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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Jasmine trying to set her up for the okie doke... smh

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Aww shit.

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I hope Jasmine did not do no sneaky crap

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Entry 20 con't
Oh boy. I can see that drinking and missing Trey are disastrous together. I just had to wash off the filth from the bar scene so I took a long hot shower and brushed my teeth. When I emerged from my bathroom, I wasn't surprised to see Unique waiting to go in next. She had helped herself to a pair of my sweat pants and a T Shirt. I didn't mind. Back in college, we always borrowed each other's clothes.
I set out toothbrushes and washcloths and towels for everyone. Juicy had brought her overnight bag with her, so I set out an outfit for Jasmine to wear, too.
Charles was up, ready to do whatever I wanted him to do. I told him that he could at he could just relax. From the way things looked I told him that I knew that he'd had his hands full last night. He smirked at me.
I heard my phone ringing and for the life of me, I couldn't find it. After a mad hunt, I found it in Juicy's purse.
When I checked my calls, I saw that Trey had called me seven times. Immediately, I called him back.
"Where are you?" Was the first thing he said to me.
"Well good morning to you, too. I'm at home." I said.
"You lying to me, E?" I could sense a little bit of tension in his tone.
"Have I ever lied top you?" I replied.
"You didn't answer your phone all night. Where were you?" Trey sounded concerned and angry.
"I know that I told you to call me, but for some reason, I didn't have my phone with me and-"
"Where was your phone?"
It was at that moment that Juicy decided to pull herself all the way onto the bed. I laughed at her puzzled expression. I told her to take off her shoes.
On the phone, I heard Trey curse. He demanded to know who I was talking to. I tried to get him to calm down, but he was too upset. He wanted to know what I had done last night and out of sarcasm, I told him that he'd know, as soon as I did. That was a big mistake.
for about the next half hour, I tried to convince him that all I'd done was go out with my friends. He didn't believe me, and I got upset.

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Wow a wild night girl..i cant wait to find out what happend!

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lol right i wanna read more !'s picture

wtf??? we need anotha entry ASAP

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Wow I miss those kinda nights!!! lol just kidding... Why this trick holding our pic of Trey she trippin! I know she is up to something!

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DAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN essence u had a GOOD night lmfao

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Can't wait till the next one, I'm with the other ladies something ain't right Essence going to have to keep her eyes on those two ladies.

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Well daaaammmmn! Wild night!

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Entry 20
Hmm, this is strange. I woke up, fully dressed, laying on my bed holding a bottle of Moscato. I looked over to see Juicy laying on the other side of my bed. Well, she wasn't so much laying on the bed, she was kneeling, her head was on the bed and her body was on the floor. She looked as if she'd fallen asleep in the middle of praying. My laptop was on my bed. Sammie's melodic voice floated from the speaker.
"Moscato..." He was saying as I left my bedroom. In my living room, Unique was sound asleep on my sofa bed, and Charles had made himself a pallet on the floor with blankets and the sofa pillows. On the other sofa was Jasmine. She was laying straight on her back. On top of her was my beloved picture of 'skinny Trey with braids'. She was holding it against her chest. Of course I walked right over to her and took it away from her. I was only gentle because I didn't want to damage the picture. I held it away from me and took it to the kitchen to clean it off.
That was half an hour ago. Everybody's still sleeping and I'm trying to piece together what happened last night.
I know that we all went out last night, I remember the bar or should I say bars we went to. I remember dancing with my girls, and with this one guy. I remember Unique pulling me away from the guy. I remember seeing Charles backing the guy down. I remember running from somewhere with my shoes in my hands. I even remember squatting behind a dumpster and peeing on the ground. OMG!! I remember this kid had tossed me a roll of toilet paper from his window. I think he saw my butt!!
I remember Jasmine being there, too. I remember that she had given me a slice of pizza...and we were all walking...and Trey was there!! I mean, he was in this car, I heard him, but they drove, that's not right.
What the fuck happened last night? Wow. I guess I must have passed out, and somehow they got me home.
Ugh, my mouth tastes awful. My hair smells like beer, and unfamiliar cologne. What the hell!

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Those tricks are up to sumthin!

ECJ's picture

Wheeew! I love it when a man gets possessive at times! (In a good way, especially Trey !) Grrrrr! lol

Shay - Epiphany Angel's picture

Wow! First of all Trey can push me up against the wall ANYDAY! LMAO! Second some shit is about to go dooowwwn! lol!

JamRoC_4eVa's picture

OH DAMN girl jasmine ass up 2 something u better keep a eye on her, great job... Nxt post plzzz

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

?? Mmmm....makes you wonder what the hell is goin on round there?? Essence please hurry with the next entry!!'s picture

sumthin aint right.... wtf goin on

GottaLoveTS's picture

wow ! i hope she finds out !

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

is the flowers from Kelli man who use to beat on her

aisha_11's picture

Oh my! This is getting good. I wonder of Kelli and jasmine working together. Can't wait for the next entry

SpiritualAngel's picture

Girl you got me hooked can't wait on the next one.

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Entry 19 cont'd
I put the flowers in the vase I keep on the counter. I know damn well that those flowers didn't come from Trey. He hadn't been expecting me to be home this weekend. And what the hell did that message mean? That's not what Trey would've said on the card. At least not after the conversation we'd had earlier. In fact, Trey wouldn't have sent me flowers after that conversation. Especially not those kind of flowers. True, they were beautiful but, romantic? No.
Trey would have brought me long stemmed roses, and he definitely would have given them to me himself. I walked back into the living room. My friends were listening to Jasmine as she spoke about her career as a journalist. I passed by them and signaled to Juicy that I was going to get dressed.
A few minutes later there was a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it and Unique and Juicy were there.
"I came to raid your perfume!" Unique said in a loud voice. I let them in and closed the door. Unique told me that Charles was keeping Jasmine busy.
"Is that THE Jasmine? Trey's ex?" Juicy asked me. I nodded.
"She acts as if you two are good old friends." Unique said. I continued to get dressed as they filled me in on how Jasmine had been telling them what a nice person I am.
"At first, I thought the flowers were from her. She knocked on the door holding them and she told us that you would be right up."
That was strange to me. Jasmine has never been in my apartment before. Why would she choose now to pay me a visit? And what was she doing here to begin with? She had been talking to Trey when I walked into the building, yet, she left without saying goodbye to him. What was Kelli's trifling ass doing with them? Too many unanswered questions. I am going to get my answers.
I told them that Trey and I are still in a relationship, we're just taking a break for a little while.
I told my friends that I don't want Jasmine to know that Trey and I are on a break. Of course, they agreed that she doesn't need to know.

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Entry 19 cont'd
I told him that I didn't want to be single, but I needed to be alright. We hugged each other tightly. He told me that I would be alright. I told him that I still wanted him. He told me that I still had him. We kissed some more. At that moment I was more convinced than ever that Trey loves me. I know that I love him too. I think our time apart is going to be good for both of us. He'll be able to get all of his work done and he won't have to worry about tending to me, and the same thing goes for me. I'll be able to live my life out of the spotlight. The less I'm seen with him, the less I'll be mentioned in those hateful blogs.
After a while, Kenny showed up. We said our goodbyes right there. He told me to be safe, I told him the same. I also told him to call me as soon as he landed. He told me to keep my phone with me. I told him to tell Troy that I said hi, and that I'm looking forward to his next class.
We said "I love you" and kissed one long, last time.
He left, and I went upstairs. When I walked into my apartment, I was again surprised at the sight of Jasmine. She was seated on my sofa, next to Juicy and she was holding a huge bouquet of flowers. Charles and Unique were on the other sofa, in their own little world.
Jasmine stood up and held out the flowers. I raised my eyebrow at her. Was this some kind of peace offering?
"These came for you, when we were downstairs, girl." She said.
"Who are they from?" I asked, eying the flowers suspiciously.
"There's a card." Jasmine plucked the small card from the bouquet and handed it to me.
It read: "You are the one."
I read the words out loud. What the hell did they mean? Who had sent them? They all stared at my puzzled expression.
"Well, nobody has to tell me how romantic Trey can be. You two make a beautiful couple, nobody can deny that." Jasmine said.
"Are you alright, Essence?" Juicy asked.
"Um, yeah, I'm ok." I took the bouquet from Jasmine and walked into the kitchen.
It didn't make sense at all.

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lol Trey isn't going to let Essence go that easy! lol

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

oh wow. i can't believe she really broke up with his sexy ass. mmmm mmmm mmmm. i wonder what's gunna happen next

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

can't wait until next part

Ty Ranae's picture

ohh shit Trey let her know wassup... :) #Imaddicted lol


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