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Which Trey do you prefer? 2005 Trey VS 2011 Trey?


  • Which Trey do you prefer? 2005 Trey VS 2011 Trey?
    March 15, 2011

    So im just wondering which Trey do you prefer...the Trey from the beginning or Trey as he is now?

SabrinaYuuup_x's picture
on Mar 15, 2011 - 02:43PM

So im just wondering which Trey do you prefer...the Trey from the beginning or Trey as he is now?

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Anne B's picture

omgosh loool that's terrible how can i think we were in 2010 i'm getting confused thanks babes
i was sitting here going yea she right it came out last year wait it's not 2010 this year is it. coz passion pain pleasure was last year.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@Rolanda well of COURSE the content is probably going to stay the same... I'm talking about the style and sound of HIS VOICE. I already told you to listen to Gotta Make It and PPP.... and if you can't hear a difference.... Then theres no more beating the dead horse.

kg.sunshine's picture

@Anne B - "Ready" & "Anticipation" was '09.

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i like the fact he has evolved as an artist his albums have better flow and subjects
but i do really miss the songs from trey day, and only some songs and style in gotta make it
i think it's better now coz he evolved vocally and mentally and in his performance
but i miss old songs soooooooo much
i need another we should be
but 2010 was the year with ready and anticipation

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

Physically I love the 2011 Trey and the 2005 Trey was a cutie! Lol

I love all of his music it touches me in a way no other artist music has! Ive been watching old ustreams and I hate that I missed all that and I wish it was still like that! But like BD said the bigger he gets the less time he has to do the things that he loves to do like ustreaming his fans! He is doing awesome and I am going to be patient and stay by his side till the wheels fall off and we put them bad boys back on! Lol

Rolanda4's picture

@Ariel @TEE I do see where you guys are coming from..

But, I really don't see a change in Trey's music.. I see a skill growth "vocally" But not a musical and/or lyrical change.. "I Gotta Make It" had songs like Kinda Lovin, In The Middle and the interludes-- "Trey Day" had songs like Wonder Women, Last Time, Can't Help But Wait, Missing You, Role Play and Sex For You -- "Ready" had songs and interludes for days "I won't list them all" --- And Passion, Pain and Pleasure music was the same.. "songs and interludes for day's and I won't list them all"... Then there's "Anticipation" could have been an official album with songs like On Top and Does She Know "not going to list them all" .

With that being said.. in my opinion.. Trey could put any of his past music from 2005 - 2009 on PPP and it would still be Trey 2011.. Like his sound is the same.. I see no change.. I do see him experimenting with some Pop but even with that he's still true to his personal musical sound and style.. #thatsjustme

Even with "Letmeholdatbeat" like there nothing new about him rapping.. "like he still get his Trigga.. thug side on". His flow was sick in 2005 and he's still crushing fools.. To me Trey is the same artist.. Like the same things I loved about his music in 2005 is still true today..

Now of course he's changed and matured as we all do.. "that's why I didn't speak on his mental and physical changes" But I don't feel like his music "his sound" has changed.. I just see him getting better at his job..

I hope this clears up my previous comment.. "I should have explained what I meant"

TEETIMME's picture

@Ariel I wuz just thinking the same, @Rolanda doesnt see a difference in his music from 2005 to now? Oh yes, there is a big change! His voice is more developed, less "thuggish", if u will, softer, deeper. I noticed it started changing in TREY DAY, even though there was still a lil thug, dont guess he was trying to "get away" from that style, even though I still like it. Like he said, when he cut his hair it was "time to grow up", so I guess thats what his voice did also!

OhSoLuhvlee's picture

I like both Trey's. But I am suppose to say that being a Trey fan. I like the braids. But I do like the bigger muscles. I like the more R & B feel to his music. But I like the suits over the jeans & T-shirts. So, both Trey's have something I like. Trey can't stay the same. He's grown up since then, and will probably change again. But I'll still love him and his music no matter what. Well, as long as it's good music.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@Rolanda4............................ Really? None? When did you start listening to him? Listen to Gotta Make It and then PPP and come back & comment on this discussion. ;)

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2011 Tremaine because he was really grown as an artist. He has turned from a cute lil thin boy to a more mature handsome young man. His music is more soulful and I'm loving it.

Rolanda4's picture

Musically, I don't see a difference. As far as I'm concerned he's never changed.

Ty Ranae's picture

Im torn because Ive loved Trey since I heard his first song...but I don't think this is fair because 2k11 Trey has a Sexier swag than 2k5 Trey where he had that thuggish appearance about him

either way it goes I love Trey

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@TEE Weird I was thinking about mentioning the determination in his music that he has fairly accomplished. :) I'm kinda torn juuust like you!

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I liked him when he first stepped out on the scene in '05, like him even more now as a man, but I still liked him before he blossomed as a man bc u cud see the hard work & dedication he put forth to become the man he is now. I cant decide which one I 'prefer', so Ill just say I prefer Trey Songz at any age, time or decade!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

I prefer the 2005-2008 Trey Songz.
Musically... RIP! But I'm with @kg.sunshine. I'm so proud of Tremaine but I love Trey's OLD style. He had so much more to prove back then. He had so much more soul in his music. He's grown so much since then.
Physically... that thug swagg, them braids, when he was skinny.... oowee he was gittin it. :) But he's def more grown & sexy now.

virgina21's picture

I love 2011 trey songz , his style has changed, it is more mature and his music is at its peak

kg.sunshine's picture

I can't decide. I love seeing his evolution, so I've loved all of his stages. With that said, I love it when a grown man decides he wants to look like one. So this look is definitely working for him on me in all the right ways. :)

But you didn't specify on whether you were talking sound or look?

If you're talking musically, I can't decide ... yet either. I think in the future we'll see a compilation sound - like a record of all of his work condensed to show all of his sides in one.

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I like the clean cut fuller Trey.