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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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this is getting GOOD..&& I agree with Shay...Jasmine seems to have some type of motive

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I know shay

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HOT DAMN!!! This is getting juicy..luv 2 c a woman stand by her man, trey's a lucky man.... Next post plzzz!!!

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What is this chick Jasmine's motive? *smh*

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Wow i can' t belive it's true.... glad to see that essence was very supportive of him... can't wait till the next entry!!!!!

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Entry 16
Trey and I stayed up up all night talking about him, Jasmine and their baby. When I first asked him about the baby, he tried to play it off as if I was crazy. I told him that even a crazy person wouldn't make up something like that. I told him that Jasmine had told me all about it.
"So then, she must be the crazy one, right?" I asked him. I waited for him to deny everything she'd told me, but the look on his face told me otherwise.
"Why didn't you tell me, baby?" I asked him.
"That's just something I don't like to talk about." He answered.
I asked him if he ever thought about it. He told me that of course he thought about it.
"Well how does it make you feel? I mean, that's something too big to pretend never happened."
He told me that he never pretends that it didn't happen. He just doesn't like to talk about it and as far as his feelings go, he's not hurt over it anymore. His mother helped him through the loss and she stood by him when they were planning for the baby's arrival.
"My mother had me when she was seventeen, so she knew what we were facing. She was a little disappointed because she didn't know how it was going to affect my future. When I told her that I still planned on pursuing my career in singing, she was proud of me. She did give me an ultimatum, though."
"What was the ultimatum?"
"She told me that she would support me for the first year of the baby's life. We could work and finish school and not have to worry about paying extra expenses for babysitting. After that, if my singing didn't take off, I had to either get a full time job, or go off to college. She knew how much time and energy goes into having a child, especially the first year. She had my grandmothers and my aunts to help her with me. Jasmine's family flat out refused to help us. They wanted her to get rid of the baby. I told them that I would support her and the baby. My grumma got me a job where she worked and I did my thing on the side."
"Jasmine told me that you cut hair."

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well Damn at jasmine tellin u that, i need more cant wait 4 the next one!!!

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What the "H E double hockey sticks" is wrong with that chick. She betta watch out cause Essence will whip dat azzzzz! Wow I they have never really talked about their past, something that serious he should have told her.. (if Jasmine was truthful...) I need more!

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Im biting my nails waiting on the Next entry

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Entry 15 cont'd
The thought of me and Trey not being together is the worst thought that could pass through my mind. I love him so much that even thinking about how my life would be without him in it depresses me. I know it's selfish of me, but I'm so happy that I do have him. All of what Jasmine told me touched me deeply, and as sad as it may be, I still believe things happen for a reason.
Trey was destined to become so much more than a 'Baby Daddy'. He is a true star and his light is shining so bright. A baby would've overshadowed that light, then where would he be?
At the restaurant our food came and neither one of us had much of an appetite. I picked over my plate and when I looked up, I saw Eric and Charles eyeing us. Eric made gestures, asking if everything was alright. I nodded. There was nothing they could save me from at that moment.
A few moments later, Jasmine joked about having to get her cheesecake to go. I asked her if she was going to be alright. She told me that she would be. Then, for some reason I'm still not clear on, I told her that she could call me anytime, if she ever needed to talk.
I seriously don't know what made me tell her that. She's a nice person and all, but she's still Trey's ex, and quite possibly the biggest love of his life, before I came along. Do I really want her to be a part of my life? She already has way too much of Trey in her life. Then again...there is that saying about keeping your enemies close...
I don't really think of Jasmine as a foe, but you never know. I'm just going to have to see how this is all going to play out.
In the meantime, I'm waiting for Trey to come home from a video shoot. I haven't seen him all day and aside from missing him, I really need to talk to him about my lunch with Jasmine. I wonder what he's going to say about it. I'm hoping he'll tell me that she's a lying, conniving jilted ex that he was never really that much in love with.
I cringe at the thought of him telling me the exact opposite.

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Entry 15
"Needless to say, she told my mom, my mom told Trey's mom. It was a big mess." Jasmine shook her head. I nodded sympathetically.
"To this day, I still say that it was the stress and pressure from my family that caused me to have the miscarriage. My mother really wanted me to make something of myself. She didn't want me to end up being some small town boy's baby mama - like her."
My heart went out to her at that moment. She looked so sad remembering their unborn child.
How could Trey keep something so deep from me? It must have torn him up as well.
"How did Trey take the loss?' I asked.
Jasmine told me that he was heartbroken.
"We were just getting used to the idea of us being parents. We were making plans. The baby would've been born around June of that year, so Trey told me not to give up on the internship. He got a job as a stock clerk in an army surplus store, plus he had a side hustle cutting hair so he started saving money. I made money babysitting and doing hair. We both stayed in school. He told me that nothing was going to stand in the way of our dreams. He said we were going to make it. We just had to."
Jasmine was tearing up again. I was speechless. I couldn't begin to know what that kind of hurt felt like. Poor Trey. In my mind, I keep seeing the boy in that picture that I now keep on the side of my bed. It's wrapped in plastic to keep it from getting dusty.
When I look at that picture I see how young he was. He wasn't much more than a baby himself, and he would've been a father? I wonder where he'd be now if they hadn't lost the baby.
"Were you two going to get married?' I asked.
"We talked about it a lot, but at that time we just wanted to get through having the baby and finishing school. Marriage would've come after all of that."
I imagined the two of them as a married couple. I had to shake the thought out of my head because the plausibility seemed too real. Nothing would be as it is if their baby had been born. I wouldn't even know Trey.

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Entry 15
Jasmine's voice began to shake as she went on.
"I just thought that you should know that there is a bond between Trey and me. It goes past friendship and growing up together. It's a bond that will never be broken."
Jasmine took a napkin and wiped away her tears.
I was trying like hell to hold it together. I wanted to scream at her, 'Why? Why are you telling me this? Why did you show up now after all this time?' But I couldn't. I had to consider what she had just told me.
She and Trey had been expecting a baby together, but they'd lost it. How? When?
I gently apologized for my outburst and I asked her to tell me the whole story. I needed to know everything so that I could make sense of it all.
Jasmine told me that she and Trey had always been friends, their mothers had always been friends. She said they had always kept in touch, even when Trey's mother had gotten married and they'd moved around a lot.
She said that when Trey had moved back to Virginia, they shared a close friendship. By the time they got to high school, the feelings they had were undeniable. They had only been together for six months when they found out that she was pregnant. Of course they didn't want to tell anyone because breaking the news to their folks would mean a lot of broken dreams for the both of them. Trey had already began taking steps towards his singing career and Jasmine was supposed to start an internship for Journalism that summer.
"Trey was nervous about telling his mother. He used to tell me that she didn't even know that he was sexually active yet. He just didn't know how he was going to tell her." Jasmine laughed a little at the memory.
I tried to imagine a skinny little Trey with eight straight backs in his hair, being too nervous to admit that he'd been having sex. It was a far cry from the sexy, confident man I know and love today.
Jasmine went onto tell me that after trying to hide her pregnancy for several months, her older sister caught on to their secret.

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OH DAMN! Jasmaine wanna start trouble,trey gon kill her... luv it.

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this is getting good. Next entry please!

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Entry 15 cont'd
Jasmine made told me that she wasn't complaining about Trey's new look. She told me that he's still fine as hell, then she put her hand up to her mouth. She asked me if I minded her saying that.
I waved my hand. I told her that if I was bothered everytime someone said that about Trey, then I'd be walking around with a big ass chip on my shoulder all the time.
"Trey's looks are a gift from God. We're supposed to enjoy them. How could we call ourselves human if we didn't?" We both laughed a little.
Our drinks came and we ordered our food. I took a big sip from my glass, and when the waitress walked away, Jasmine asked me if Trey had told me about the baby. I almost spit out my drink. I coughed a little and she handed me a napkin.
"What baby?" I asked her.
"Trey and I had a baby, well, let me rephrase that. We would have had a baby. We lost it." Jasmine lowered her eyes. I stared at her in disbelief.
No! No! HELL No! This chick has to be lying! Was all I coiuld think at the time. Trey had never ever mentioned having a child or almost having a child with anyone. Something that important couldn't be pushed aside or forgotten. Trey wouldn't hide something like that from me.
Jasmine started to say something else to me but I held up my hand to stop her.
"Look, Jasmine, I know that you and Trey have a full history together. I'm sure you two share memories that you'll have together for the rest of your lives. True memories that I'm sure he'll never tell me about. Why can't you just be satisfied with that? Your relationship was over a long time ago, and to be honest, Trey never even spoke of you. He sure as hell never told me about almost having a baby."
Jasmine waited patiently as if she had expected me to react that way. We both took swallows of our drinks.
"I know that this is a big shock for you. Trey is probably going to kill me for telling you. I'm not telling you this to hurt you in any way, believe me, I'm not. Trey told me that he's happy with you."

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Entry 15
Jasmine called me today. She told me that she had asked Trey for my number and she wanted to know if we could meet up for lunch. It was a complete surprise to me because Jasmine and I hardly know each other and the only thing we have in common is Trey. I felt a little suspicious. Why did she want to have lunch with me? Was this a scheme for her to try and get closer to Trey? I agreed to meet with her out of curiosity.
Jasmine wanted to meet in Brooklyn at Junior's Restaurant. She said that she had heard so much about their famous cheesecake and she was dying to try some.
I walked into the restaurant around 12:30 this afternoon with Eric and Charles in tow. On the drive across the bridge from Manhattan they kept bragging about their favororite flavors and how many cheesecakes they could eat. They challenged one another to a cheesecake eating contest. I told them I'd buy their lunch if they wouldn't go through with the contest. Good naturedly, they accepted my offer.
Jasmine was already seated, so I was led right to her table. We gave each other polite hugs and then sat down. I gave the waitress my drink order, and Jasmine ordered a second drink.
She thanked me for meeting with her, then she confessed her reason for wanting to see me.
"I asked Trey if he'd told you about our history, and you know Trey, everything with him is on a need to know basis, so you probably don't know a whole lot about us." She said.
I started to tell her that if I wanted to know more about their history together, I would just ask him, but she did have a point. When I had asked Trey about him and Jasmine, he didn't tell me much about their past, he just made sure that I knew that she wouldn't be a problem to us now.
"Well, Trey did tell me that you two were a couple when you were teenagers and that you used to braid his hair back then." I told her. Jasmine smiled broadly at the mention.
"All that thick long hair and those braids! Boy, I was so disappointed when he cut off his hair."

lol @ them chasing the guy. he better not call the cops if he knows what's good 4 him. i wonder who he is though. hmmmmm's picture

next entry plz....

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AWW i like how trey let u know ur the only 1 on his mind & not jasmine..Look like u got a stalker on ur hand, can't wait 2 c wat happen nxt...

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Entry 14 cont'd
The videos on the camera were just the type that Nosey Ms. Rosey would post. There were videos of a few of my famous neighbors as they came and went. There was a recent video of Trey and myself as we stood outside of the building. We were kissing and playing around before we got into his car. Kenny wasn't there because he had the day off, but Eric and Charles were in the background, trying not to be conspicuous. The camera zoomed in and out on us a few times. It stayed on us until we drove away. The video had been taken on the day we had gone to the studio. I wonder why none of us had noticed that guy videotaping us. The realization that I've been watched so closely by this stranger made me shudder. For the first time since this whole thing began, I felt afraid. Maybe being face to face with the culprit was a little too much for me. I'm glad he was finally caught. I called Trey to tell him the news. He was relieved too, but he warned me to still be careful. We don't know if this guy works alone, or what.
After a few more minutes of the guys trying to wrestle more information out of the man, Eric finally decided to let the guy go. He wanted to know if he could have his camera back.
"That's private property, y'know. I could bring the cops around here." He threatened as he walked backwards.
Eric cracked his knuckles, then he and Charles began to chase the man down the block. They could have caught him easily, but they let him go. They laughed as they turned to come back to where I was standing.
They apologized to me for making me late for work. Of course I didn't mind, they were only doing their job. Charles told me that after he dropped Eric and me off, he was going to bring the camera to my father. Most likely, Daddy will send the camera off to be analyzed.
All I could think of all day is that maybe this whole ordeal is over. I haven't heard anything from Daddy yet, so we still don't know who the guy is or who he works for. I hope we find out soon.

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Entry 14
Eric and Charles finally got to do their job today. When I got downstairs this morning, Eric was holding this scrawny looking man in a head lock and Charles was holding a video camera. He was going through the camera's memory. He walked over to the man and asked him to show him how to delete the videos.
"Come on, man. That's my livelihood. Just let me keep what's already on the camera, and you won't see me around here again." The man pleaded.
"What's going on?" I asked the doorman, Pete. He looked as if he was being the 'lookout'.
Before he answered me, he gave a sharp whistle. Suddenly, Eric and Charles changed their stances slightly. Eric loosened his grip on the guy's neck, and Charles held the camera in a way so that they all could see it. When the early morning police cruiser slid by, they looked like three friends admiring pictures on a video camera. Pete nodded to the officer who was peering out on the passenger side of the vehicle. The officer tilted his head in a return gesture, and the police car went on down the street. As soon as the coast was clear, the men returned to what they were doing before. Charles was threatening to smash the camera if the guy didn't tell him why he had been taking the videos in the first place. Eric put the squeeze on him again.
The man finally broke down and told them that he works for an online tabloid. He says he gets paid to get candid shots of celebrities doing everyday things.
"Is your tabloid called 'Nosey Ms. Rosey'?" Eric asked him.
"No. Who's that?" The guy answered. Eric tightened his grip on the guy and he gagged.
Charles walked over to me with the camera in his hand. He showed me some of the videos the guy had stored on it and he asked me if I recognized the guy. I told him no as I gave the guy a really thorough look. He told me that when he and Eric had arrived this morning, they noticed the guy half a block away with his camera. They had watched him while he staked out the building and took pictures.

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Entry 13 cont'd
It was easy for him to tell me not to worry about the pic. He's not the one who has to sit around with all of these mixed emotions. I don't want to be that jealous chick who's always suspicious and who hates on all of his female friends, but it seems as though that's who I've become. I have a right to now who my man is hanging out with at all times. He has that same right with me. At any time he can check up on me and ask me who I'm with and where I've been and what have I been doing. He'll get the truth with no hesitation.
So why is it that whenever I feel that there's something he should be telling me, I feel like some insecure little girl if I ask him? I needed to know what was really going on with him and Jasmine, so I had to ask him. In doing so, I put myself out there again as the jealous girlfriend.
Trey acted as if it was no big deal that for the last couple of days he and Jasmine have been meeting up, supposedly to work on her article. He said that she'd had to catch him on the run, that's why she was getting into his truck. He said they only had time to grab a quick lunch and even then, they had to talk and eat while on their way back and forth to the studio. He said the day the pic was taken must have been the day before when they were on his way to a fitting for his ad campaign. He said that she wasn't allowed to watch the fitting, so he told her to just stop by his apartment today.
"And I wasn't told this because you forgot? Or I'm just not that important anymore..."
Trey told me not to feel that way. He said that Jasmine isn't on his mind day and night so mentioning her to me wasn't that important for him.
"You should know by now that I won't let another female come between us. You don't have nothing to worry about." He said.
I tucked my doubts away and decided not to let a cloud hang over our day. Jasmine was forgotten soon after we got to the studio. Trey worked all afternoon and his album is going to be great. SongBook Baby!!'s picture

is trey creeping lol dat nigga always doing sumthin he aint got no business doing SMH

hmmmm. so trey is keeping secrets now. really??? essence about 2 b all up in that ass if jasmine pops up @ his house again. smh @ tiffany though. that lil girl is 2 much lol

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Entry 13 cont'd
Jasmine ended up spending the rest of the morning with us. She said that she wanted to observe how different his lifestyle is now, when compared to back in the days. As before, they weren't intentionally leaving me out of the conversation, but again, they began to talk about the past, and all I could do was listen. Eventually, I went into the living room and I used Trey's computer to check the blogs. Nosey Ms. Rosey was at it again. She had several pics of Trey while he was coming and going from the building. She had pics of Trey signing autographs, and one of him and Jasmine getting into his truck. Trey's hand was on the small of her back as she entered the truck before him. The caption read, "Did Trey dump Miss Prissy for an Around The Way Girl?"
I almost got up and ran into the kitchen with the laptop to start some shit, but I stopped myself. I wasn't going to start arguing with Trey in front of the next chick. Yeah, the pic made me mad as hell, but it wasn't like they were alone. Trey's assistant and his stylist were there too.
Ever since that stuff a few months ago with Kelli, I've been checking myself on getting all riled up over petty bull. Still, at that moment, I was already looking at strike two where this chick was concerned. I don't know if I can handle what strike three might show.
I watched the two of them closely for the rest of the time that she was there. Trey pulled me onto his lap and answered a few more of her questions. Jasmine and I exchanged a few quiet looks. No matter how much they reminisce over the past, her time with him is just that - in the past. I'm his here and now, and as far as I'm concerned, I'm his always and forever too.
I was so glad when Jasmine told us that she had a meeting to go to. For a minute, I thought that she was going to try to tag along with us to the studio. Seriously, three really is a crowd.
While we rode to the studio, I told Trey about the pic on the blog. He told me not to worry about it.

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uhhh ohhh I smell DRAMMMAAAA.! :) yay lol

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Entry 13 cont'd
We made breakfast together and he told me that he wanted me to go to the studio with him. I told him that I was going to go in the booth and do all of the hooks. He told me that with some auto-tune that it might work. We were joking about me making my own album when the intercom rang. Trey answered it and he was told that he had a visitor. I got up and took my plate to the stove. I covered it and told Trey that I was going to get dressed. I was only wearing his T Shirt and of course I couldn't let his company see me like that.
After I showered and dressed, I walked back into the kitchen and I was surprised as hell to see Trey's ex-girlfriend, Jasmine, sitting at the table. She was eating the extra omelet we had made, and Trey was buttering a slice of toast for her. I was beginning to think that I had stepped back into time and I was peering in on them when they were still in a relationship. They looked so comfortable together.
Trey looked up at me and asked me if I remembered meeting Jasmine. At first I couldn't speak, so I just nodded. Jasmine smiled at me and made a gesture for me to come over to her. I did, and she reached up and gave me a half hug. She told me that it was nice to see me again, and she told me that she felt as if she knew me because Trey talks about me so much.
I hadn't been aware that Trey had even been speaking to her, let alone, speaking to her about me. I gave Trey a puzzled look and Trey told me that Jasmine had started her interview with him.
"Well, I'm really doing an article about him. Since we go way back, I thought I'd give his fans a sort of then and now story about his life and his rise to fame." Jasmine said.
All that I could respond with was, "Oh, that's nice."
Trey kind of avoided looking at me, and I think he knew that I wanted to know why I hadn't been told before. I just shrugged it off and told myself that he must have been so busy with work that he forgot to mention it to me. I'll let that slide - for now.

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aww :) keep em comin this is gettin better

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More pls I'm lovin this

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Awwwwww.......ok keep 'em comin!!!