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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Lol reading this felt like you said three words then ended the chapter .

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Entry 11
Why did I ever think that talking to a man like Carter DuRay would help me one bit? I wouldn't be surprised if the National Guard came over here, kicked in my door, and told me that from now on, they'd be responsible for my protection.
I know that Daddy means well, but he's so used to getting his way that at the slightest sign of opposition, he tends to go all out on a mission to destroy your line of reasoning. From the moment I mentioned Nosey Ms. Rosey's blog, he was off and running. He assured me that he'd have some of his people look into the situation. He also said that he was not only going to hire someone to guard me, but that he's going to put a guard on CoCo's family as well, just in case the person was targeting her as well. He even went as far as to say that from now on, any package that was sent to me without any card or return address should be turned away immediately. He told me that he'd personally see to that part.
I should've known. Daddy's an ex Marine, and after he'd come home from the service, he and his two best friends formed their own bodyguard agency. So he's really big on protection, especially for his family. CoCo and I had bodyguards until I was ten years old. My mother was the one who talked him into reassigning them for our sakes.
"The girls should be able to enjoy themselves when playing with their friends, dear. Having those hulking men standing by to shoot some poor kid for teasing our daughters can't be very pleasant for them." But that was then. All it took was for someone we know to have had a kidnapping scare, and that was it. At the smallest sign of trouble, Daddy is all over it.
Since Daddy is so unrelenting, I had to call Trey and explain the situation to him. He told me that he thought what Daddy is doing is a great idea, and he doesn't want me to do anything alone.
"Don't worry, I'll have him scrub my back for me while I'm in the shower, too." I told Trey. He told me that this too important to joke about. Damn!!

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Looks like that stalker is being stalk.

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Don't tell me kelli is back or is it jazz playing with ya'll... luv it

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Omg not daddy. I wonder where this is going to go. I was so happy to see all the entries. I be checking like an addict to see if any new ones are up .

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I think it's tht crazy chick frm part one man keep it coming

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Okay who is it sending this crap is it a crazy ass ex girlfriend

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Entry 10 cont'd
I went to Nosey Ms. Rosey's blog. She had more pics of Trey on there. He was signing autographs outside of Atlantic Records. He was taking pictures. He was inside of the building, heading for the elevators. Kenny was looking back at the camera.
Whoever this person is, they're really getting close to Trey. I'm going to have to warn him to keep his guard up at all times. What if this person tries to hurt Trey?
I didn't see any new pics of me. It's ok. I don't want to have some stranger following me around, taking pictures. I've been keeping my eyes peeled ever since I saw those first pics. It makes me a little uncomfortable to know that Ms Rosey can get this close, especially since she doesn't like me either.
I'm going to tell Stacy and the other guards to watch out for anyone who may be a little too interested in Trey or myself.
Something weird happened at work today. Someone called my extension at work and when I answered all I heard was static, and someone asking to speak to me. When I confirmed that they were speaking to me, they hung up. This happened twice. After lunch I received a small bouquet of flowers. They weren't the kind Trey would usually send, but I called to thank him anyway. He told me he hadn't sent them.
"You cheatin on me baby?" He joked. I told him that I wasn't. I told him that I'd see him later.
Those mystery flowers reminded me of the mystery picture of Trey. Who is sending me these things? I didn't want to make Trey uneasy, so I didn't express my concern to him. He's already offered to hire a bodyguard for me. Trey figures that I should have one just in case a crazy fan tries to come at me to get closer to him. I told him that I don't want one.
"You're the one they want, so you need the protection. I don't want to have someone following me around all the time."
If I told him about this stuff, he'd hire someone whether I liked it or not. In that way, he reminds me of my father. I decided to call Daddy, maybe he could help.

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Entry 10 cont'd
I told her that Trey had been about sixteen when the picture was taken, then I also felt the need to tell her about meeting Jasmine the other day.
"So do you think the picture has something to do with Jasmine?" Juicy asked me.
"I don't know how it could. I mean, she couldn't have sent me the picture, she didn't even know me until we met at the wedding. I just don't like the way Trey has been staring at the picture lately. He gets this far away look in his eye, as if he's seeing something in the picture that's not apparent to anyone but him." I replied.
"Well maybe you're just reading too much into his interest in the picture. Maybe he's just looking back on his past and comparing it to his present, that's all."
"You know, this is the reason why I called on you. You always know how to make perfect sense out of the most confusing situations." I told her. But we hadn't discussed why I'd called her in the first place.
"What about me being a perv though?" I asked.
"Girl, you're not a perv. Trey is your man. When you look at that picture, you're feeling what feelings you have for him now. Your mind is just telling you that you would've been attracted to him back then, too." She said.
"It's not just my mind telling me. Hell, my mind's telling me nooo, but my body, my body's telling me YESSSS!!" I sang, and we both exploded with laughter.
Juicy told me that I was going to be alright, and I thanked her for her advice. We made plans to get together for lunch soon.
To get the whole thing off of my mind, I turned to the blogs. There were more people hating as usual, there were more people loving Trey, there were more people being supportive of our relationship too. I smiled as I read those comments.
One person was really adament with her comment. She wants everyone to leave me alone because until they've actually met me, or walked a mile in my shoes, they're in no position to judge me or my relationship with Trey. She even argued back and forth with the others.

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Entry 10
I still can't stop staring at Trey in that picture on my wall. I get these forbidden thoughts every time I look at it. I find myself wondering if he was a good lover back then. I never understood what those older school teachers saw in their underaged students when they had those illicit affairs, until now. If I was the age I am now, and I had met Trey back when he was sixteen, it would've been hard for me not to find him attractive. Especially, if he would've flirted with me. I could see me teaching that young man a thing or two and telling him,
"You better not tell your mother!"
Oh my gosh, I'm a perv!! I'm no better than those dirty old men who used to hang around outside of the private school CoCo and I went to. We had to wear uniforms, and those men would leer at all of us as we left the building. I used to want to throw rocks at them. Now I'm one of them!! That picture has to come down, NOW!
After I took down the picture, I still felt icky, so I called Juicy so that I could get her opinion.
"Help me, I'm a pervert!" I told her.
"Why would you say that?" Juicy asked me.
"Because I'm staring at this picture I have of Trey, and he's definitely a child in this picture, but I don't care. I'm over here just LUSTING!" Even as the words tumbled out of my mouth, I still wanted to look at the picture.
"Why do you have a picture of Trey as a child anyway?" Juicy asked. I could hear the concern in her voice.
I explained to her about the picture being sent to me as a gift from some unknown person. She thought that maybe Trey had sent the picture to me as a joke. I told her that when I'd shown the picture to Trey, he said that maybe some one in his family had sent it.
Trey and I had had a good laugh about it, but the way I felt about it now was no laughing matter. As a matter of fact, as of late, lust isn't the only feeling I have when I look at that picture, but I can't put my finger on the other emotion, yet.
"He's really not SO young in the picture." I said.

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Ohhhh Lawd! Jazz got trey remembering how he put the D down REBOUND!,LMAO... Can't wait 2 c wat essence gone do?

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lol. well damn! i wonder y this jasmine chick was never mentioned b4. hmmmm. and i wonder if she gunna try 2 get back with trey. she better not if she knows whats good 4 her! lol

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Jasmine must have really had Trey's apparent she still do...DAMN ESSENCE WHAT WE GONE DO??????

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im wit shay jazz is suspect and I wish Trey had me on a wall like tht *sigh* lol

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@Shay ditto! I luv a man that knows how to make my walls crash w/ the touch of his skin..if Trey can really do that then I need him now, lol! "sometimes she call me Trey, sometimes she say Tremaine, when its all said & done bet the neighbors know my name" Damn right!

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Reminiscing gets a lot of ppl in trouble! Dont do it Trey! Lol! Lovin this!

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Ohhhhhh lawd! I'm watching this Jasmine chick! And wish Trey would have me climbing the walls like that too! Lmao!!

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This is the last time , ...

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Oh lawd....Essence bout to be at it again LOL

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oh wow...whats going to happen next?'s picture

ohhh lawd trey finna cheat lol

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Entry 9 cont'd
Blah blah blah - Trey and Jasmine spoke for quite a while about a few things. It wasn't as if they'd left me out, but the conversation tended to steer towards subjects about their lives in Virginia. I learned a lot more about Trey through the stories from his friend.
"Remember when you styled my eyebrows for me? I thought you were going to mess me up because I was going to the dance with Raymond." Jasmine giggled and as she did, she leaned into Trey a little bit. Trey laughed too and he told her that he had started to give her a permanently surprised expression, but he had decided not to.
"Trey had told everybody that he had wanted to take me to the dance, but Raymond beat him to asking me." Jasmine stated.
"Yeah, well that was just that one dance, though." Trey said.
"Yeah, just that one. I went to all the other ones with you." Jasmine gave Trey a look that this time only he understood. After a slight pause, Jasmine confessed that she had come over to ask him for an interview sometime in the near future. Trey told her that he would, and he told her that she should set something up with his assistant. She agreed and handed him her business card.
"You can give that to them. Now I have to get back to work. It was really nice to see you again, Trey. And it was so nice to meet you too, Essence."
"Oh, thank you, the same to you." I said as we lightly shook hands. She walked away from us.
"She was nice." I told Trey. "You two must have made a good couple."
Trey just shrugged and told me that they had been over for a long time. For a moment, he seemed to be off in a far away place, one that I was not allowed access to.
Thinking of he and Jasmine together as a couple reminded me of the picture of Trey I have hanging on my wall.
"Did she braid your hair back then?" I asked him.
"Yeah." That was all he said. I didn't like the mood he was suddenly in, so I asked him what was the matter.
"Nothing, baby. She just brought back a lot of old memories, that's all."

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Entry 9 cont'd
"Pops gon end up missin after the reception." Trey told me.
"Well, at least he's the marrying type, and besides, after what I did to you this morning, you'll be out of commission for at least a week." I told him. Trey looked at me as if I'd told the biggest lie.
"Whatchu tombout? You can't even walk straight, and it's not cuz'a them heels either." He smiled boastfully, then he asked me if I wanted to take a trip to one of the guest rooms.
"No thank you, please." I said quickly and took a sip of my drink. He wasn't about to get me butt naked in some one's house and make me scream his name. Trey can be straight devilish when he wants to be.
I was just about to tell Trey about my wedding plans for us, when suddenly, someone called his name. It was a female. We both turned in the direction of the sound. A woman in a rose colored cocktail dress was walking towards us. She was holding a clutch purse in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She was breaking her neck, bobbing and weaving through the many guests who were milling around. I looked up at Trey and to my surprise he had the biggest smile on his face.
The woman made it over to us and she let out a little squeal as she and Trey hugged. Trey asked her what she was doing there.
"I'm here to do a report on this wedding. Wow, it's so good to see you here. I always knew you were going to blow up." They hugged again. Trey introduced us.
"Baby, this is my homegirl, Jasmine. Jazz, this is my lady, Essence." He held me around my waist. Jasmine and I exchanged polite hellos.
"Your homegirl?" I asked him. He'd never mentioned her before.
"Trey and I grew up together in Virginia." Jasmine told me. The way she looked at me told me that they had been more than just friends. I nodded to show her that I understood her look. The silent conversation we'd had was only apparent to the two of us. Trey just kept grinning and he began to ask about her family. I played the third wheel while they played catch up.

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lol pop got it like that,luv this girl..

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Trey... *clutches pearls*

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Entry 9
I don't know if it's because the wedding we just went to was so beautiful or what, but I cannot wait to tie the knot with Trey. We haven't even made a year together yet but one of these days I'm just going to pop the question. Forget tradition, him bending down on one knee, I'm just going to do it. I'm not desperate or anything, I just don't see any reason to put it off any longer. I know that he'll say yes. Then all he'll have to do is sit back and let me do the rest. I know that I'll give him a wedding that he'll always look back on with the fondest of thoughts.
OF COURSE I'll still let him buy my ring. He has to do something, after all. Besides, I know that that's the one thing he'll get done correctly. Wedding planning is definitely a woman's domain.
The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a beautiful mansion in New Jersey. It was definitely a celebrity event. Everybody was there. The bride was gorgeous in her Vera Wang, traditional styled wedding dress. Even the bridesmaids were dressed in the loveliest cream colored backless evening gowns. All of the men, except the groom, wore cream and white tuxedos. He was decked out in an all white tux, and he bragged about being the luckiest man in the world.
I cried when the couple exchanged their vows, only because I'm such a cry baby. When I went over to the bride's table to pay my respect to the happy couple, the bride's father playfully flirted with me. He told me in a low tone that his wife has been gone for fifteen years, and it wasn't until that very moment, that he had found someone to take her place. I smiled politely and declined his invitation to join him for a drink. He just winked and told me that the invitation would stand, always.
'Such a charming man.' I thought to myself as I walked over to Trey.
"What was Pops talking to you about?" He asked in an off handed way.
"He wants to do me in one of the guest rooms. I told him maybe some other time." I shrugged nonchalantly and smirked at Trey.

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Gosh..trey is so nasty..but I love it! LOL's picture


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Hi Angels!
I haven't been ignoring you guys. I love the comments - keep 'em coming! LOL.
I haven't been responding to your comments because it takes me long enough to get the posts out, and I know you'd rather read the story than my comments. Thank you all so much. This story is definitely dedicated to you - Trey's Angels!
I am flattered. I'll definitely get back to you via email.