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Would you get the Angels logo tatted on you? Why or why not? If you have, what made you do it?


  • Would you get the Angels logo tatted on you? Why or why not? If you have, what made you do it?
    March 10, 2011

    I'm a HUGE Trey Songz fan, gotta admit! :) I have an apt to get the Angels logo tatted on my back. All who aren't an inked Angels, would you and if so why? And from those who have, what made you do it???

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on Mar 10, 2011 - 01:40AM

I'm a HUGE Trey Songz fan, gotta admit! :) I have an apt to get the Angels logo tatted on my back. All who aren't an inked Angels, would you and if so why? And from those who have, what made you do it???

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@Jasmine, na I don't think getting the logo tatted would be proof of being a bigger fan, it may show loyalty though,

@TreysLady, I love the look of it as well.

@CrazyBeauty, Lol @ Angels who've done it go hard. Nothing wrong with being supportive without the ink though.

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If I got it, it would only be bcuz my name starts with an "A" anyway. I luv Trey & I luv being an Angel, but I couldn't do it. S/O to all the Angels who do have it though, yall go hard lol

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I love Trey Songz to death .. however i would NOT get the logo tattooed on me. By doing that what does it prove? That I'm a bigger fan than you? I could prove that in other ways. Getting the logo tattooed is OVER DOING IT ... it's just how I feel. If you really wanna do it, do your thing girl.

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I have the Logo tattoed on my shoulder. I chose to get this Logo because I love the look of it and of course Trey drew it. Its all for Trey! =)

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Me personally, I'm not a fan of getting any kind of tattoos. I don't like un-necessary needles. Lol But if I did get them, I could see me getting the "Angels" logo because of what it is. Besides, that logo is HOT!!! Now I'd get an air brushed angel since it's not permanent. I'd get it on the lower area of my back, so it won't have an inpact on what I'm wearing when I need to look professional and when I'm in formal wear. But with or without one I'll always show my support. Why???

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yes i would that's my next tatt I have'nt made up my mind where I'm going to put it.and my reason for doing this because I am a ture fan & his songs, his voice just move me in some kinda away

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@ rideordie angel, I think it's cool that you have 3 tats that have something to di with Trey.

@ TreyzAnel, think long and hard. Make sure it's something that you really want to do.

@kg.sunshine, you are right. Lol a tat on wrinkled skin would look so icky!

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No. Tatts are forever. Sit, think about it, sit again & think about it some more. Just ask yourself if you would still want to look at it or know it's there when you're 70 & your back is wrinkled? :)

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idk if i would or not....but i'm thinking about it. if i do, it would be my very first tatt.

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i always wanted a tat & neva thought that my tats wud have anythng 2 do w/ a celeb but n dec. i got 5 & 3 had sumthng 2 do w/ trey. i got the angels logo on my back w/ my angel nn. i got them 2 show my love & support 4 trey & my angel family. he has shown his luv 2 us continuously & i wanted every1 2 no my luv & support 4 him.

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@TREYFANOFNC that's real awesome.

@CutTGurl609 I never thought I'd see myself getting a tat either but I ened up doing so last month. I have Angyl in beautiful cursive letters surrounded by a cool heart and star pattern. I'm still a fairly new Angel and so far, I have come across some magnificant sisters who not only show a common love for Trey but for each other as well. Right now, I have only one tat and I think one day in the future I'm still going to get that new tat which would represent me being part of a wonderful organization.

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Well I don't have any tattoos and don't know if I ever will, but if I did get one I see nothing wrong with getting the logo. I like that it stand for an Angel and for me it would represent a great moment in my life. Outside of joining this fan club and following Trey a lot of great things has happened for me and it will always remind me of this time which is a good thing.

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@Tenshi THnx! It was a friend's idea...

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@Tee, smart! I bet that would be just cute. I never thought of getting my two little ones names within the tattoo.

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I will be getting the "A" w/ the wings & Halo w/ my Angel name, TENACIOUS, along w/ my kid's names around the A when my tattoo man comes back to town. If figured if anything was to happen w/ this "organization", my kids would still be my angels! :)

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@JesusIsMySavior I agree that it is something to really think about. What if one day you decide that you're done with this or any club but still wear the name.

@trinaa I'm glad that a good memory is behind your getting inked. I don't believe there is too much of a difference in getting this logo tatted than any other logo. Just as you, some people might have a tat that someone else may see as nothing special but it could mean the world to you.

@Ariel, I thought about that last night and decided not to do it. I love being an Angel but being part of this has not made a big enough impact on my life to wear it in permanant ink on my body.

Thanks for all of your comments ladies!

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I have met and interacted with some great people and the fan club for the most part has had a positive impact on my life, but I will not be placing any logos on my body. Like Ariel said tattoos are basically forever and I'm not ready for that.

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I did but it's just the logo no words, and I oringinally did it because my brother and I went to go and get a tatt and I didn't know what I wanted so he told me to get it(the logo) on my back, and I agreed because when I first saw I thought it was nice, but now it will always be a reminder of when me and my baby brother got tatt'd up together and how being a member of the fan club has brought me to meet some good friends that actually live in other states, so mine means alot to me. And what's the difference between getting this logo on you then others getting team logos or other things that mean something on them?

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I would not because this is just a fan club. It hasn't made an impact on my life enough - as it may others - to tat it on my body for the rest of my life.