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All You Know About Trey Songz


  • All You Know About Trey Songz
    March 07, 2011

    Who knows Trey Songz the best !?

    - no cheating either !

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on Mar 7, 2011 - 06:40PM

Who knows Trey Songz the best !?

- no cheating either !

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lol truue truue !

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I mean it comes with the territory. If you follow someone for yay amount of time and listen to their music and their interviews and talk with other fans... you're bound to know alot. Following him since '05... I know like all there is! Lol Obsession... in my case yes because I just go HARD when I fxck wit somethin.

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@lisaleigh30 ikr. Some people I know are like why are u so obsessed. And I'm like I'm not obsessed, it's love. They wouldn't be thinking I'm so obsessed if they came here. But we are NOT obsessed. We're just dedicated fans.

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righhht . but i thinkkk we just loveee him & hiis musiiic that muchhh ! wee honestly donnnt carre . but trey is trey . ilovehimm . im not obsessed .

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I'm sure that's not his social anymore and people can we know the difference between love and obsession please.

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Yeah That Was A Lil' Too Extreme W/ The Social Security ! You arrdd Thougghh !

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Social security number? Really? Y'all gettin a little too personal.
@Mariama Neverson your right about everything except Future Wifey. That's me. :D

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word man kg i don't believe u on that how u know that stuff oh my gosh. i am thinking so maanny thing idk wat to type but.....yeah i agree on the prt bout if it was a female ppl would have lots to sayabout her. thats y i wish i was a boy at times

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@ Tee - "Strange, but true facts: lost his virginity when he was 15 yrs old to a 30 yr old woman!" I know a few guys that say that & isn't it interesting how if it were a woman stating that, we'd be trying to see if the statute of limitations had run out on the crime! ;) Definitely a double standard.

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Ya'll some stalkers!!!! lol j/k WE some stalkers!!!!

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First Mixedtape: Genesis
Pets: 4 Dogs
One of his close cousins: Javar
First Car: Honda Accord
Women that inspire him: April Tucker, Oprah Winfrey, Aretha Franklin, Michelle Obama
Fav Current Movie: Inception
Fav Movie 10 yrs ago: Love & Basketball
Fav Hip Hop Artist: Jay-Z
Hygiene: brushes his teeth about 5 times a day!
Sports: basketball & soccer
A fav past time: sketching

Strange, but true facts: lost his virginity when he was 15 yrs old to a 30 yr old woman! Where was Mumma April & Grandmumma Rose!! *hands on hips*; Penis size:LARGE (LOL) Lip size: Very large, lol!

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Real name: Tremaine Aldon Neverson
Nicknames: Prince of Virginia and Trey
Birthday: November 28, 1984
Birthplace: Petersburg, Virginia
Height: 6’1
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Age in which he discovered his vocal ability: 14
High School: Petersburg High School
Label: Atlantic Records
Parents names: April Tucker and Claude Neverson Jr.
Siblings: Two younger brothers, Forrest and Alex and a younger sister, Nikki.
Musical Inspirations: Smokey Robinson, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, R. Kelly
Musical Genres: Contemporary R&B, Hip Hop, Soul music
Discography: I Gotta Make It (2005), Trey Day (2007), Ready (2009), Passion, Pain & Pleasure (2010)

Meaning of tats...

"Wearing His Heart On His Chest"
Trey's first Tattoo is a poem, naming his mother, April on his chest:
To God I pray
may April's showers
rain on her Forrest
and grow the strength
that started with
one Rose.

"The Ladies In His Life"
A cluster on his shoulder of the women in his family who raised him.

"Through The Rain"
A tattoo on the outer part of his wrist of a storm and the sun which represents his promise to "get through the storm and come through the sunshine"

"And Through The Storm"
A twister on the other side of his wrist, which is part of his sun and storm tattoo on the other side.

"On Top Of The World "
A child sitting on the Earth, wearing a cap with "VA" on it is on his other wrist. It represents Trey "sitting on top of the world"

"Angels Who Lift Him Up"
Two lovely angels on his sexy back...

"Broken Wings"
They continue along his arms.

Fave food: Pizza

Proud supporter of porn

Fave things to use in bedroom: Tounge and penis

I know this much about him and more! :)

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awee we truuue fannns here ! alriiight giirls keep it coming ! :) SHOW THE TREY LOVE ?

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first album- I Gotta Make it
Favorite Song off Trey Day is- We Should Be
High School- Petersburg High School
Mom- April
GMa- Rose
Brother(s)- Forrest and Alex
Cousin- Marquise
Fave Alcohol Beverage- Ace of Spades
How many Tours in 2010- 3
Freaky- duhh
Had Braids for 10 years
first album when 19
won a BET award
like all types of women
Mentor- Troy Taylor
lol im a loser

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social security number though ! ahah we on the sammee page giirl !

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I know all that and then some:

Favorite Food- White pizza and curly fries
Social Security Number 804-33-5005
Hospital Born in- Petersburg Medical Center
Favorite Chapstick- Chapstick
Nickname- Trey
Favorite Golfer- Tiger Woods


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Real Name- Tremaine Aldon Neverson
Age- 26
Stage Name- Trey Songz
Team- Team Trey
Birthday- November 28th
Year Born- 1984
First Album- Trey Day
Favorite Color- Red