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How much would you accept from Trey


  • How much would you accept from Trey
    March 06, 2011

    Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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on Mar 6, 2011 - 10:12PM

Just wondering...If you were Trey's girlfriend would you accept him telling everyone that he's single? Would you accept him telling you not to tell anyone about y'all? What about social events? Would you accept him walking the red carpet alone, or with anyone instead of you? And last but not least - while he's 'living single' in the public eye, would you accept him telling you where you can and can't go?


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Personally, I would stand by him and his decisions in reference to what was and/or is necessary. But.. I'm 100% sure that I wouldn't want the world knowing about us..

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@ShayElle....... Its the pros and cons of being a side chick to a man who's main chick is music.

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I might sound crazyy but i would accept everything but the telling me where I can go. If it was somewhere with him I could understand because I could imagine he gets tired of all the camera's. With that type of relationship you gotta be down no matter what. I wouldn't care if he said he was single because most of the time he's gonna be coming home me anyway. I use to say I wouldn't accept that type of stuff but when it's brought to the table a lot of us would especially with Trey. But like @DeeeLovesSongz said as look as i get TREMAINE im good because they're is a huge difference between the two. And Fabolous girl been with him for 7 years and most people didn't know about her until Love and HipHop. She's still the one he goes home to and he's always saying he's single I think it's just a lot of pro and cons to dating someone like them.

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That's kinda hard to answer..I could accept the "single" thing but I don't let anyone tell Me wht I can and can't do lol..Somethings you just have to accept being ina relationship with "Trey Songz" but as long as I get "Tremaine" Im GOOD lol :-) I know I could handle it

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yes i would! can u imagine all the media behind him havin a girlfirend!! prob keepin it quiet till we both found how serious were was about each other would be a good idea! ... for trey to have a girlfriend would be a massive deal ,and the media and public wud put so much pressure on the relationship!.. and if he wanted to keep 1 thing a secret in his life and that thing was me! well thats a bonus!!! dont u think! ;-)
dont think id like him to tell me were to go and wat to do!.. but if the public was to know bout us well it wud prob make sense to listen to that!.. to a certain extent anyways!

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@JesusIsMySavior Yes just look at them and they let you know 4 sure.

@Essence711 Excatly I don't have time for da drama. I'm by my Sister's 2nite she threw down on sum BBQ shrimp & stuff he called me I mentioned what she had and he said he was gonna pass after work I stated 2 him I wasn't gonna hold my breath and guess what he never showed up........gurl but tells me I don't wanna give him a chance......he's changed and I need 2 let him prove it. SMH He just proved he still da same.........

@CutTGurl609 Ur welcome

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HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I missed it. I hope you enjoyed your day.
I agree with you. Life is too short. After my last break up, I said to hell with it, from now on, I'm just going to be happy, even if it means being single for a little while. Oh yeah, I hate it when my exes come crawling back. My ex is trying to come back now, and he's already in another relationship. SHM All he's doing is proving that he really is a dog.
I'm with you on not having time for relationships. I deplete myself when I fall in love. Next time I'll make sure he gives me the same love I'm giving him. I won't stand for less anymore.

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@lisaleigh30 I would want him and that would be the main reason why I couldn't deal with him keeping me a secret. But for respect for his career I rather not be with him in an intimate way. I just would want him to know that he can allows count on but only as friends. :)

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@luvsmesumTrey Yes body language means a lot.

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@lisaleigh30........I AGREE TOTALLY.

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I'm looking at the comments and it seems like people got off subject because it seemed that you're asking would you be willing to have a secret relationship with Trey.
I don't get where the cheating and being treated with respect comes in. The man is famous.
A preacher gets tested with a wife by his side does that no longer make him a follower of God.
The man wants love, its just difficult to find it without a woman who is understanding. And I propose the question again, do you want him or what comes along with him being Trey Songz. if you're not willing to stay quiet about your relationship to help his career afloat.

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@JesusIsMySavior SMH ur rite dats on da list as well cause these dayz gurl you just never kno.....of course you will get da dumb look and NO but SOMETIMES you can read a person......SMH again........

@CutTGurl609 Happy Belated Birthday 2 You.......We do tend 2 over analyze blow stuff out of proportion when its not even necessary honey I just get me a nice glass of Moscato and chill. It isn't worth da drama I use 2 argue with people on blogs n cars cuttin out n front of me or whenever u suppose 2 argue. Not anymore I tell them ohhhh you were about 2 make me take my wingz off......I adjust da wingz n da halo and I'm all good lol. 2 months ago I discovered I had high blood pressure baby I'm not ready 2 leave here um umm. When my husband passed I was left 2 raise 2 babies so I know the importance of being a single Mom. NOTHIN or NO1 is more important than dat child. You can do it I'm not sayin its gonna be easy cause it won't sometimes you will go without just so ur child can have. Its a daily grind n struggle but n da long run it is all worth it. Just 2 see dat little person look up 2 you and say Momma is worth all da tea in China.

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@CutTGurl609 You are indeed right if you aren’t married you are single. But even within the single category you have single but attached. Perhaps I’m not secure because it doesn’t feel right for me to allow my man to go around telling the world he is single. Brand or no brand. I totally agree that people in the public eye don’t always have the better life. Right there is a lot of drama that could come your way and that is why I know I’m not the type of woman that could deal with a man that is in the public eye. I like to keep my sanity. :)

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@CutTGurl609 I understand and you are right you do have to enjoy the life God gives you. Though I told you happy birthday on FB, How was your special day?

@luvsmesumTrey I agree we do have to cherish the people in our lives because we don’t know when God will take them home. As far as Trey is concerned I would never get in a relationship with him if the “rule” was he had to remain single to the public. Being Friends without Benefits would be best for me. I’ll be his big sister. :)

@Essence711 I’m with you I couldn’t handle being in a relationship with someone in the public eye. In a few years I will be 40 and I truly don’t have time for “relationships” like that. Yeah I bet he couldn’t handle you going around saying you are single. LOL

@luvsmesumTrey “I wanna kno where u work, 1st n last name, do you have kids, who u livin with, how many baby momma's, drink smoke, da last time u had sex, are u abusive, etc. (some may not letcha know certain things dats when da 1st n last name come in) and most of all how BIG is ur package can't be messin around with small ones........Ohh yes I have 2 kno off top......then I move 2 what I'm not gonna tolerate........I'M NOT PLAYIN NO GAMES WITH THESE MEN OUT HERE......My standards are mine so either we gon do it or we not.......POINT BLANK”

Those are all good questions to ask I will add to that and ask do you like men and have you been sexually intimate with a man?
I don’t find it strange that you are friendly with your ex’s.

@TEE I agree he wouldn’t have to say my name to the public heck I would actually prefer that but at least tell the world that I exist. I also agree that when a man doesn’t acknowledge you to the public I do believe he has some doubts about you.

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@Essence711 Thanks chick da loss of my husband taught me a lot da 4 things in particular 1.Live life to da fullest 2.If u fall in love again never take for granted dat ur partner will be around forever so love with all ur heart 3.If you love some1 say it and 4.NEVER EVER GO 2 BED ANGRY CAUSE DAT JUST MIGHT BE DA LAST TIME YOU WILL SEE UR PARTNER AGAIN.......My husband and I had argument da nite before and I never got a chance 2 tell him I was sorry but we use 2 always say I love you so it eases da pain a little. Yes Trey is only human and he does have needs and wants just like every1 else. So if you go into da relationship knowin just what he wants from you its up 2 you 2 except, and ur rite if he's playin single than u can as well. I understand what you mean about you wouldn't be sleepin around b'cuz I don't do dat type of stuff either. It takes me a min 2 give in 1 time I was with a guy a whole year b4 we got 2 dat.......and a person will lie 2 you 2 make himself look da way you want them 2 but a least you'll both know once you've had dat talk and they mess up you can tell them dat you guys had spoke on dat and ur not gonna tolerate what they are doin and bounce if dats what you wanna do. Getting my niece ready 4 school ttyl......take care

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I had that whole "tell me everything, and nothing but the truth" conversation with my last two exes and I still got lied to and cheated on. I put up with too much crap from those average joes because I was so in love. I learned my lesson.
If Trey and I had that conversation and he told me that he wanted the world to think he was single, then I'd think that he was lying to me everytime he told me he loves me. I guess I'm not ready to be involved with a celebrity.
On second thought, I'm going to opt for the friends with benefits choice. That way I'll get to have great sex and no heart break. Sex isn't what makes me fall in love with a guy, so I'm not worried about catching feelings. If he told me that the only way I could have him was in secret, then I'd be sure to let him know that the same goes for me. Let's not forget that he's only human and fame and money don't make him immune to falling in love.
If he fell in love with me, and he had to be gone a lot due to his career, he'd have to handle it if I told everybody I was single. He'd be keeping up his appearences, and I would be doing the same.
I'd like to see how that would work. lol
I'm not a slut, so I wouldn't be sexing every man I could wrap my legs around while he was gone, but I would be sending out the wrong message by pretending to be single. He couldn't get mad if he saw the next man trying to get with me. I can see myself telling him
"I'm only trying to help you, baby. You didn't want me to tell him that YOU are my man, now did you? Ok, so what's wrong with me talking to him? You talk to other girls all the time."
He'd have to do one of two things, either break his wall of silence, or start cheating.

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I'm so sorry about your loss. I've never been married, so I can only imagine how bad it must hurt. My prayers go out to you.
I understand your point of view. Here, nobody's opinion is wrong. We can all learn from each other.

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@ CutTGurl609 As for ur friend she is allowin him 2 do these things if she started off da relationship allowin him 2 have his way and stayed then she created dat monster. If he is able 2 go wherever he wants then she should be able 2 do da same....if this has been goin on from da beginnin and she didn't like it she should have walked then (Do they live 2 gether) if so its not 2 late let him go on his trip and when he comes back he'll be on another trip cause I'll be all packed up and gone. She has plenty of time she can pack up all of her stuff and some of his lmao n get ghost. Dat's my point exactly some women take it from a regular guy but they sit on here and say they won't take it from Trey. Be real with urself. Like I say I put all my chips on da table in dat 1st phone convo they might not even get 2 a 1st date and once dats done we either get 2gether or go apart.......I wanna kno where u work, 1st n last name, do you have kids, who u livin with, how many baby momma's, drink smoke, da last time u had sex, are u abusive, etc. (some may not letcha know certain things dats when da 1st n last name come in) and most of all how BIG is ur package can't be messin around with small ones........Ohh yes I have 2 kno off top......then I move 2 what I'm not gonna tolerate........I'M NOT PLAYIN NO GAMES WITH THESE MEN OUT HERE......My standards are mine so either we gon do it or we not.......POINT BLANK

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@ CutTGurl609 Thank you some1 finally understands......he's not an average JOE and you can't expect him 2 live his life as if he's 1.....If you can't handle his lifestyle right now than you aren't da 1 for him right now your best option would probably be an average JOE b'cuz if he's not ready 2 change he won't . Now once he feels its right to publicized his relationship he will whether its with you or sum1 else.....I'm just sayin we all have takin bull from an average JOE b4 n sum of us have grown. In sayin dat if Trey says ur his lady he will treat you as dat his lady. He will do things with you he will spoil you but it might have 2 be secretly. I'm sure he will constantly assure you dat you are da 1 phone calls, flowers, letters, winin & dinin you takin trips etc. If Trey says ur just a 1 nite stand than ur dat but I heard his 1 nite stands are of da chain.....I heard he will make you feel like a million dollars betta than any date you have ever been dat might not be 2 bad if dats what u are into. Datin an artist is hard work datin period is hard so in order for a relationship 2 work YOU HAVE 2 WORK AT IT....WHEN YOU GO INTO A RELATIONSHIP PUT ALL UR CHIP ON DA TABLE ALL UR LIKES N DISLIKES AND AFTER DAT IF YOU OR HE DISLIKE SOMETHIN AND YOUR NOT GONNA CHANGE IT......WALK AWAY......THATS WHAT I DO....SO IF I WAS TREY'S WOMAN WE WOULD HAVE ALREADY DISCUSSED EVERYTHIN AND MOVED FORWARD FROM THERE......This maybe shockin 2 most women but I'm friends with my ex's (ALL OF THEM) even from high school. I don't hold grudges. If they need advice or just 2 check up on me and WE ARE NOT FCUKIN FRIENDS don't get it twisted....1 keeps beggin me back statin dat I'm da best thing dat ever happen 2 him even his Mumma calls me and says da samethin 2 me and she fusses with him and tells him he never had nobody betta than me.....SMH

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Hey Tianna! I totally agree there's a problem w/ ur friend's boyfriend here. Ummm, why is he going to ATL? Why for 2 months? *side eye* And dont want her moving until he says "jump judy". Speaking from experience, he dont want her "moving" bc if she moves then she might find out or see" something she's not supposed to, KWIM? I really hate a lying, sneaking, cheating man...they ALL have something to hide! If I were ur friend,m Id forget about him, really! Hope she works that out.

Oh, for the record, I never stated what I wud do IF I were Trey's woman/girlfriend/fiancee (none of those sound right to me, none)..but anyways....if we were in a relationship, he wouldnt have to give my name, unless he wanted to, but hed BETTER acknowledge that he has "someone special" in his life, or hes in a relationship, something! I would not be having that bc that would mean hes not really sure how he feels or what he wants. Gotta put the cards out on the table before the hand is played!

luvsmesumTrey's picture

@TEE LMAO.......sorry for all dat.....but I feel ya.

TEETIMME's picture

Whew! My eyes r tawwdddd from reading all the updates. I still think the best way to be w/ a celebrity is FWB, until the feelings begin, and thats when it gets complicated (FB status, hehe)

luvsmesumTrey's picture

You only live once and life is 2 short 2moro isn't promised 2 anyone so all I'm sayin is Trey Songz shows us he knows how 2 treat a woman. It's a line dat divides da 2 Trey from Tremaine. Tremaine has shown us his affection for his Mumma and I was always told da way a MAN treats his Mumma is da way he'll treat you. Yes a man would only do as much as you let him BUT we are not talkin about an average Joe here. That goes on a regular 9-5 job n back home. We are talkin about an artist dat has a fan base he even CHANGED his name when he's a work he's TREY SONGZ when he's home with family n friends he's Tremaine. All I'm saying he can do what he wants 2 as TREY SONGZ (except cheat) but once he's Tremaine Aldon Neverson he goes home and give his WOMAN ALL DA LOVIN...........nah does dat make sense? Just askin

luvsmesumTrey's picture

@Essence711 Well I guess you would say I have experience and you learn........No I'm not sayin it's ok 2 cheat lets get that straight rite now......If I knew he was fcukin sumthin dat would be another story but dat wasn't mentioned above. I was married b4 and in order 2 make a relationship work you have 2 compromise ur not goin always wanna do what ur spouse wants 2 do and vise-versa but you grow from experience. Like I said I was married b4 and loss my husband at an early age I was 24 and he was a police officer and let me get off of dat story b4 my computer shocks me from my (((TEARS))). So I've learned a lot and I'm only speakin from my heart if I was TREMAINE'S woman I could put up with him marketin himself in da public eye kissin, grabbin, flirtin, sayin, or doin whatever he wants in da public as long as it doesn't go any further than dat.......I keep goin back 2 he's a BRAND and he's MARKETING........Now once da time is rite he will do all those things 2 you and more.........When he was with Helen da world knew about him and his fan base wasn't as broad as it is now........JUST SAYIN........I have ex's as well as other guys tryin 2 get next 2 me but they don't stand a chance in hell especially my ex's because I've been down dat rode b4 and as for da new comers Trey has taught me a lot as well so da game they try n spit is so weak it makes me WEAK tryin 2 listen 2 them.......LMAO

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Yes I think he would have it twisted. How can she misunderstand what she saw? Lord what was wrong with her. He couldn’t take what he was dishing out. Crazy!!

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I like the way you put that. What would a man think of you if you let him treat you that way?
I think it all goes back to a man will do what you let him do.
Now, I can't speak for a man. I can only speak from what I've actually seen in my own life experience. Now can we all agree that if your man says he loves you, and then he cheats, that maybe his idea of love is twisted?
Well I knew this guy who cheated repeatedly, and his girl caught him several times - once, she even walked in on them! Real Talk. He literally told her that she misunderstood what she saw. You think she left him? Nope.
He kept cheating on her, even had a baby with someone else and she even married him!! He just kept on giving her B/S excuses. Get this though. She tried to play him one time and he damn sure left her ass. He put her right out of their house. He told me that he was mad at her for trying to play him. He really thought that she should have kept on playing the fool, since that's all she had done for all of the years they'd been together. He didn't care about how many times he'd hurt her, all he knew was that when he got hurt, she had to go.

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After awhile all that playing single business will actually have you being single in the end.

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You are right any woman that would be okay with their man grinding, groping and kissing other ladies is really strong. But it would be interesting to know how he truly perceives you for allowing him to do that.


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