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    December 06, 2009

    What's the best thing u ever heard Trey say in a song or interview?

    My favorite quote is from scratching me up

    "Scratch my body up girl I dont mind, Imma take yo pain if u take mine"

    -Trey Songz

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on Dec 6, 2009 - 02:14PM

What's the best thing u ever heard Trey say in a song or interview?

My favorite quote is from scratching me up

"Scratch my body up girl I dont mind, Imma take yo pain if u take mine"

-Trey Songz

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"Never forget the morals instilled in you and what really matters in Life. Never let other voices of other people drown out your inner voice" Trey wrote this on the inside cover of the Passion,Pain and Pleasure album to his brothers Alex and Forrest but I think its a great quote for us all to follow as angels :)

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"hate will get you nowhere"

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I heard Trey doing a radio interview and I can't repeat it word for word, but he said that he understands it's a choice that people make to listen to his music and they don't have to choose to listen to him. I thought that was so powerful because he gets that as an artist and because he understands this he works hard to deliver the best music to his fans. That right there just blew me away.

As far as a he has so many that I like but I'd say the song "Does She Know" the line "I wish that I could bring you here to me" my thoughts exactly Trey.

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Da whole lil speech part he did in his runaway remix dat song go hard

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i got many more

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feel free to hate on me; don't let any negative person stop u from where u wanna be in life fuck em; ladies always remember you are beautiful no matter wat people may say or think of u they r just haters; never limit your self; you can have the heart i just want the cunt; lol

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thats my song love faces "My hands rubbin on your skin, lets go hard dont hold it in

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i aint shy i aint unsure i know what i want when i see it i dont hesitate i get right to the point i be feeling myself i be feeling myself.....i be feeling myself too Trey:)

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"Life in general you gotta believe in you.... you live your life for you, you do what you do for you, because the moment you start to live your life for others you'll lose yaself within that. Focus on what it is you want to have. Go get it." - Trey Songz

He said that on an interview with RealTalkNY and it was so perfect for me at that time. I will always keep that in mind.

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"Well you must just ain't was in here when I was talkin' bout all the different women I like" (6/10/09 on Ustream) LMAO still kills me on my boo's jacked up English :D's picture

I don't want to know how old you are as long as I know your older. Because you know I like the COUGARS!!

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"I won't let you go, I won't let you leave. One thing that I know is Baby, you were made for me for sure." Made to be Together (PPP)

'Shawty, all I got is a dollar and a dream, Is ya gonna roll with me." I Gotta Make It (Album)

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my fav quote is "how you even know if you fit to love someone" -Infidelity i love him

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One of my favorite quotes by my hubby : "My hands rubbin on your skin, lets go hard dont hold it in............LOVE FACES" (PPP CD)

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My favorit quote is "You are all I need I'll never let go" One Love (Ready CD)

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when you bite your lip is that your way of telling me you like it

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I love all trey songz songs put the passion pain & pleasure takes it all love faces & can't be friends hit the spot the cd is my driving cd

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"It all started as a dream now it's the real thing."
"A dream will only be a dream if you sleep on it"

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One of my fav quote he said via twitter ' The harder I work the more I know I deserve all I receive ' .. he said that back in october 09 .. #LookAtTreyNow =D

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@TEE Ikr. He could be talking about how to put together a cabinet or giving directions on a GPS, I would think it was sexy.

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so many people never find the one, that's why i really wanna tell you somethin, i really think this is it for me, i really think you're the one i need, cause baby i done had em all, but i don't want nobody but you. - ONE LOVE

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@OhSoLuhvlee EXACTLY! I think its HOW he says things that gets to me! His voice is just...addicting, lol!

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"In life you have have choices to do whatever the f**k you wanna do or you got choices to do what people want you to do and right about now I'm at the point where I'ma do whatever the f**k I want to do"-Gone To Long #lemmeholdatbeat

"No disrespect to you husband when I lay up with your woman we don't be kissing and snuggling she just be licking and f**king I put the d**k in like f**k it"-Don't Forget Your Ring #lemmeholdabeat

"When I met you women I couldn't help but notice a face so beautiful now imagine that faces you would make if we ever make love"-Love Faces Passion Pain Pleasure

"Ain't nobody, cant nobody do you body like I wanna do girl I'm telling the truth girl..Put your body with my body you got that thing that I like I like to think that you might like this to now"-More Than That Anticipation

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I've been trying to come up with a Trey Songz quote every since I saw this post, & I finally heard one that I can't get out of my head.

"Baby, you bit me. Say I'm sorry."

I think it's more about the way he said it instead of what he said.

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"Now im sittin at the edge of the with my hands on my hand and the only thing i been thinkin y i been alone" made to be together and "if it aint stuck in yo head then imma beat it in runnin through the green like my last name Peterson" SK S#$%

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"since a child I was told all that glitters aint gold, got lost in the moment tryin to find what I wanted and Ill never forget all the things that I had..before the good turned bad"-PAIN

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my fav quote is from lovefaces "shadows on the wall while the candles burning,messin up the bed while u sweating out your perm and making lovefaces"

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I like all of those. & just like most of u said, I love anything coming out Trey's mouth :-)

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Omgosh there are too many to quote!! You have a day, lol! I just love the way he talks period! Out of the box..intelligence turns me on, instantly! Love a man w/ a "working" brain, hehe!