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Trey Will Be On 106 & Park


  • Trey Will Be On 106 & Park
    February 07, 2011

    ...this Thursday Feb 10th!!! :)

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on Feb 7, 2011 - 06:09PM

...this Thursday Feb 10th!!! :)

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@jims lmaoo u prob wouldnt like it anyway. i hate the show there really annoying. but whenever treys there hes odee nice to the audience he goes around to each section and gives us hugs unlike the other celebs

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Really! I wish I could go but I’m too old for that show. LOL's picture

@nequa Too bad I don't live in NY :(

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they sent me 5 tickets i cant go tho.. does anyone want them its tomorrow at 6 u gotta get ther by 3pm

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OMG YES!!'s picture

You're welcome!
@ANGEL_KIAH84 I made a post about him being on Wendy too! :)

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thank you.

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Ohh thanks for telling us :) !!!