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If you have or not have met Trey


  • If you have or not have met Trey
    March 11, 2011

    Many fans are at a lost for words when they meet someone famous especially someone they adore. Others are chill, laid back and comfortable when they meet a superstar. Me personally never got the chance to meet Trey and would really enjoy the pleasure of meeting him and hope everyday that, that time will come. Me i see someone like him as just an individual, a hard worker and susessful. As well as someone who is positive in every way


    What would you do if you met Trey?

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on Mar 11, 2011 - 10:21PM

Many fans are at a lost for words when they meet someone famous especially someone they adore. Others are chill, laid back and comfortable when they meet a superstar. Me personally never got the chance to meet Trey and would really enjoy the pleasure of meeting him and hope everyday that, that time will come. Me i see someone like him as just an individual, a hard worker and susessful. As well as someone who is positive in every way


What would you do if you met Trey?

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i gave him a letter so hopefully dat says all the things i didn't get to say loool also not enough time

Anne B's picture

i'm waitin for a better pic from my friend this was me being anne and making him laugh
i dont even remember what i said i was just me lool
i told him about it being my birthday and he gave me hugs and he wished me happy birthday and told me about how its donate birthday soon
i got so many hugs and before he left more hugs and wished me happy birthday again with a kiss on the cheek
he was so lovely and he seemed to really like the welcome basket we got him
and everyone right about that stare
even wen i'm looking at pics i took of my friends with him he's proper looking thur the cam at you
after i screamed and jumped so much my earring came flying out
i screamed (i like to think it wasn't that loud) in the airport we just freaking met trey songz
i dont think he was out of hearing distance when i did this though looool's picture

I met Trey SEVERAL times & da 1st time i met him it was a cd signin on 9-14-10 n ATL & i was talkin MAD shit like i wasnt scared of him & all dat lol but once i got 2 da table & he touched my hand & said "wassup baby"?? & started a convo wit me girl i coulda died lol!!! but everytime after dat i was calm cool & collected until i got to miami & went backstage with him i couldnt keep still & i kept my head in my chest lol & i was like baby r u ok & he was movin my hair out my face and wiping my face... i was like OMG!!!!!!!!! but now i be like wassup trigga lol & he know who i am now sooo im good now when i say him i feel like we brotha/sister!!! dats my heart & i love da fact dat he loves us with everything in him!!!!'s picture

I never meet Trey but the day I do I think I would be with out words. That is why if I knew before had that I was going to meet him I would write him a letter thanking him for impact that he has had on my life and thanking him for give so much of himself to his Angels and Fans. I would hope that I would be able to tell him those things I am to shy and then alot of times it is some many people that he can not take the time to talk. I would be happy with just being in the same room with him and getting the hug that everyone talk about. My Trey Day is comming.

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I also haven't met Trey because i'm in the UK and we aren't as fortunate as the americans to get so many opportunities to meet him. I definitely will be lost for words and may be get a little teary with being overwhelmed but i'd try not to be too emotional as i wouldn't want to ruin the chance.
@AnneB - totally agree, i'm hoping that something can be arranged for us for the end of April!

Emilly R. @emillyYuuuP's picture

I haven't as yet met him either. I would love the opportunity to meet him, but as I live in the UK, I don't have as much of an opportunity. I hope that one day he will do a m+g or something, but I believe one day I will. I don't know what I'd say to him, I think I'd be lost for words, as most people or even cry, who knows. It's my birthday this month & my birthday wish is to meet him. He is in the same country as me for a while, so many something might come out of it, I little more then seeing him live, that itself in overwhelming for me.

@Anne B '- I'm with you on that one! :)

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I'd loveeee to meeet Trey, if i did i'd probz just tell him how much i love him, and why i think he's so amazing and i'd ask for a photo and a hug =D x

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lmaooo @Anne B

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LOL @ Anne B - blowing out every candle wishing for a Trey Meet & Greet.

Anne B's picture

all these stories are really making me want a meet and greet in april when he comes to london
every candle i blow out for my bday in april is wishing for this lol

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Thank you all angels for your response i wanna meet him even more now......@TheBarbieCop girl i am and addict as well that all i got on my ipod, iphone and my mac girl that man is oooooweeeeee leaves me breathless i attended the love faces tour wow i was blown away i love that man

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I have not met Trey yet. Hopefully i will soon. I can't wait to meet him. I have heard soo many stories on how sweet and loving he was :) lol i hope i do not cry when i meet him. It would be a dream come true.

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I've met Trey three times. When you do meet him.... Ladies!!! Be prepared.When he looks at you, it's like he's looking in your soul.. with those dreamy eyes. You know what I'm talking about. On a serious note, he makes you feel like.. he's still a person and dreams do come true

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i had a chance to meet trey he is so funny and he is sweet. i was so scared the day befor but when i was standing face to face with him i was not scared anymore. i met him at the love faces concert and i cant wait to see him again. i cant wait until you met him becuz you will enjoy it he just might get a quick feel of your butt lmao just playing

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Just like @MissKris04 and @TheBarbieCop I met Trey three times and each time it felt like the first time. When I met Trey for the first time it was at the OMG CD signing. I won the Skip the line Contest. I was star shocked nervous and excited. While I was waiting for him to come to the CD signing in Greensboro. I was talking so much stuff that I was going to say to him and I started to cry.When it was my turn to get my CD signed. I couldn't believe I was in his presence. He asked me for my name and I spelt it out for him. Then we took a picture.The second time it was the same night because I won the Angel Mission too and I wasn't star shocked this time I was happy and still in amaze though but I acted normal. The last time I met him it was at the Love Faces Tour. I had to buy VIP Tickets to meet him again!! I acted normal but as always I was sooooo happy to see him. Then I cried the day after. Trey gives the best hugs and he smelt sooo good!!

TheBarbieCop's picture and I are in the same boat. I have meet Trey 3 times and each time it is like you are the only one in the room...even if the room is full of people. Trey makes that moment for the fan EVERYTHING & MORE! Trey is super sweet, I always say that about him b/c it's the truth. One last thing he ALWAYS smells sooo good! I am a Trey addict needing another fix! Trigga is so addictive especially after you've had ya first hit. LoL

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

I haven't met Trey yet also just waiting patiently.

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I met Trey three times and every time seems just like the first! I was nervous each time but Trey is so cool and down to earth. Those few minutes mean the world! Trey has a way of making you feel like you're the only one in the room no matter if it's just him and the team or other meet and greet fans. He listens to what you have to say and always tells you to enjoy the show. Like who wouldn't. Trey's hugs are amazing too! I can't wait for my next opportunity to meet him! He's doing so well and next time I want to actually remember to say congrats on all the success!

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@triggaprincess Girl i feel you


i havent met him yet :( but i mean my friends always ask me how i would react when i meet him and honestly i dont even know! its not like he's intiminating or anything, but just to see him in person and not on tv would make me lost at words lmaooo

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@LadiNicole thank you miss i hope so too's picture

I met Trey during the OMG concert when he did the skip the line. I was just myself I was nervous but at the time I broke my glasses and my mama told me in advance don't act a fool when I see him. So I had fun meeting him. I hope you get to meet him soon as well.

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i have had a couple of chnces 2 meet him & neva say wat u will and wont do whn u meet him cus 1nce he smiles @ u and u look n those eyes its ova trust me. but it does get easier whn u meet him again cus u know wat 2 expect. he's very humble, sweet and makes u feel very comfortable. u will get ur chance 2 meet him and whn u do it will b an experience u wont 4get. angelflight ladies

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I haven't really "met" him, but I have had a chance to wait in line and get my CD signed by him. I was shocked. But, I wasn't doing all of that some of the other fans was doing.

But, I don't think that when I actually get a chance to meet him that I would be doing too much. I probably would be very shy at first. But, since everyone that have met Trey said he is a very humble person. So, his humbleness (if that's even a word) will calm me down.

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depends how i meet him if i'm randomly walking down the street and i saw him i would prob act very different if i knew i would meet him at a meet and greet
i would be me i guess the only reason i say this is because where i work basically the whole eastenders cast come into the shop and i have to serve dem etc and i've been fine even though i kinda wanna be like ha ha ha i was watching you last week
bt den again dats just show on tv and this is TREY
i think i wouldn't stop laughing

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I never met Trey before. I saw him in concert though! I think I will be very relax and laid back if I meet him! lol I can't be to anxious if I would ever meet him lol

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@Jasminelondon Girl i am waiting patiently