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How much would you accept from Trey


  • How much would you accept from Trey
    March 06, 2011

    Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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on Mar 6, 2011 - 10:12PM

Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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I agree I wouldn't be able to deal with that nonsense. I definitely will say Trey is special.

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Nice breakdown.

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I know that I don't know Trey, and I never had the desire to date any celebrity, (except Trey, when I'm in Stalker mode) but if secret relations and public ridicule is what I'd have to put up with, then I'll quickly pass.
Hell, I've had a hard enough time worrying about some of my exes being faithful, and they were ordinary people.
A celebrity relationship is viewed under a microscopic point of view, so no matter what the dirt is, it will be magnified. And I would be embarrassed. That would not sit well with me and you #Angels would hate me because I'd go all out to defend my honor. ALL of Trey's dirty laundry would come out. LOL.
Just kidding, but in that case, I'd still want to get close to Trey, because I do believe that he is the GREATEST R&B STAR of this generation. I guess I'll settle for being a friend with benefits. lol.

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Queen by definition is monarchy ruler or wife of a king.
The king being being faithful has nothing to do with her status. Being treated like a queen means being treated like royalty. All the great kings cheated or had many wives. Her status was determine by her birthright or husband, not his faithfullness. Money ladies thats what keeps most marriages going, cause a woman can do bad by herself..

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@kg.sunshine it was Gigi that was kind of naked not Trey. LOL there no shame to Gigi game. I saw the pictures at

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You are right but I think of countless celebs that don’t care whether or not you know there relationship status. Like Justin and Selena, they know their relationship would break hearts but they stepped out there. But that’s the thing being respectful. Sometimes celebs public persona doesn’t give off the attached vibe. You are right when a person says they are single they aren’t lying. But at least say single but attached.

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Oh, and Ariel, I super agree about Sisterhood. I say it ALL THE TIME to ppl. And this is not directed towards anyone. I wish women had more unity. Imagine if we did - the homewreckers would be fair & in between. And if anyone tries to hit me w/ that "well, he's the one that's committed to you" or "something must've been wrong in the relationship" or "I don't owe you anything" bs I'm gonna scream! Owe yourself enough self-respect not to disrespect a fellow woman. My point is - whether your spouse is shiesty or not, he still needs someone to cheat w/. If ppl aren't going, then it wouldn't happen so frequently. Cheating is like the dayum norm now. It's pathetic.

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I wouln't be able to deal with that at all.... If he's with me then he for sure needs to be claiming me that wouldn't make me happy if he wasn't thats almost like him saying that he doesn't want to be with you....
I just feel like celeberity or not NO woman should put up with that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen nothing less... I totally agree with
@ Ariel " A man only does what a woman allows him too" I love trey but, I just couldn't do that.
Some woman may stay for the material things but later on what good is that w/o someone to love and call your OWN knowing that he's calling you his own aswell?

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@Linz84 & Ariel - I knew about the Gigi rumors, but where is this almost naked pic at???? LOL *I should be ashamed of myself for asking, but I'm not!* :)

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I'm married and would be happy to have a Trey as a boyfriend and the whole secret thing would be just perfect!

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I find that interesting that her sister was there just as much as she was. Yes a lot of yes men and women. I’m sure finding true love is hard for people in the entertainment industry.

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@kg.sunshine you just said a really good point!!! lol @ the girl getting all quiet after Trey said he is dating. LOL Trey don't like when his fans are hurt! Trey is so cool! lol isn't LSA FUNNY?? THEY STAY HAVING SOME STORY ABOUT certain celebrity. Lsa for some reason have negative things to say aout Trey!

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@Linz84 - Dayum, I'm a member of LSA, but I haven't been on in a while. How did I miss that one? =D

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Whether we want to admit it or not, I believe that a celebrity's relationship status does play a role in his/her career. It's unfortunate, but it's true. I remember listening to an interview that Trey did some years ago & a caller called in & asked was he single. He told her that he wasn't and she got all quiet & ish. The silence was so ackward. He was like "aw nall, baby, don't be sad". I think the fantasy is what sales to some of his fans. Although deep down if they were honest with themselves, they know that they really don't have a chance - and it's not b/c he doesn't find some of fans attractive. It's probably more so b/c he knows that most would not be able to distinguish b/twn the celebrity & his actual person. They'd always want him to be "on" all the time.

So considering all of that, if I were dating a celebrity & he had to say that he was single for a while, I'd be cool w/ him saying that, b/c we'd know the truth. As long as he was being respectful in every sense of the word, I'd be cool w/ only being his friend in the public eye. But notice I said for a while. ;) Oh, and to be honest, if you're not married, you are single. :)

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@Ariel I'm wondering are you a member of LSA? LOL I didn't know that Trey and Gigi was friends! LOL @ HER TAKING A PIC WITH TREY HALF-NAKED! lol

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@ Ariel
What I mean by side chic is no commitment.
Don't fuck with married man, coma is a mutha flocka

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You gain The American Dream. Fame & Fortune. Not for any of your doing; but by snagging a man who can do it for you. America's fxcked up... but thats the goal so many women have out here. And once you have it......... you dont want to go back to what you bad BEFORE all the bright lights. So.... they lower their standards & esteem that much more all the while. It's so degrading and so sad. These chicks have GOT to be bitter.
"Men cheat, lie , and steal. So the question is would you take it rich or poor." - statement of the year!
A lil bit of pain in the sheets!!! I feel you tho, thats real. But why do that to another woman? If women had a stronger bond like a sisterhood (like guys do) NONE of us would be willing to be the other woman.

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Damn this is a great topic.

I then ask this question, what are you gaining from accepting it? If you accept it, you get some good dick, a man who is willing to go down, financial security, and privacy.

When Kobe Bryant not only cheated on his wife but took her through two years of having her children's father to be an excused rapist. She stayed for the reasons above but mainly financial security. Life is hard but poverty is harder.

Men cheat, lie , and steal. So the question is would you take it rich or poor.

It's funny how someone can excuse Trey of being gay and people are quick to defend him but wouldn't be willing to get the pleasure of being his scret lover. Then you have to ask yourself do you want him or what comes with him.

Now I've said it before and I will say it again. I don't want to be his wife, woman, or girl. I want to be the side chic. I want all the pleasure without the pain well maybe a lit pain. LOL

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@Linz84 IDK what I meant by my question. lol So... infidelity was the reason why Helen & Trey broke up. I'm not pointing fingers, but "once a cheater, always a cheater." & that story you saw on MTO.... Trey's been "friends" with GiGi for a handful of years already. It has always been speculated what their relationship really is.... but they def aint "bf & gf."
@JIMS yea, her lil sis was probably on there just as much as she was. Ultimately, these men with power keep the power because every one else bows down to them. It can't be easy to find love in Hollywood when this is what they go through.

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hmmm woow now dats sum good personally wouldnt b able to take much as i love him n for da oppurtunity to b his girl i would want da whole world to kno not jst sum ppl...i would jst want to b da hottest couple around n to not b claim would b a hurtful feeling!!! i looooove him but i wouldnt accept dat

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If that truly is the situation with Fab it confirms my feelings that the mother of his child has low self esteem.

"because I can" sleep wit all these people and they all let me keep on doin it.

Sad but true.

I knew Helen and his mom frequented the boards but didn’t know her sister did too. Also posting the videos on youtube gave you a glimpse into their relationship.

"A man only does what a woman allows him to."

I totally agree.

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If I recall he said it in a Right On or Black Beat interview and stated he didn’t think he could date a fan. Though I think he wouldn’t mind celebrity fans. :)

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@Ariel I don't understand your question. What do you mean?

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@Ariel coogidown is it true Trey said he wouldn't date a fan? If so, why did he said that? LOL I'M HURT BY THIS!!! Lol even if Trey is in a current relationship I highly doubt that he is faithful. Lol on mediatakeout it said that Trey spend 5k on this nasty stripper. SMH @ FAB GIRL!! I heard about that story! If I was Fab girl I would leave him. LOL @ HIM SAYING GO TO THE LIVING ROOM! Damn shame! lol

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@Linz84 & you really think ANYONEEEE would believe you when HE (the famous celebrity) says otherwise?

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I wouldn't mind if Trey told the public he was single. If I was with Trey, I wouldn't have no problem not telling people about me and Trey. I would have a problem of him telling me where I can and can't go. LOL sorry nobody can be my boss!! It really irritate me for a man to be bossy! lol SORRY CAN'T WORK FOR ME!!!

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So you're pretty much describing Fab's relationship wit his BM. I've read a lil bit about them and have found that thats all she is - the baby mother. She puts up with any and everything so she can keep the title & keep the lifestyle. Fab is KNOWN to be bonin Adrienne B.... and supposedly one time Fab's BM walked in on him n this video chick Sammiyah or something... and he said "go back n chill in the living room wit my boys." She turned around without looking back.
Do I want that? FXCK no.
I can only imagine what really goes on behind all the celebritys' doors. This is definitely not a case of "keeping the private life private" its more "because I can" sleep wit all these people and they all let me keep on doin it.
Its the Power of Celebrity. Chicks belittle themselves completely to get a taste.
@JIMS yea, Helen & her little sister and Trey's mom were all avid on TSMB so we got a look into their life for sure. Without that.... I think Trey & Helen's relationship would have been portrayed even more private without that connection of fans & personal life.

And I want to end this with the quote "A man only does what a woman allows him to."

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That is a situation I could not deal with. I'm not saying I need to always be seen with you. Or you have to be screaming my name everytime you can. But atleast acknowledge that you are in a relationship. This discussion could go really deep. Can't wait to read other comments.

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You are right about that. Too many women allow this nonsense and makes it bad for other women.