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    February 26, 2011

    Who's going to Essence Fest this year? We need to have Angel get together!



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on Feb 26, 2011 - 12:36AM

Who's going to Essence Fest this year? We need to have Angel get together!



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I'm going and will be there all 3 days but does anyone have the platinum package?Will coming in on the 30th from Richmond Va. Looking for someone that may want to share cost of room if I get a double room.

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I think Im Going!!

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@trey739freak --- i will b there im from n.o. metro

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@p0ohzie I see you gettin it n with @TreySongz.......gurl dat was a good look......I kno he smelt lik lick me all ova.......

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I will be there...........

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I am making plans to go.

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I suppose to be coming. I'm set if I'm coming or not.

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I am going!!!! I can't wait to see all of the other Angels that will be there

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Glad to see so many are going! Does anyone wanna volunteer to set up a meet n greet for us? I want to help, but since I'm not from there I dont really know what we should do. Maybe @BabyGirlG wants to??? lol

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@TSAngel_Ty I would say we could travel together but I have alot of family going and I don't know how many cars we'll have and such. If you want I can let you know when we finalize our plans a little more. you can email me at

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Hi Farrah I am plan on going I am n Alabama maybe we can travel together hit me on twitter @Auburn63 we already met at the ATL Meet & Greet.

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I will be attending the Essence Festival this year. Yayyyy love to meet new ANGELS...
Hit me up via twitter @oneshadowlove #1stLadyAngel

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im coming from ATL and im going but i have no one to travel with... can we have serious inquiries only that are going?!!'s picture

I am planning on it.

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Im comming from Chicago.

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I am plan on going I am coming from Alabama

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i know its only an Hour & a half I was trying to see who all was going

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@39&luvit i live in belleville do you want to travel together if so hit me up on twitter @NishiaLuvTrey. I been looking for angels in the stl and belleville area

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Planning on it~St Louis:)'s picture

I wana go don't know if i will be able to go. Are there any other Angels from NE Mississippi? If so hit me up on twitter @justme2905 or my email


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i'm goin to try to go.... I'll be coming from Houston,TX

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I am going too.. Us Angels in NC are planning the trip now!

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I'm going, I'm from Louisiana. If anyone want to meet up, email me and we can make it happen. My address is:

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i am going but i dont have anyone to travel with yet

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@MS_IMLOVINGME yay! How long is ur drive? Mine is 12 hours!

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oh ok. Thats only like an hour and a half from here. Lol

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@pOohzie the single tickets aren't available yet. The ones available now are for ppl thst know they're going all three days. The regular tickets will probably ne available when they post the rest of the line up.

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@TSAngel_Ty what part? I'm driving down from Cincinnati

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a few of us wanted to come down from chicago but i dont understand these ticket prices, like i only wana go when trey performs.