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Love Face Video


  • Love Face Video
    February 14, 2011

    Did anyone seen it an if so how would you rate it from all the rest of his video!

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on Feb 14, 2011 - 01:46PM
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I think the Love Faces video is was GENIUS.. it's up there with Yo Side of The Bed.. AMAZING!!

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@JIMS - yes, I'm the star in that one! LOLOLOL

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I loved it as I do all Treys videos......I think the idea of the video was good.....I think everyone was expectingg it to be more Sexual.....and iit really doesn't take that all the Time......Loved It! Especially the end. :)'s picture

@Mocha_BabyRN I agree 1000% Couldn't of said it better myself! :)

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Actually, I enjoyed the Love Faces video. It may not have been as sexual as some people wished it could have been, but it was quite SENSUAL. Trey and the leading lady had a relationship that many were unaware. As he stares into her paintings, he sees all the "Love Faces" she makes when they are together. You could only assume that this role play they had at the gallery was the foreplay to an incredible evening afterwards. She got what she wanted, an evening all about her and I'm sure he was rewarded handsomely. Ha Ha

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i soo agree with Trish because he should've did something a lot more sexual..because thats what I think about when I think "Love Faces"

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Maybe he has a more sexual version of the video.

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it was the cute version of i inveted sex needless 2 say ---> :D

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the video was real cute..i luvd it of course

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I didn't like it at all. I give it a 2...and the 2 is simply because HE is in it & looking all delicious! I wanted it to be about sex...that's what I prepared for...that's what I it was a let down in that aspect. Anything called "love faces" should definitely be sexy. I get that he was trying to be artistic with it...but the name of the song & the video do not flow. Nevertheless, Trey is my baby & I will always have his back. I still vote for the video on 106 & Park because I support Trey 100%.

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very different & mayb his best video yet!

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im glad that it didnt have a bunch of sex in it... i mean we all love to see trey with barely (or nothing) on.. but this video showed the other side of him.. kinda like when he made "your side of the bed" it was a story... not full of nakedness. lol 2 thumbs up!

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yes i saw it all of his videos is good i love the concept of it matter fact love trey period

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The video was GREAT. The storyline was so cute, creative, & very well thought out. I loved it. I thought the ending was perfect. Of course Tremaine looked amazing as usual but I liked the fact that the video wasn't just about sex. Like -madhottmami69- said. . .it showed that Trey had more to offer & I totally agree :) *two thumbs up* 5-stars

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i loved the video, i kno everyone was expecting the theme of sex to be present but i liked how it wasnt like the neighbors know my name, and invented sex music videos, it shows that trey has more to offer than just a sex icon...and i think it does a great job in portraying his creativity and where its going in the future...

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I saw it. I think Trey looked great, the model was very pretty and the concept was different. I think everybody expected something like 'Neighbors Know My Name' but it was more artistic and more about the passion behind 'Love Faces' rather than the pleasure. It is a very mature video. If I had to rate it I give a 10 all the way.

Me and my baby keep watching it every hour on MTV Jams. Love Faces is actually her favorite song right now lol she's 2 and she sings it all day everyday.