine and she announced that in the article, Trey said that he has a girlfriend.
"But he never mentions her name." She said.
"What's your name, hon?" Woman number two asked me. I told them my name.
"Come to think of it, that's what Ricardo said the girl who Trey is always with is named. But he said the girl is his assistant."
"Your friend has his facts all mixed up." I told her.
One girl pulled out her phone and told everyone that she had a picture of the woman who's supposed to be Trey's girl. I leaned over and looked at the picture of me standing next to Trey and Kenny. We were at a charity event.
The women all looked at the picture, then they looked at me. Some mouths dropped open. I swear, the truth can hit some people right in their faces, and they'll still be in denial.
"How do we know you're not his assistant, and you're just saying that you're his girlfriend?"
I took out my phone and showed them several pics of Trey and me while we were on dates, or just fooling around at home. I showed them a pic of him in bed.

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Uh ooooh go off on them!!!!!!

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WTF! Trey is so damn far from GAY,lol.. This is so funny..

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Entry 4 cont'd
I was staring at a picture of Trey, dressed in all black, his waves patterned to perfection, those lips forming the perfect snarl, and those glaring, dark eyes looking back at me as if he were about to say something rude, when the girl sitting next to me looked at the photo and said,
"Yeah, he fine as hell, but too bad he's gay."
What?!! I turned to her abruptly and asked her to repeat herself. She said it again, but this time it was as if her voice was coming to me from out of a long tunnel. GAY? Not MY man!
Another woman wanted to know who we were talking about.
"Trey Songz." The girl answered.
"Oh yeah, I heard about that. They said he was dating some dude named Brandon something."
I couldn't speak. Shocked wasn't the word I would use to describe what was happening to me . Stroke was a better word.
"I heard he was dating Keri Hilson." Another woman stated.
Woman number one said, "No, they only did that video together. The whole time his boyfriend was with him on the set."
"Mmm, and he makes all those songs about sex and woman..."
"That's just a way for him to cover up his sexuality. A friend of mine knows him, and he said that Trey Songz be at this club in The Village. He always brings this girl with him, so nobody will suspect anything."
Oh I just had to say something then.
"What's your friend's name?" I asked the woman.
"Ricardo, why?"
"Ricardo, what?" I asked. I was going to catch that chick in a lie.
"Why does it matter to you?" She asked.
"Because WE don't know anyone named Ricardo. Trey DOES NOT go to clubs in The Village
and he DAMN sure isn't gay!" I said.
"She said 'we' like she know him or something." One girl snickered.
"I do know him." I said.
"You act like you know who he's screwing." One of the hair dressers said.
"Of course I do. He's screwing me." I stated.
The whole salon erupted into loud laughter. The girl sitting next to me said that she used to tell people that too, before she found out that he was gay.
"He's not gay!" I said.

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You moist & everyone else! ;D Come on wheres the other part? Is Essence knocked up? Im loving all these stories u angels are writing! They should all be published in a book! What I like most about the stories is that real names & circumstances are used, makes them more realistic! The radio interview w/ Angela is marked down to the tee! Keep the stories coming!

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Entry 4 cont'd
I haven't mentioned any of this to Trey, because I don't want to seem petty. He has to take a lot of criticism too. Not everyone is a Trey Songz fan, and the ones who aren't say the craziest and meanest things about him. He takes it all in with a grain of salt, though. He says that the haters only make him better. He uses their critiques to improve his work. For the really scathing remarks, he usually has a slick comeback. He lets the haters know that they're never going to stop him from doing him. I'm proud of him for not letting things like that get him down. With having such a powerful, positive influence to stand beside, how could I let anything anyone says get to me? They love him, ok. Well he loves me. I'm not going to let anything or anyone overshadow that.
Speaking of such, today is our anniversary!!!! It's been six months for the two of us. Trey says that we can do anything I want to do to celebrate. Hmm, the sky's the limit. I haven't really finalized my decision yet, but I have a dress already picked out. Trey is usually very creative when it comes to planning our dates, so it's going to take some extra thought to make the night special for him. I have a friend of mine trying to help me with something top notch. I hope it all goes through.
In the meantime, I'm going to call in to work today. I figure I'll delegate a few tasks and check on some progress reports while I get my hair done. Thanks to modern technology, I can be at two places at once.
Alright, I'm back from the salon. I'm looking good, but I feel horrible. While I was waiting for my wash and set, I picked up the first magazine I saw with Trey's picture on it. Mmm, I can sit look at my baby all day long. Even though I see him in person everyday, I'm still impressed when I see pictures of him. He's just too gorgeous for words. I love the expressions he uses for his pictures. The serious looks always get my attention, the smiles melt my heart, the sexy looks get me moist...

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So I know the whole point in being an author is to make your story as realistic as possible, but this is just a little TOO real! I was two seconds from checking the blogs & cursing them all out!

F*ck the haters! "HATE WILL GET YOU NO WHERE!!!" a wise man once said. LMAO

Love it Essence. My damn lunch is cold now. LMAO