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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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@Shay ditto! I luv a man that knows how to make my walls crash w/ the touch of his skin..if Trey can really do that then I need him now, lol! "sometimes she call me Trey, sometimes she say Tremaine, when its all said & done bet the neighbors know my name" Damn right!

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Reminiscing gets a lot of ppl in trouble! Dont do it Trey! Lol! Lovin this!

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Ohhhhhh lawd! I'm watching this Jasmine chick! And wish Trey would have me climbing the walls like that too! Lmao!!

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This is the last time , ...

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Oh lawd....Essence bout to be at it again LOL

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oh wow...whats going to happen next?'s picture

ohhh lawd trey finna cheat lol

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Entry 9 cont'd
Blah blah blah - Trey and Jasmine spoke for quite a while about a few things. It wasn't as if they'd left me out, but the conversation tended to steer towards subjects about their lives in Virginia. I learned a lot more about Trey through the stories from his friend.
"Remember when you styled my eyebrows for me? I thought you were going to mess me up because I was going to the dance with Raymond." Jasmine giggled and as she did, she leaned into Trey a little bit. Trey laughed too and he told her that he had started to give her a permanently surprised expression, but he had decided not to.
"Trey had told everybody that he had wanted to take me to the dance, but Raymond beat him to asking me." Jasmine stated.
"Yeah, well that was just that one dance, though." Trey said.
"Yeah, just that one. I went to all the other ones with you." Jasmine gave Trey a look that this time only he understood. After a slight pause, Jasmine confessed that she had come over to ask him for an interview sometime in the near future. Trey told her that he would, and he told her that she should set something up with his assistant. She agreed and handed him her business card.
"You can give that to them. Now I have to get back to work. It was really nice to see you again, Trey. And it was so nice to meet you too, Essence."
"Oh, thank you, the same to you." I said as we lightly shook hands. She walked away from us.
"She was nice." I told Trey. "You two must have made a good couple."
Trey just shrugged and told me that they had been over for a long time. For a moment, he seemed to be off in a far away place, one that I was not allowed access to.
Thinking of he and Jasmine together as a couple reminded me of the picture of Trey I have hanging on my wall.
"Did she braid your hair back then?" I asked him.
"Yeah." That was all he said. I didn't like the mood he was suddenly in, so I asked him what was the matter.
"Nothing, baby. She just brought back a lot of old memories, that's all."

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Entry 9 cont'd
"Pops gon end up missin after the reception." Trey told me.
"Well, at least he's the marrying type, and besides, after what I did to you this morning, you'll be out of commission for at least a week." I told him. Trey looked at me as if I'd told the biggest lie.
"Whatchu tombout? You can't even walk straight, and it's not cuz'a them heels either." He smiled boastfully, then he asked me if I wanted to take a trip to one of the guest rooms.
"No thank you, please." I said quickly and took a sip of my drink. He wasn't about to get me butt naked in some one's house and make me scream his name. Trey can be straight devilish when he wants to be.
I was just about to tell Trey about my wedding plans for us, when suddenly, someone called his name. It was a female. We both turned in the direction of the sound. A woman in a rose colored cocktail dress was walking towards us. She was holding a clutch purse in one hand and her cell phone in the other. She was breaking her neck, bobbing and weaving through the many guests who were milling around. I looked up at Trey and to my surprise he had the biggest smile on his face.
The woman made it over to us and she let out a little squeal as she and Trey hugged. Trey asked her what she was doing there.
"I'm here to do a report on this wedding. Wow, it's so good to see you here. I always knew you were going to blow up." They hugged again. Trey introduced us.
"Baby, this is my homegirl, Jasmine. Jazz, this is my lady, Essence." He held me around my waist. Jasmine and I exchanged polite hellos.
"Your homegirl?" I asked him. He'd never mentioned her before.
"Trey and I grew up together in Virginia." Jasmine told me. The way she looked at me told me that they had been more than just friends. I nodded to show her that I understood her look. The silent conversation we'd had was only apparent to the two of us. Trey just kept grinning and he began to ask about her family. I played the third wheel while they played catch up.

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lol pop got it like that,luv this girl..

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Trey... *clutches pearls*

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Entry 9
I don't know if it's because the wedding we just went to was so beautiful or what, but I cannot wait to tie the knot with Trey. We haven't even made a year together yet but one of these days I'm just going to pop the question. Forget tradition, him bending down on one knee, I'm just going to do it. I'm not desperate or anything, I just don't see any reason to put it off any longer. I know that he'll say yes. Then all he'll have to do is sit back and let me do the rest. I know that I'll give him a wedding that he'll always look back on with the fondest of thoughts.
OF COURSE I'll still let him buy my ring. He has to do something, after all. Besides, I know that that's the one thing he'll get done correctly. Wedding planning is definitely a woman's domain.
The wedding ceremony and reception took place in a beautiful mansion in New Jersey. It was definitely a celebrity event. Everybody was there. The bride was gorgeous in her Vera Wang, traditional styled wedding dress. Even the bridesmaids were dressed in the loveliest cream colored backless evening gowns. All of the men, except the groom, wore cream and white tuxedos. He was decked out in an all white tux, and he bragged about being the luckiest man in the world.
I cried when the couple exchanged their vows, only because I'm such a cry baby. When I went over to the bride's table to pay my respect to the happy couple, the bride's father playfully flirted with me. He told me in a low tone that his wife has been gone for fifteen years, and it wasn't until that very moment, that he had found someone to take her place. I smiled politely and declined his invitation to join him for a drink. He just winked and told me that the invitation would stand, always.
'Such a charming man.' I thought to myself as I walked over to Trey.
"What was Pops talking to you about?" He asked in an off handed way.
"He wants to do me in one of the guest rooms. I told him maybe some other time." I shrugged nonchalantly and smirked at Trey.

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Gosh..trey is so nasty..but I love it! LOL's picture


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Hi Angels!
I haven't been ignoring you guys. I love the comments - keep 'em coming! LOL.
I haven't been responding to your comments because it takes me long enough to get the posts out, and I know you'd rather read the story than my comments. Thank you all so much. This story is definitely dedicated to you - Trey's Angels!
I am flattered. I'll definitely get back to you via email.

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Entry 8 cont'd
I figured a little fresh air wouldn't hurt him. I told him to hold on while I threw on some clothes. Trey told me that I didn't have to do all of that. He said that he could get his grub on right there. He kissed me with so much passion I lost my breath. He pushed me against the wall and he warned me that he wasn't going to stop until I screamed his name. He literally had me climbing that wall and he kept his word. Not only did I have to scream his name, I had to push his shoulder with my foot. Exhausted, I slid down the wall into his arms. He looked like a panty bandit because he had mine draped across his head.
Oh he was straight up wrong for that one. I planned to pay him back right away, but he wasn't having it. Instead, he made me stand with my hands against the wall.
"Poke out your ass, girl." He whispered in my ear. I heard him loosening his belt and jeans. He told me how sweet I tasted as he positioned himself behind me. He held both of my wrists and pushed himself inside of me. He told me that I wasn't going to get away from him.
He moved slowly at first, then gradually he sped up his pace. He went fast and hard. Fast and Hard.
I came in a violent shake and Trey wrapped one arm around my waist, and he leaned on the wall with the other hand. He breathed in my ear for me to cum again. As if on cue, I felt myself reaching another climax.
"Tremaine!" I could barely say his name. He said my name as he gripped me tightly. I felt his tidal wave clash with my waterfall. A few seconds later we both crumbled to the floor like a demolished building. We were both gasping for air. When we both felt that we could stand again, we walked to the bathroom.
Trey had sobered up a little. He apologized for touching me before he could wash off the club. I told him I didn't mind. We showered and he told me about his evening. I knew that he wasn't telling me everything, especially about the club, but that's alright. He's here with me and not out with some stripper.

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I luv it

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I'm really loving this,good job Essence711 :)!!!

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He bout to get his grub on lmaooo

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Entry 8
Mmm Mmm Mmm. I'm in La La Land as I'm writing this. If you could slur while writing, tttthen that's what I'd be doing right now. The only reason I'm writing this at all is because Trey is asleep. He's taking a nap. He promised me that when he awakes he's going to ravage me again. Mmmm.
I hadn't been expecting to see him last night because he had gone to a friend's bachelor party. I was in the middle of writing about the blog when I heard his key in the door. I walked out of the bedroom to greet him. The first thing I noticed was that he seemed to be tipsey. I walked over and helped him hang up his jacket. He felt cold from having just come from outside. I shivered as he wrapped his arms around me.
"Hey, baby." He said as he buried his face in my cleavage. He murmured that I smelled good. I kissed him back and asked if he'd had fun. He told me he'd had a lot of fun. Those strippers at the club they'd gone to must have put on quite a show. Trey was horny as hell.
I had to stop him for a second as I asked him if he had behaved himself.
"Yeah, I was good, lil mumma." he said. He scooped my hair back away from my face with both hands, gently he tilted my face so that we were looking eye to eye. He wanted me to see his sincerity. I believed him, but I wanted to tease him.
"I was talking to him." I said as I squeezed the Beast. He moaned and held my hand there.
"Nah, he was bad. He kept gettin up. He wanted to get out my pants." Trey smiled at me. He made me squeeze him again.
"Really? Did you let him?" I raised my eyebrow in mock concern.
"Nah. I kept him under control. I told him he'd be living in a box in your drawer if I let him out."
"Good for you. I'm glad that you remembered my warning." I told him, then we both laughed. Trey laughed extra hard, proving that he'd had a lot to drink. I steadied him against the wall. I asked him if he'd eaten anything before he'd started drinking. He told me that he hadn't eaten - yet.
"Now I want some IHOP." He said.

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Entry 7 cont'd
Honestly, I miss them too, but I can only take them in small doses like phone calls while I'm on my break, not full course sit down dinners. And this time it won't even be for a special occasion. I really wonder why Daddy is calling the whole family together, but I won't know until that day. In the meantime, I'm going to go on the computer and do my new found favorite pastime - blog searching. I swear, I'm becoming obsessed, like I have this weird fixation with reading about what total strangers have to say about me.
There's this one blog site that I find myself visiting more than the rest. The bloggers name is Nosey Ms. Rosey and she's the self proclaimed nosey neighbor to the stars who loves to dish the dirt on our favorite celebs. Her claim to fame, or rather her notoriety, is that she manages to get her hands on the most candid pics and most private details of a person's life. She even boasts to know the celebs' real addresses, and even their cell phone numbers - and she posts them.
I've read comments from some of the poor celebrities she has exposed and frankly, this Nosey Ms. Rosey is on quite a few 'most wanted' hit lists. Ms. Rosey often leaves a few remarks of her own, where she scoffs at the angry celebs and she boasts that she'll never be caught.
Supposedly, no celebrity, nor wannabe celeb is safe from her prying and she vows to her subscribers that she'll get the info on a celeb, as long as they keep asking for it.
She peaked my interest when she posted some pics of Trey the other day. She captured three shots as he was leaving the building. The first was as he walked outside from the lobby. The next was as he walked towards his truck. The third was of him turning towards the camera. He looked as if he was responding to some one calling his name. The caption read, 'Where's Trey going?'
I was surprised when I saw my own pic as I exited the building. They caught me as I got into Trey's car. The word BITCH was splashed across in bold red.

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i missed a few posts but i'm back so :) keep up the good work. i can't c what happens next

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Entry 7 cont'd
My mother has this thing about me living alone, especially on the west side of town. My mother was born and raised on the Upper East Side. She's never lived in any other part of the city. CoCo and I were born and raised there. If my mother had her way, we'd still live there.
CoCo lives in the Gramercy Park section and Ma doesn't have a problem with that. She says that CoCo's neighborhood is safe, quaint and rich with history. Ma has only been to my apartment twice, and those two times Daddy told me that he had to trick her into coming. I'm not going to call my mother a snob, but seriously, she thinks that anyplace west of fifth avenue and lower than forty-nineth street is the ghetto. I had to listen to her talk for fifteen minutes. CoCo was no help. She even suggested that since I couldn't make it on that night, why don't we move up the date. I looked at her and made a slicing motion across my neck. She giggled.
Ma agreed with CoCo and by the time my father took the phone again, my patience with my family was all but tapped out.
Daddy set a new time and date, and without even giving it a vote, he told us that he expected to see us both there on that night. I was tight. As a last ditch attempt to get out of it, I told Daddy that I wouldn't show up without Trey.
"Ahh, the singer, how is he doing by the way?" Daddy asked.
"TREY is doing very well, Daddy." It irritates the hell out of me that Daddy always refers to my baby as 'the singer.' It's not that he doesn't like Trey, but he's done a lot of work with various people in the entertainment business, and he tends to think that they are all the same.
Ordinarilly, I would never push my parents off on Trey but something tells me that I'm going to really need him by my side that night.
Daddy agreed to let me bring Trey. Another sign that something was up. Daddy never gave in that easily. When I hung up I asked CoCo if she knew what was going on, she just shrugged and said that they just missed me so much.

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nxt post plzzz...

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More......More.......More.......ok cold shower

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Entry 7 cont'd
"Hiya Doll-face." She said in a singsong voice. I knew it would be pointless if I tried to get my mother's help on this situation. She never goes against my father's wishes.
"Hi, Ma. I was just telling Daddy that I can't have dinner with you guys." I hoped she wouldn't push the issue any further, but who was I kidding, I knew who I was dealing with. They're partners in crime. He'd put her on the phone so that she could run a guilt trip on me. I put my phone on speaker, I wasn't about to suffer alone, shoo, they're CoCo's parents too.
I sighed and listened as my mother went into her usual, "You hardly ever visit us..." routine. Then she went on to, "We know you like to work, but you're so young, you should be out exploring the world..."
Then she went IN on, "And you know it's not safe for a young woman like yourself to live alone, especially in your area..."
I had to listen to her tell me about how two girls had gotten raped a few days ago. I live in Chelsea, no where near Harlem, where the rapes occurred but to my mother it's all the same. Then she told me about how a man was trapped in an elevator and he'd had a massive heart attack and died before they could rescue him. That had happened in the Bronx, still, no difference to her.
"Why don't you rent out your apartment and live with your sister for a while?"
I told my mother that I was sure that CoCo didn't have any room for me. She told me that she was sure that Coco would let me have the baby's room.
"And where will I sleep, in his toddler bed?" The sarcasm in my voice was definitely lost on my mother.
"Oh, we'll get you a new bed." My mother chuckled as if I'd told her a joke. I looked at CoCo and signalled for her to disagree with Ma.
"Mommy, Evan and I are planning to redecorate EJ's room, and you know what awful taste Essence has...In the end it just wouldn't work out." She made a face at me and I shoved her lightly.
"Well, you're right, but at least you two would be together..." Ma said.

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More pls lol

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Entry 7 cont'd
I was surprised that she'd used the word 'charming' to describe our dad. Usually, he and Coco are at odds about one thing or another. She told me that they had made up from their last quarrel.
"He's finally agreed to stop telling me how to raise my son." She told me. They had been arguing about that since my nephew was born. Daddy takes the 'Father Knows Best' thing way over the top. The day my nephew was born, Daddy basically told CoCo that he would make all plans concerning the baby's life. He expected her to cooperate. That's just how my father is. I'm not surprised that he didn't call me himself and ask me to have dinner with him. He doesn't ask. He summons.
When she told me the time and date, I told her that I wouldn't be able to make it. That was the day I had to go to Chicago. She kind of smirked as she reminded me that our father doesn't take no for an answer.
"Girl, he's going to book a flight to Chicago just to keep up with his plans." She joked. I took her seriously, because he would definitely do something like that. I had to call him.
Hello, Baby Love." My father said in his smooth voice.
"Hi Daddy. Listen, I'm not going to be able to have dinner with you. I'm going to be out of town on business that day." I didn't beat around the bush. Neither did he.
"Nothing is more important than family. Cancel your business trip." I swear I thought I heard him snicker when he said the word business. Daddy has never taken my career choice seriously. I am Director of Administration in the copyright division at a corporate law firm - a position I worked damn hard to obtain and he acts as if it's some after school job. He told me once that the lawyers are supposed to work for us, not the other way around.
"Daddy, I'm not going to cancel my very important business trip. I love you, but I'm not going to do it." I told him in a firm manner.
"I won't argue with you, dear. Here, speak to your mother." Before I could protest, I heard my mother's voice.

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Entry 7
Today when I got in from work, Stacy told me that a huge package came for me. She went into the security office and came out with this very big rectangle wrapped in brown postal paper.
"It feels like a picture frame." She said as she handed it to me. There was no card or letter attached so there was no indication of where the package came from. Stacy said that it was brought over by a messenger.
"The guy said that he was told to deliver this directly to you. Of course, you know that he wasn't getting past me." Stacy said.
I thanked her and carried my package upstairs. I opened it right away because my curiosity was killing me. It was a frame, and it held a super poster sized picture of Trey. I smiled back at Trey's toothy grin. He was so cute in the picture. The only thing is that he looked several years younger, and he was extra skinny with perfectly braided hair. He was laying on a sofa wearing a white wife beater tee and jeans. I stared at the picture for a while, taking in all of Trey's deliciousness, then I had to catch myself. He looked to be no older than sixteen in the picture, and here I was practically drooling over him. It's scary to think that I could lust over Trey even if he was under aged. Well thank goodness he isn't. I absolutely adore the man he's become. I hung the picture on the wall next to my bed. Trey's going to be shocked when he sees it.
Coco just left. When she saw the picture of Trey she showed her approval with a nod.
"He's really cute. He must have had those little girls going crazy back in the day. Look at his hair..." For the first time, CoCo was impressed by Trey's looks.
"What are we, pedophiles or something? I can't take my eyes off of this thing either. You know he was definitely a minor in this picture." I said.
"Well it's a good thing he grew up then, huh?" She said. I agreed.
My sister had come to deliver a message from our father.
"The charming Mr. Carter DuRay requests your presence for dinner." She told me.