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How much would you accept from Trey


  • How much would you accept from Trey
    March 06, 2011

    Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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on Mar 6, 2011 - 10:12PM

Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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@Essence711 Ariel [ @COOGIdown ) That's exactly what I'm sayin as long as hes a BRAND and sellin himself for his career da woman should honor his wishes if shes his woman.......I'm saying while he's out in da public eye but once he's HOME and he's TREMAINE den its another story......BUT ONCE HE IS READY 2 SHARE WITH DA WORLD DATS WHAT HE WILL DO......His BRAND is what makes his money and pays his bills and YOURS 2 if hes your man so why not let him market himself 2 make a better life 4 da both of you........THAT'S MY 2 belittle oneself just 2 have understandin in what sells......TREY SONGZ is a HOTT COMMODITY rite now and he's doin whats best 4 him and his........One can be HOTT as fire 2day and COLD as ice 2moro by havin a girl/boy friend wife or husband it shouldn't be that way if you have loyal fans but as we all know life doesn't always go as you plan.......WE as women has let a man in our life do or say somethin 2 us we didn't like and WE either took it or told him 2 walk and learned from it.......SO WHY NOT LET TREY for a minute until he turns back into TREMAINE.............NUFF SAID

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No doubt about it, Trey has a big heart, and he shows it. But if you were his girl, could you put up with him showing his fans more affection than he's showing you?
He won't kiss you in public, but he's kissing his fans one by one as they get their pictures and autographs.
He doesn't want anyone to know that he loves you, but he's onstage grinding on other women.
Girl, you're waaaay stronger than I am. lol

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When I started this discussion, I asked the question, "How much would you accept from Trey?"
because I wanted to see if his celebrity status played a role in the way he could treat you if you were his girl.
Yes, he is a brand and he has an image to sell, but at the end of the day, who's loving you, the man or the persona?
Just like Trey doesn't want a groupie for a girlfriend, would you want a character for a boyfriend?
WAIT, Hold on, lol. I am NOT trying to minimize TREY SONGZ or his sexiness in any way! I LOVE him. But a man is a man.
Some say you wouldn't mind - for the sake of his career. Okay, that's loyalty for you. But what about his loyalty towards you? It's not always about his career, because I'm sure he'd be the first to say that he doesn't want a woman who only loves him because he's Trey Songz.
When he's offstage and the cameras are gone, shouldn't the brand be put away too?
The question was supposed to provoke the thought of him being that way in private. Meaning, would you accept him telling you that he wanted the relationship kept under wraps so tightly from the whole world, that when people saw you together, you were only perceived to be an employee of his. Then right in your face, he's telling his fans and such, that's he's very single.
In my opinion, brand or not, fans or not, if we're supposed to be together, then he can't be acting like he's alone.
If his fans only love him because he's 'single' then no wonder he's not getting the recognition he deserves. His TALENT is supposed to be what counts, not his relationship status.
On the other hand, his private life doesn't have to imitate his art. He can't be Mr. Romantic all the time, but he does have to claim me, and he should want me to claim him.
If he was my man, I'd be like,
"Don't go around singing beautiful songs to all those women, then come home and treat me like a servant." That's just me.

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@Essence711 #realspit

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Damn, that's some deep questions...Honestly, I doubt Trey would treat his woman like that, I mean i would he would want to show her off to the world but I can understand him wanting to "live single' in the public eye, especially of the relationship hadnt reached a really serious stage like marriage, persay. To answer the question though I would accept not telling people about us and walking the red carpet alone, but not with someone else and he would definitly not be telling me what I can and cant do or where I can go. i would accept this because i think the public eye can be hard on a relationship, especially when you reach the fame status he has and besides everyone needs a little privacy when it comes to matters such as these when the majority of your life can be so easily discovered.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@LuvsmesumTrey.... I hear you; but still disagree. A woman is degrading herself when she lets her man belittle her. Like I said before, 'a man only does what a woman allows.' You're right tho, that special woman will change his ways. When the time comes, that will change. Until then......

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I don't think a woman has to have low self esteem to put up with the above mentions from Trey......1st off if Trey's ur Man ur SELF ESTEEM should be thru da I think dat statement is false. A RELATIONSHIP should be built on TRUST once you have that and put GOD 1st all da rest will fall into place. Like I said previously I wouldn't have a problem with anythin mentioned aboved. Trey Songz is a BRAND he has 2 market da BRAND that's how he makes his money. Its just like anythin else if its on da market to sell whether it's candy, soft drinks, a house, car etc. its a BRAND and in order to sell da most of it you put it on da market you advertise. So if he was mine and wanted 2 walk da red carpet wit (his Mumma r just a female 2 switch it up) it really wouldn't bother me. Trey has a good heart you can tell from his music, da way he speaks about his family and God. Trey will give da right woman much respect its just in him and it comes out in his music. He has this 1 song (One Love) where he pours his love out and when da time is rite he will do just dat here are some of da lyrics "when your tired of da lies and da truth is all you wanna hear" "baby here I am I'm ur man I came with EVERYTHIN you needed" "I kno dat so many other dudes cheat but so many dudes ain't me give me my pick of any dime and I'll pick you gurl every time" "don't cha wanna be my only gurl" "1 mind 1 heart 1 love" "u and me r undefeated".........Rite now Trey is livin his dream he is a sex symbol and he is marketing himself as a BRAND. When da time is rite Tremaine will settle down and give dat special woman all dat he has to offer and until dat happens you will just have 2 adjust 2 be his woman. When he is ready to let da WORLD kno he's TAKEN he will do so and he will treat you with da respect you deserve. He will walk da red carpet and all da other things dat are mentioned above but there is a time and place for EVERTHIN and at this moment da time isn't rite.......BEE-LEEE DAT

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iiwill EXCEPT IT ALL ! No MATTER How many mistakes HE MAKE OR SAY OR DO,! IF he tell me he loves me LIKE NO OTHER Fine with me,

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To everyone who left a comment,
Thanks for making this discussion lively and fun. I love to come here and read your comments. Each point of view is fresh and insightful. Most importantly, thanks for stating all of your comments in a respectful and positive manner. Whether we agree or disagree, everyone gave their own opinion in a very tasteful way. I respect each and every one of you.

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LOL @Numba1Hon
Thanks for your comment. I hope you like the story too.

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I am sorry Essence711. I didn't realize you have a story on the board. I guessed right. I guess I better get to reading.

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A lot of good points were brought out in this discussion. I also wanted to say that if Trey or any man were to treat his girlfriend in this manner, it would be very hurtful to her if she had a healthy sense of self esteem -------> Conflict and a good theme for a new story, LOL. Hopefully in the story, "Trey" will somehow redeem himself in this work of FICTION. The story would have to prove that it was all done out of concern, there was really no abuse and that he was really only being protective and not controlling. Lastly, he would have to make it up to her in a big way. Soundz like a true fan fiction romance story. Essence 711 are you a writer?

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@Essence711 such a good answer bout the fans etc

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@essence711 I totally agree. :)


Whenever that time comes I will still Love and Support Tremaine and Just Pray that He's Blessed with an Angel!

I agree. :)

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@AmtitiousGirl I agree with you a true fan would get over it.

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With knowing the Industry that Treys in and dealing with the Media and Paparazzi there are many things that he would need to Keep Private. Nonetheless there are certain things that just aren't Acceptable. However if there is such a situation it's up to the Woman whether or not she can deal with it or not. In the End Trey's Career at this Point is whats most Important, and if there is going to be anyone or anything that can potentially Harm his Career then it needs to be kept out of the Media. Eventually Trey will be able to Expose that Right One! Its nothing that can be Hidden Forever. Whenever that time comes I will still Love and Support Tremaine and Just Pray that He's Blessed with an Angel!

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Yeah, I agree with the fact that he's not going to stay single forever. He's a man with needs and desires just like us and he deserves to be able to live his life. He can't please us all of the time, no matter how much he tries.
A few years ago, a fan on 106 & Park got to do a backstage interview with him. Of course the "Are you single?" question came up. When he said that he wasn't, the female fans groaned. Trey asked,
"Y'all want me to be happy?"
The girl said yeah, but she said why couldn't he be with one of us. I think she really meant why can't he be with ALL of us. I know that sounds absurd, but, in our fantasies, he is our boyfriend.
"He's my boyfriend in my head." (Wendy Williams voice). LOL
Not all of his fans may want him in that way, whether they only like him for his music, or because they may feel silly admitting the desire because it seems too far fetched. That's ok.
Nothing is wrong with the fantasies either, but we do have to realize that he is a real man and not a figment of our imaginations. He needs love too.
It will definitely break a million hearts when he announces that he's no longer single. Yes I'll be front and center crying my heart out, but I'll live in the end. Those of you who feel like I do, will live too. Then we'll have more great music to look forward to, and hopefully she'll take excellent care of him, and we'll see a refreshed, rejuvenated, and even happier Tremaine.
Either way, single or not, we all want the best for him.
STILL... If he was my boyfriend in real life, I wouldn't be having him living in the limelight as if HE'S living some fantasy. Ok, I probably could take not walking the red carpet all of the time, but I'll be damned if, while he's on that stage, with his award in his hand, he doesn't give me a shout out. All he'd have to do is say my name. I'll be sitting right next to Troy Taylor, grinning from ear to ear, and blowing him kisses.
If he expects me to behave like I'M not single, he'd have to give me that.

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Trey Songz has already been in a serious relationship and acknowledged his girlfriend. but right now it appears he is married to his career and having a real girlfiend in his life is secondary. I gather from his interviews that his previous relationship did not work out due to the harsh demands of that industry and temptation and infidelity. He was not ready or able to put his all into the relationship and he was not happy about that. So right now his job includes being single and playing into the fantasies of the woman who are his fans, making money and taking care of his family. I think when the timing is right, and he is ready and able, he will enter another serious relationship that he will acknowledge to the public. For all we know, right now he may be involved with another celebrity who also desires some privacy and they might both agree to keep things secret to keep their sanity. On the other hand, anything may be going on with Trigga. So all we can do as good angels is hope he is happy and safe.

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@prittbrowniix yea i agree with you too

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

@AmtitiousGirl I agree with you.

Let's be real here. Trey is a man who will eventually settle down, as he says, when he has the time to dedicate to a relationship. He is too damn sexy to stay single and why should he. To please fans who are in relationships and living their lives, but he's not suppose to because he's a public figure. I think people are kidding themselves if they think that he's not going to oneday say that he's seeing someone. If that relationship is serious, I believe he will acknowledge it, when the time comes. He may not share anything more than the fact that he's in one, but I believe that he'll have enough respect for her, to make it known that he's not single. To me that just seems like the type of person that he is. True to himself and any loved one in his circle, because he would want people to respect him and his. A lot of his female fans may not like it, but it will be the reality of the situation. And single or not shouldn't make you stop being a fan. That doesn't change who he is as an artist, it just changes his status. I mean the fantasy is just that "the fantasy", but the reality is he will eventually settle down with someone. If that's the only reason why you're a fan, because he's single, then don't call yourself that, because you're really not.

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anyone who would be mad at trey for having a girlfriend is not a real fan, he has millions of fans and he cant be everybodys boyfriend! sooo his "real" fans would want him to be happy, not lonely all the time.

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He would not respect that "girlfriend" if she accepted all of that. The "girlfriend" would be perceived as needy with no self esteem. Maybe if both agreed up front to a "friends with benefits" arrangement which would not be good for her unless that is what she really wants and only if he believes her and only if he's also open minded. We know how men have that double standard. Or he may think neither position is a good one since the friend with benefits is bound to get serious too and neither position is a good look for a woman in the media. I bet this is why he doesn't have a "girlfriend" at this point in his career. He doesn't want to put a woman in either position . But I bet he be hitting dat "no girlfriend" azz behind closed doors.

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Think about it, if Trey Songz was to announce he is in a relationship and bring his woman on the red carpet with him the majority of the fans would be upset!! I just see it as a problem for his continued success. We dont know what Tremaine does on his time off so why wouldnt you want to let him "work" and then come home and enjoy time as a family? Just my opinion but I wouldnt mind..

Arianna_3's picture

Well 1st of all if hes my man i dnt cre how famous he is he would not be telling ppl dat he is single and i would make him go public and i would be wit him wlkin dwn da red carpet bc if hes my man i would wnt him to treat me like his women and would not wnt 2 feel lik i would hav to live a live all bc hes famous i wouldnt wnt 2 b his lil groupie i would wnt ppl to noe dat he is off da market @ dat time!!!

AmbitiousGirl_2's picture

i dont care what anybody says all that was stated above is not acceptable. Trey Songz is an artist, sex symbol & heart throb........but Tremaine Neverson is a regular person and yeaa sometimes the two may come together but for the most part they prolli wont. If trey was my boyfriend i would see him as his family sees him, a regular person, he cant get away with stuff just cause he trey songz. why can he walk the red carpet with someone else but not with me? i wouldnt even care about that kinda stuff tho. i wouldnt expect him to tell all our business but i would expect him to say that he has a girlfriend. but wen you in a relationship and you love someone you'll do alot to please them so i would have to make some adjustments & so would he!

luvsmesumTrey's picture

This is a business and sex does sell so it comes with da territory. I wouldn't mind him sayin he's single and really have no problem with anythin else that was mentioned above.......He's Trey he's hott and every female wants him. So in order for you to be his woman you would have 2 do alot of adjustin if dis isn't what u are use 2.......and if you don't adjust den most likely you won't be with him. From what I can tell from Trey he knows how 2 treat his woman so even tho he may be tellin da world he's single if you were his woman trust me he would go out of his way 2 give you his heart and 2 show you just how special you are 2 him.

IAmMzFotographik's picture

@TreyLady i totally agree with you. When it comes down to it its how you sell yourself as and Artist and how truthful you stay to yourself as an artist. Everyone had a job and being in the music industry is not easy its the grind but when it is all said in done at the end of the day its about your love ones.........

Ms. Shawn's picture

Honestly I would accept all of the above questions. First off we should remember he is in the music industry and by him being single would attract more fans which would lead to stability in the finance department why not? I have thought about all of the questions above and I wouldnt have a problem. Sex sells and Trey is sexy. Usher lost most of his female fan base when annouced he was engaged and the baby and all that. Its more of how strong minded you are.

Linz84's picture

@ariel lol yea i do be seeing those dick reports from Trey! LMFAO!!!!!!! NO GIRL EVER COMPLAIN ABOUT his beast lol.


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