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why have a website when your fans comment and trey songz don't


  • why have a website when your fans comment and trey songz don't
    March 09, 2011

    dou love trey?

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@ sshorty

Yes we do have access to more things but thats a perk from being a fanclub member. We paid our fee and we reap the benefits. It isn't that we're better fans because the opportunity is open to everybody.

So if anybody wants more access to the site and perks join the fan club.

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Well websites are meant to be informative and promotional about whatever brand your selling. That why he has the website. As for the message boards, I've always known message boards to be for fans and people who use a certain product to connect with each other about that common interest. As far as Trey or any other artist coming on these message boards it just doesn't happen too often. Thats why they've created these social networks like Twitter and Myspace etc. which Trey does reach out to fans.

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Trey's Angels don't have access to the whole board. If the Angels chose to start questions that only Angels can see they have every right.

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@Thread starter

you ask a very very good question

one that I've been asking since last year Summer...and I'll just add to that
and why is it segregated? why is it that only Trey's Angels have access to the whole Board?

and btw, no I don't "love Trey" lol

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i love trey but u should know sometimes he does be on the site chating like christmas he was on....but unfortunately for my stupid pc won't load the page

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He responds to Twitter and the Ustream chats.

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thanks both of u. ily 4 that

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I agree with auritosweet. Just address the issue on the feedback. Trey is a celeb and very busy... he would have to have a set time to just sit and read comments and respond to them.

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he be busy but maybe u could post summin abt it on the feed back and suggest catigory when you go to disscusion