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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Entry 20 cont'd
Jasmine said that Trey wasn't upset about it, he just wanted me to call him back. I asked her why she'd been on my phone in the first place.
"You gave it to me. When you saw that he was calling you, you said that you didn't want him to know that you'd been drinking and smoking."
Smoking? What the hell had I smoked?
Juicy began to tell me what happened last night, with Jasmine chiming in on certain parts. As they spoke, my memory began to work again, and I remember a lot of what had happened.
Jasmine was right, all we'd done was have harmless fun.
It all started when I had begun to question Jasmine about the flowers and her conversation with Trey and Kelli. She swore up and down that she didn't know where the flowers had come from. All she knew was that the guy had given Stacy my apartment number.
"She said since the card didn't have a return address that you wouldn't have accepted them. The guy was about to take them away, so I told him that I'd take 'em. I hope you don't mind. I figured they were from a fan." Jasmine said.
As for the three of them downstairs talking, she said that she had come to tell Trey and me goodbye because she was leaving town.
"When I saw them sitting there talking, you know I had to go over there to see who was all up in our - I mean YOUR man's face."
I remember raising an eyebrow at her, and that's when I had taken my first shot of Hennessy.
Everyone else had wanted some, so I passed glasses all around. I remember that Charles had declined. After a few drinks, I had started to feel more relaxed. I knew that things between me and Trey were still good, and I still wanted to go out.
Unique and I had started reminiscing about our crazy party days. We even brought up how we'd met Juicy. We had been at a house party in Queens.
Juicy burst out laughing as we relayed that first encounter with our dear friend.
"I was gonna bust your ass!" She shouted to me. We laughed thinking back to that night. It had been a total mess.

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Imma have to kick this Jasmines butt I dont play that sneaky sh*t's picture

giiirrrllll jasmine tryna get trey bck

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Entry 20 cont'd
We read a few more of the stories. It was cool to see how Trey's fans imagined him to be in his private life. There was this one story that really caught my attention. It was about Trey being in a relationship with this woman who adores him. I laughed at certain points in the story, and I even got a little misty eyed as I got caught up in the writer's imagination. I like the story a lot. A lot of other readers like the story too. Reading their comments to the writer is as enjoyable as the story is. I've noticed that the story is a continuation and I can't wait for the next part, but the writer is known to leave the readers hanging. LOL Juicy said that she was going to check the page every hour to see if the writer put up a new post. I probably will too.
Jasmine came into my room to thank me for the outfit. She wanted to know if I was feeling better. I told her that I was. I asked her if she was alright. She told that she was, then she apologized for the way she'd reacted over Trey's picture. Of course I didn't know what the hell she was talking about.
Jasmine couldn't believe that I couldn't remember parts of last night. She kept asking me questions, like:
"You don't remember drinking those shots?"
"You don't remember the weed?"
You don't remember the karaoke bar?"
"What the hell happened last night?" I asked Juicy.
"I don't think we should tell her. You're gonna be shocked out of your mind. Don't worry, I won't tell Trey anything. Especially not about that guy you were dancing with." The look on Jasmine's face told me that she may have already told him something. I asked her if she had.
"I spoke to him for a minute last night, but that was when you were dancing with that guy. I didn't tell him, though."
"Oh yeah, that's why I took her phone from you." Juicy said to Jasmine.
"What did you tell my man, Jasmine?" I demanded.
Jasmine sat calmly as she told me that all she had told Trey was that we were all hanging out downtown, having harmless fun.

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As I said to another story writer, I'm always excited to see other writers on here creating stories and doing there thing. From one aspiring writer/author, hell I want it to another keep up the good work. I commend all of you who's writing a story on Trey. He's one subject matter that I won't touch. I don't know him well enough to depict him in a story, to make his character believable, or else I would post stories too. I do have some but not appropriate for here. :o lol But to the ladies that do write keep on creating. We all need to support one another.'s picture

at least she liked da fan fiction

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Entry 20 cont'd
She had a whole bunch to say about me. She stated that I was a stuck up, over privileged debutante who has never had to work hard for anything a day in my life.
Ms. Rosey stated that Trey and I were way too different to last much longer. She said that my 'spoiled' ways would surely drive him away.
"That bitch!" I exclaimed.
Juicy asked me what was wrong, and I showed her the blog. After she'd read it, she told me that I should leave her a comment, and curse her out. I told her that I had decided not stoop to the blogger's level. I knew that she and her subscribers were just waiting for a response from me.
She offered to leave a comment for me. I told her that I didn't mind. Juicy quickly created an account with the blog site, then she left a point blank message telling the blogger to leave me alone. After that, she wanted to go to another website. It was a similar gossip page called Media In and Out.
She typed in Trey's name, and quickly another page popped up. The page was full of pics of Trey, some were old, and some were recent. The pictures were fairly harmless, captured while Trey was behind the scenes at video or photo shoots, or various events he'd attended. There were several stories written about him. Some of the stories speculated on his dating status, his career moves and his sexual orientation.
I cringed as Juicy read the scornful words on the screen. She shrugged and looked at me.
"Now you know this is bull. If Trey's gay, then I'm a straight up lesbian. They're just jealous that he's not sexing them."
Next, she clicked on a tab that said Fan Fiction. Another page popped up and she typed in Trey's name. A long list of titles appeared. She clicked on one title, "First Date Sex - My Night With Trey Songz.
"I'd rather read the stuff that's made up from creativity." She said.
We read the story, it was all about a woman's rendezvous with Trey. The story was sexually explicit and it made Trey seem like a porn star. I laughed. It was cute.

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@ECJ that's EXACTLY what I was thinking... lol

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LMAO!! Thanks, but this is 100% fiction, I wish a lot of it was real though.

I'll try to keep the entries coming more frequently. Thanks for the comments.

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OMGGGGGG.......that nucca mad for real aint he??? Just like a man....can't stand th thought of us being with somebody else, but we should just understand when they give a lame ass excuse for something regarding them...SMDH!!! This is so true! C'moooonnnn Essence with the next entry nah!!

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@ECJ I never thought of that one clever!! I agree with you & @Mz.J(FayeTrey) Ur welcome!! :)

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@Anmariee, lol gotta watch out for that trick!!!

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@ECJ thats what I was

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I bet Nosey Ms. Rosey=Jasmine!!!!

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next plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ms rosey is 2 damn nosey . ugh! smh. i hope essence didn't do anything she'll regret. and ummmm y is jasmine even there??? nobody likes her's picture

dis getten good next entry plz

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who is essence?? where is your picture ... reading your story im convinced its someone

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i wonder is essence 711 ... speaking from you sure you arnt ci ci lol just kiding

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I'm wit @JordanMarie and @Auburns we need more then 1entry at a time @Essence u killin me softly over here waiting can we get like 2or 3 at a time PLEASES!!!

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I am in agreeing with JordanMarie 1entrys at a time is not going to work I need more LOL!!!!!

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These 1 entrys at at tim aint gunna work. Lol come on next entry!!!!!!!!!

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Wuts next?!

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Entry 20 cont'd
I asked Trey if he was trying to accuse me of doing something. He told me that all he wanted to know was the truth. So I told him as much of the truth as I could remember. Then I wanted to know why he'd given me the third degree. He told me that he had been worried about me, especially after he hadn't heard from me.
"Oh my gosh. You think that I went out with someone else, don't you? You really think that I'd do something like that?" I asked him.
He told me that he didn't know what to think. First I'd wanted to break up with him, then I went out drinking, he couldn't reach me on my phone. He told me that I wasn't being myself.
I told him that that was the main reason why I had wanted to take a break, so that I can find myself again.
"So you found yourself last night? You can't even remember what you did. Yo, I'm glad you alright, but don't go tryna find yourself tonight. I'ma call you later. One." Trey hung up before I could say anything back. Was he really that mad at me?
Anyway, I checked the blog sites. Nosey Ms. Rosey had more pics of me coming and going. She had pics of Trey, his team, and she even had pics of Jasmine. The caption underneath Jasmine's pic asked the question, "Is Trey creeping with her?"
I knew that Jasmine would love to know that people out there thought that she and Trey were a couple. No matter what she says, I know that she still has feelings for Trey. That's why she was holding that picture this morning. Oh well, she still won't get him. Trey never stays mad at me long. We'll talk again this evening, and all will be well.
I read Ms. Rosey's comments about Trey. This chick really, really has a thing for him. Well keep wishing, bitch. You have an even lesser chance than Jasmine.
Her comments about me were hateful as usual, but this time she had done some fact checking.
She wrote about my mother's foundation which is dedicated to helping children and adults living with autism.
She wrote about my father's business dealings.


wowwww we really need another entry!!!

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HAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaa! The shoe is on the other foot and he can't take it! This is such a good story!! I love it

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Trey was HIGHLY upset...hope Jasmine aint set her up to get caught up

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Jasmine trying to set her up for the okie doke... smh

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uh oooohhh! unfamiliar cologne, Trey suspicious, and now Essence upset *shakin my head* this can't be good