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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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lol Trey isn't going to let Essence go that easy! lol

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Omg I freakin love it! Give me more I tell ya MORE!!!! LOL

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oh wow. i can't believe she really broke up with his sexy ass. mmmm mmmm mmmm. i wonder what's gunna happen next

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can't wait until next part

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ohh shit Trey let her know wassup... :) #Imaddicted lol

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Can't wait til the next entry I am hooked!

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Entry 19 cont'd
I am so weak when it comes to this man. We had to have been standing there kissing for about five minutes. Everytime I tried to speak, Trey kissed me some more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back. I silently thanked God as I did so. We stopped when a neighbor wanted to get his mail. Trey held me against him as we walked back to the lounge area. Jasmine and Kelli were gone. Trey sat down on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap. I snuggled against him, as usual.
"I thought you were going to Atlanta." I said.
"I am. I'm waiting for my ride." He told me. He pointed to his bags that were sittng in the corner.
I asked him who was going with him and he said that only Kenny was going.
"No Jasmine?" I asked.
"Don't start. Why would I take her with me?" His tone was really serious.
I sat up and looked at him. "We broke up, remember?"
"I thought you said you just needed a break." He said.
All I could do is sigh. Why was he making it so hard? The kissing and his puppy dog eyes made my feelings for him even stronger.
"Don't act like you can't wait to get down south. You know what's in store for you down there." I said.
He told me to stop acting like I wanted to break up with him. He asked me if I was doing it just to gain leverage. He asked me to tell him my demands.
I laughed and told him that I don't have any demands. I told him that I hadn't lied about my reasons for needing a break.
He asked me why had I come back home. I told him that we were going out. He looked at me as if I had just told him that I had cheated.
"Yo, don't make me have to kill somebody when I get back."
I sucked my teeth. "You didn't waste any time. Jasmine AND Kelli, Trey? It was menage central up in here."
Trey shook his head. "You really don't trust me."
I held his face in my hands. I told him that I wanted to trust him. He told me to just do it then. I told him I still needed time. He told me that I could have my time, but I was still far from single.
"Belee dat."

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Entry 19 cont'd
Juicy agreed to hang out with us and since we have to pass through Queens to get back to Manhattan, we decided to pick her up along the way. Charles drove while I clued her in on my latest status with Trey. She was very moved by what I told her. She knew how bad I was feeling and she was saddend by the turn of events.
"I remember how bad you felt the last time y'all broke up." She said.
"Yeah, and that time it wasn't even a real break up." I said. I thought about that time, months ago, when Trey and I'd had the biggest argument over that little bitch, Kelli. We had spent a few days apart, but then we talked, and we picked up as if nothing had happened. I don't think it's going to be that simple this time.
We had to stop by my house so that I could change my clothes. When we got back to my building, I was surprised to see Trey sitting in the lounge area in the lobby and he was talking to Jasmine - and that slut Kelli!
I shot daggers at him with my eyes. Was he for real? Was I really being played right there in the lobby?
I didn't say anything as we all walked past them. Jasmine waved and smiled at me. Her smile faltered as I turned my icy glare in her direction. 'You want him, bitch? He's yours now.' I thought.
Kelli just crossed her arms and gave me pissed off look. I rolled my eyes at her. She sucked her teeth and looked at Trey. By this time, he was walking over to us. I went straight to the elevators. Unique and Juicy were right with me. Charles stepped forward and offered his hand to Trey. They did their usual handshake and Trey stepped around Charles just as I was stepping into the elevator.
"Let me talk to you for a minute." Trey pulled me out of the elevator. Charles stepped forward and I told him to take the girls upstairs to my apartment. He and Eric both have keys to my apartment for emergency use.
Trey pulled me over to the mailboxes. He made sure that we were out of view and he pushed me against a wall of mailboxes. He began to kiss me.

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OMGGG I need more of this Im all sad now's picture

OMG Essence i cant believe u broke up with Trey u know he loooovvvveeee u girl lol

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Entry 19
I tried, for the rest of the day, to rid my brain of the conversation Trey and I had. I felt like such a coward for breaking up with Trey over the phone. I know that I should have sat down with him face to face and talked to him, but I'm not strong enough. I doubt if I would have been able to say one word if I was near Trey. Aw man! I should have had one last round with him. No. If that had happened, then breaking up would have been the furthest thing from my mind. Still, I should have left him with a few hickeys on certain parts of his body. That would've kept the hoes away for a little while. I just have to get used to the thought that it's over.
I went downstairs and told Unique and Charles about what had happened. They couldn't believe that I had actually broken up with Trey. I told them that I couldn't believe it either. I gave my cellphone to Unique and I told her to hold it for me so that I wouldn't call Trey and beg him to take me back.
That's when it hit me. I had broken up with Trey - indefinitely. He doesn't know how long this break is supposed to be for. Neither do I, for that matter. It could be for a week or a month.
It has to be until I can wake up in the morning and not dread what the day may have in store. It has to be until I can find myself again, outside of Trey. It may even have to be until I won't need bodyguards anymore. However long it takes, it definitely won't be tomorrow.
Trey's not going to wait forever, so how long is too long for him? What if he decides not to take me back? I felt a heavy sadness come over me.
I told them that I didn't want to sit around brooding. I needed to get out. I needed to go someplace where I could drink and hear loud music and slip into oblivion for a few hours.
"You know how we used to go out when we were in college?" I asked Unique.
She remembered and she agreed that it would be fun to hang out like that again. She said that we should call Juicy and see what she was up to. I agreed, she called.

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Can't wait to see what she's gonna do! How can you stay mad at him? lmao!

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OH DAMN! hurry with the nxt post wanna c wat happen nxt, juss hope trey don't let the beast out lol

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I'm speechless! I really don't know what to

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Omg on the edge of me seat waiting to see what's going to happen next.I respect Essence for doing what she needs to do for herself but I just hope she don't lose Trey forever

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hope u hurry up and clear your head so they get back together if its meant to be

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Entry 18 cont'd
Trey told me that I was basing all of my reasoning on an assumption.
The rest of the conversation went along the lines of us trying to figure out when things went wrong, and what we should do to fix it.
I asked myself would it be worth it to try and fix it. Every fiber of my being silently screamed YES!!
I felt my muscle tissue contracting and I swore my hair even stood up. I asked myself if I should just let this whole thing go, and just go back to believing in Trey. He was right in one point - I hadn't caught him doing anything. Maybe I was letting small things get to me.
I looked up and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror on Unique's bureau. I had the saddest look on my face. I swear, this is not me.
It would've been so easy to just say that I love him and need him and apologize for doubting him. It would've been easy to leave Unique's house and rush right over to him and let him make me feel all better. What wasn't so easy was turning down that nagging voice in my head that kept telling me that a week from now I'd be feeling this way again.
A break was the only thing that made sense to me at the moment.
"I just need some time to clear my head. I need to do this for me." I told him.
He told me that since I felt that way, then he was going to fly down to Atlanta. He said he'd be down there to work on some tracks with Troy.
"And you're going to go hang out with the Oceans too, right?" I knew that that was exactly what he was going to do.
"I'ma do what I wanna do. Since you wanna take a break from me, you don't have to worry about not trusting me now." Was his flippant response. I shrugged. He was right, I guess.
"Well have fun at Magic City." I told him. He laughed a little and told me that I was funny.
"Don't start wondering about it now, baby." He said in an exaggerated way.
"The Beast is still mine. You know I got him trained." I said.
"He not gon wait forever, you know." He told me in the most serious of tones. I totally believe him.

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Entry 18 con't
There was a long awkward silence between us. I could hear him moving around and he seemed to be preoccupied because it sounded as if he was softly reading aloud. After about a minute he asked me if I was still there.
"Where else would I be?" I replied.
"Where else do you wanna be?" He had an edge to his voice.
"I want to be in a state of comfort and serenity." I said. I wiped my tears and picked up the phone. I switched off the speaker, and put the phone to my ear. He was saying something about a maxi pad. I had to ask him to say it again.
"You sound like you wanna be in a maxi pad commercial."
I raised my eyebrow and gave a short laugh that came out as a hiss.
"Jokes, huh?"
"Not really. I don't wanna be doing this on the phone." His voice sounded sexy and lazy. I imagined him laying across the bed with his feet on the floor. He cursed again.
I asked him what was wrong.
"Why you wanna know? You don't care." He stifled a yawn. I told him he should be getting some rest. He told me I should be resting with him. He said that breaking up wouldn't solve our problems. Especially since we both know that we want to be together.
"I don't know about your trust issues with me. You know I love you, when I'm on the road, when I'm home, no matter where I am. All that outside shit can go. I told you how it was gon be when we first started this."
I told him that I did know that I would be taking certain risks when his career took off. I was prepared to take on the groupies and nonsense, even though my thoughts drove me crazy. I knew that fighting off the rumors and lonely nights would come with the territory, but that was when I thought that we were one hundred per cent solid. Now I feel silly for being so naive.
"You still didn't tell me what I did for you to stop trusting me." Trey said.
"I don't know what you did. All I know is if you did do something, I wouldn't find out from you because you think that what I don't know won't hurt me." I sucked my teeth.

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there you girl put that brotha in his place.

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I've been checking back all day (while I'm at work) to see if another one was posted!.hehe..ahhhh...can't wait until the next entry! luvie it :)

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i've have read this in 2 days and i love all of it i hope you continue

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Entry 18 cont'd
"I want you too. I love you so much, and I don't want to do this, but things aren't the same between us. You know it, too. Maybe we should just take some time off from this. Just a little while..."
I couldn't stop the tears now. I took the phone away from my ear as they fell. I put the phone on speaker and turned away from it. I heard Trey asking me what I meant when I said, 'a little while'.
I told him maybe a few weeks. He repeated the word, 'maybe'. I told him that I didn't know how much time we should take. I heard him curse. He asked me if I was really saying that we needed to break up, as if he didn't believe my words. I couldn't answer him.
"You stopped trusting me, didn't you?" He asked.
I nodded slowly even though he couldn't see me. I can't be sure when it happened that I stopped trusting him. I know that it didn't happen over night. It had been a subtle, but gradual occurrence.
Maybe it started with the blogs and the women who claimed that they'd slept with him while he was out of town. Maybe it got stronger when we began to spend more and more time apart. Maybe it peaked when Jasmine came into the picture. And it went downhill when I realized that we didn't share the same views when it came to keeping secrets. The last part is the biggest part, and at that moment I was scared to death. I was really about to let go of my baby.
"What, now you can't answer me? You need to take a little while and get back to me on it?"
I knew that his sarcasm was due to him being hurt. I nodded again, but my mouth said otherwise.
"No, I can give you an answer right now. Yes, I did stop trusting you. It wasn't only because of Jasmine though."
I explained all about the blogs, the mean comments from his fans, even about what those women had said at the hair salon that time. I told him that I didn't believe any of the bull that was being said, but I did let him know that those women who claimed to be sleeping with him were very convincing.
He didn't speak.

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Cosign ECJ!'s a bad feeling when someone else tells you about yours!..I understand the whole on a "need to know basis" deal but things like that should not be left in the dark..I mean of course no one is going to spill all their laundry on the table within the first few months but come on now its been like 8!...

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I feel what Essence is saying, Trey has to understand when chicks pop up like that, he has to be the one to check those B's and let Essence know what going on so she can stop being blind sided by all of it! A relationship takes 2 people even if one person can't do as much.

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Awwwww......I just LOVE Trey!! Essence what is wrong with you girl??? This man loves you and all yo craziness!! He just gettin his hustle on right now.....don't you break my baby heart!!

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essence wat the hell r u doin smh don't break up wit him *tears*

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Damn! this is getting so good..trey love u & u love him, hope u make the rite decision...NXT Post PlZZZ..

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awwwwww essence what are you going to do? this is a tough decision to make.

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Entry 18 cont'd
She found a man who loves her and she produced a child within the first year of her marriage. She used part of her trust fund to start her own business, which is doing well, so now she's financially independent. She chose comfort over true love.
I didn't go that route. I chose a career path that made my parents gag. I moved out on my own and I support myself on the salary I earn. Marriage and a baby were not the first two goals I set out to achieve after college. And I didn't fall for the first dick with a silver spoon in its master's mouth. I live the life I created. I play by my own rules. I was winning at this game called life. I was my own personal cheerleader, until I fell in love, and it knocked me down - hard.
I never expected any man to make me feel like this. No man ever has. Although I'm fully aware of my self worth, somehow I just don't feel whole without Trey. Ironically, now something is breaking inside of me. It's my heart.
I told him that I know he meant every word he said, and it is not my intention to hurt him. I just can't put up with him keeping secrets from me. Especially where other women are concerned. Yesterday it was Kelli. Today it's Jasmine. Who will it be tomorrow, and the day/ couple of weeks/ few months after that? I don't want to wait around and find out.
"I never kept a secret from you concerning Jasmine. I just didn't tell you about our past because I'm over it. She knows that. When she told you about us, she made it seem like something it's not because she wanted to make you feel just like you're feeling right now." Trey told me.
"So she was lying when she said that the two of you share a bond because of your baby?" I asked.
He told me that he and Jasmine will always be friends because they always have been. As far as there being a bond between them, maybe there is, but it doesn't mean that they'll get back together.
"I know that's what you're worried about. For the last time, I don't want Jasmine. I want you."

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OMG i can't believe they'r breaking up..Theirs no trey without essence,coming on trey fight 4 her..can't wait 2 c wat happen nxt..