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    February 01, 2011

    Ladies before our Feb 11th concert we all should get together and have a meet and greet. All Angels meet and afterwards head to the concert to see ou ANGEL shut NyC down

Luvahgyrl's picture
on Feb 1, 2011 - 01:22AM

Ladies before our Feb 11th concert we all should get together and have a meet and greet. All Angels meet and afterwards head to the concert to see ou ANGEL shut NyC down

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nequa_3's picture

yes see you there.. maybe ill see on the line

JesusIsMySavior's picture

yeah guess not. I'll see you at the show nequa.

nequa_3's picture

guess this isnt happening

ForeverSmilez's picture

@ForeverSmilez hit me up with details

s_bohenek's picture

Im with it. Is there exact place??? @shantelly84_TTU

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes please let us know.

nequa_3's picture

are u guys still doing this?

_LoveNisha's picture

Im not from NYC but im coming down from boston to go to the concert :) twitter: _lovenisha
is there an exact place set yet?

Essence711's picture

I'm not going to the concert, but if my opinion is welcomed, then I'd suggest the BBQ's on 23rd street also. It's closer, less expensive, and there will be more room than the one on 42nd street.
I'd also suggest to try to get there early that day, if there's going to be a game at The Garden that night. Y'all know how the city is. It does get crazy on game night. I hope y'all get to meet up and have a lot of fun. If y'all get to meet Trey, please someone give him an extra hug and kiss for me. :)

TeeIsMe's picture

Hi ladies! I am a new Angel longtime fan. I am going to the concert and would love to be included in the meet n greet. Please keep me informed. My twitter handle is @PleaseTeeisMe thank you!

Luvahgyrl's picture

R u referring to the Power 105 contest or the pkg

RITTALUV's picture

i heard the meet n greet wit trey is before the concert so those nyc angels that have those tickets cant meet before and would have to meet after the that ok with everyone?

Nic76's picture

I am so there! Let me know the details. I am going next friday!

nequa_3's picture

how bout the fridays on 34th we already went to fridays but its near MSG

Luvahgyrl's picture

We can meet up in times square like Dave nd Busters or BBq's and chill for a minute

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

that sounds nice. have fun y'all. i still don't have $ 4 books so u know i can't afford a tix :( i'll be there next time though :) takes lots of pics 4 me lol

RITTALUV's picture

i agree! we need to figure out where to meet tho

mstopnotch328 TopNotchAngel's picture

yea we doing that maybe we can combine all the groups

JesusIsMySavior's picture

That would be nice.

nequa_3's picture

yeah i think thats a good idea. meet where at tho

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