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That site needs to be shut down

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That MTO post Is very silly...looking at it makes me smh

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Taking another look and the guy's hands actually look like they are in his pockets.

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I couldn't help but laugh at this one. That was a total waste. How they gon' have a pic about him holding another man's hand and they don't even show the hands?!?!?! lmaooo They are such a joke.

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RFLMAO @ the chopped & screwed pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MTO's such a joke!!!! Plus, if a celebrity was downlow & had this type of profession, would he seriously be that OUT in the open? MTO is horrible. You gotta laugh at them b/c they are pathetic & too lazy to go out & do some dayum research. Lossssseeeerrrrrrsssssss

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The post really annoyed me, so I had to get my frustrations out on here, because this is a close community, and I felt like everyone would feel the same way I feel.

I'm made they are posting false stories about Trey and I'm annoyed that they post false stories about other people in the public eye. MTO needs to be shut down (we all can agree that). I posted this blog to show how far-fetched there stories are.

This is my own personal way of dealing with this mess.

And gay or not... Trey is Trey and I will always support him as an artist.

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A few thoughts...

1.) Bloggers love to post false and inflammatory posts. Why? Because they know fans will react, visit the website and comment. When we post links (like the one above), we're helping them out by giving them more page hits. The more page hits they get, the more influential they become. The more influential they become, the more likely they will continue to post similar false stories to keep us coming back. Sometimes the best thing to do is to ignore their negativity all together.

2.) Even though I do not think Trey was holding hands with the individual in the picture, SO WHAT if he was?! Does that make Trey any less talented? Does it make you like his songs less? Does it change your overall opinion of Trey as a person? I sincerely hope that it wouldn't.

Trey would be talented even if his skins was neon orange and he wore a strobe light on top of his head.

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im so tired of mto trying 2 make trey gay. whoeva runs mto must really dislike trey. it dnt matter though he's still shytting on them haters. #lookattreynow

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@kasja_lovestrey girl that aint Forrest!

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NO.................that looks like his little brother
two...they didnt even show their hands,
Third they have technology and they add shiii to pics!!!
Fourth if Trey was on that you definitely wouldnt get a picture of it!!!

This was a waste of a Post/discussion
SMH #fckery

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wtf you cant even see their hands... mto is full of shit

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yea i saw it. smh. and i surely don't believe it. we can't even c their hands. mto stay reaching and lyin about sumthin. smh

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I think you're right lisaleigh.

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I've said it before and I'm going to say again, there is someone at MTO with a huge personal problem with Trey with other stars MTO just tries to expose them. But for some reason they are straight destroying Trey's image. Looking at that picture I would guess that dude is someone trey knows personally considering they have similar tattoos. Only God can Judge me with a cross on the right arm. Obviously its in Virginia someone where people see him all the time being that the picture was taken in hardware shop. Nice try MTO but no cigar.

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that made me laugh when i went to the site... and the TOP story that day was this. i click on it... n they pic dont even have hands in it!!!

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MTO stay on some bs that is why I don't even go on their site

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MTO needs to be shut down. They are always putting something false and really stupid on their site. That's why I don't even visit it anymore, they irritate me. Ugh's picture

Media Take Out is just pure garbage! Kinda like the national Enquirer only you don't get it in the store on the rack by the registers! LOL! I hate them and the crap they be saying about Tremaine! But as they do it my baby's pockets seem to get fatter and fatter so.................Talk away!

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WOW!!! MTO needs to get a LIFE!! they really have nothing better to do than be all up trey's ass...seriously u cant even see their hands!!! UGHHH! MTO stresses me out for real lol

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oh seriously, lol! i dont like those ppl!

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You have to scroll down

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What guy? Theres no guy in that pic!! WTF!

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They stupid..I think everything mto say r lies...just so their site can stay a float::))

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Thats' The MOST Dumbest And FAKEST Gossip EVER Never COULD (Tremaine BE GAY,) like COME ON.

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dey cut off his hands.... lik c'ommmmonnnnn its fake... media takeout is dumb

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they most definitely did cut off the hands! If i stand side-by-side with someone....its gonna look like that too. He wasn't holding that man's hand -___-'s picture

I hate media take out always trying to make look bad. I am so GLAD that he don't react to the bull shit they put out

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LOL You can't even see their hands. And how recent was this photo it look like it was taken in the warmer months. And does Trey really know that guy?